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Yahne Frederick Frederick Yahne (1885)
Yahne Susannah (Kimball) Susannah (Kimball) Yahne (1915)
Yarberry Glenn W., Jr. Glenn W. Yarberry, Jr. (2018)
Yates Anna R. (Busch) Anna R. Yates (1963)
Yates Bernice Stuart Bernice Stuart Yates (1969)
Yates Charles M. Charles M. Yates (1967)
Yates Charles M. - infant daughter of Yates Infant daughter (1906)
Yates Clyde N. Clyde N. Yates (1955)
Yates Edmund Edmund Yates (1920)
Yates George W. George W. Yates (1929)
Yates Geraldine (Kramer) Geraldine Kramer Yates (1982)
Yates Henry L. Henry L. Yates (1953)
Yates Lillian Meredith (Bard) Lillian Meredith (Bard) Yates (1948)
Yates Malissa H. (Moran) Malissa H. (Moran) Yates (1927)
Yates Marie K. Marie K. Yates (1936)
Yates Nester L. Nester L. Yates (1965)
Yates Ray V. Ray V. Yates (1959)
Yates Roy B. Roy B. Yates (1950)
Yaw Richard Ardean Richard Ardean Yaw (2011)
Yeoman Albert Emory Albert Emory Yeoman (1918)
Yeoman Elmer Clayton Elmer Clayton Yeoman (1884)
Yeoman Flora Flora Yeoman (1934)
Yeoman Helen M. (Potter) Helen M. Yeoman (1901)
Yeoman Ina Ruth (Isenberger) Carnahan Ina Ruth (Isenberger) Carnahan Yeoman (2007)
Yetter Charles "Chuck" Duane Charles "Chuck" Duane Yetter (2010)
Yetter Clara (Johnson) Clara (Johnson) Yetter (1937)
Yetter Lester M. Lester M. Yetter (1949)
Yetter Samuel Charles Samuel Charles Yetter (2006)
Yoder George D. George D. Yoder (1900)
Yoder Grace (Hermon) Grace Hermon Yoder (1963)
Yoder Minnie Adaline (Benge) Minnie Adaline (Benge) Yoder (1903)
Yontz Stephen Kentz Stephen Kentz Yontz (1995)
York Abraham Abraham York (1896)
York Alfred N. Alfred N. York (1897)
York Arden Arden York (1997)
York Bertha A. Bertha A. York (1984)
York Carl C. Carl C. York (1989)
York Flora Evelyn (Conrad) Cook Flora Evelyn (Conrad) Cook York (1970)
York Gertrude Irene (Shook) Gertrude Irene (Shook) York (2008)
York Marie W. Marie W. York (1901)
York Nora (Rees) Nora (Rees) York (1965)
Youmans Belle (Deardorff) Belle (Deardorff) Youmans (1935)
Youmans Bulah Marie Bulah Marie Youmans (1898)
Youmans Clyde William Clyde William Youmans (1974)
Youmans Daisy Mabel Daisy Mabel Youmans (1883)
Youmans Edith (Frank) Edith Frank Youmans (1985)
Youmans Edith L. (McClelland) Edith L. (McClelland) Youmans (2011)
Youmans Ernest Ernest Youmans (1890)
Youmans Ernest C. Ernest C. Youmans (1973)
Youmans Floy Mae (Fenimore) Floy Fenimore Youmans (1981)
Youmans George W. George W. Youmans (1950)
Youmans Jason Jason Youmans (1893)
Youmans Julia Etta (Deardorff) Julia Etta (Deardorff) Youmans (1947)
Youmans Paulina Mae (Smith) Paulina Mae (Smith) Youmans (2007)
Youmans Phillip Wayne Phillip Wayne Youmans (1985)
Youmans Russell David Russell David Youmans (1917)
Youmans Sarah (Rivenbaugh) Sarah (Rivenbaugh) Youmans (1905)
Youmans William J. William J. Youmans (1951)
Young Ada Myrtle (Craig) Ada Myrtle (Craig) Young (1947)
Young Albert Lea Albert Lea Young (1974)
Young Alfred R. Alfred R. Young (1987)
Young Alfred Snyder Alfred Snyder Young (1913)
Young Anita (Decker) Anita (Decker) Young (1928)


Anna Kathryn (Read)

Anna Kathryn Read Young (1998)


Anna Rachel (Hamner)

Anna Rachel Hamner Young (1950)



Ann Young (1943)

Young Barbara L. (Fuller) Barbara L. (Fuller) Young (2013)
Young Becky S. (Wilson) Becky S. (Wilson) Young (2014)


Bernice I. (Kirkland)

Bernice (Kirkland) Young (1970)


Bert A.

Bert A. Young (1960)


Bert Edward

Bert Edward Young (1988)



Blair Young (1985)

Young Caroline Caroline Young (1898)
Young Carrie (Warfel) Carrie (Warfel) Young (1926)
Young Cassius - infant son of Infant Son of Cassius Young (1907)


Cassius James

Cassius James Young (1931)

Young Catherine Eliza (Shaw) Catherine Eliza (Shaw) Young (1913)
Young Charles A. Charles A. Young (1918)


Charles C.

Charles C. Young (1945)


Charles G.

Charles G. Young (1992)


Charles Hunter

Charles Hunter Young (1912)


Charles W.

Charles W. Young (1945)


Chester Arthur

Chester Arthur Young (1976)


Clara E. (Snyder)

Clara E. (Snyder) Young (1955)


Clarence E.

Clarence E. Young (1994)

Young Clarence J. Clarence J. Young (1963)


Clarine (Fox)

Clarine Fox Young (1981)

Young Claude M. Claude M. Young (1941)


Clydona (Wight)

Clydona Wight Young (1945)

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