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Wignall William Ray William Ray Wignall (2017)
Wigton Carroll Edward Carroll Edward Wigton (2005)
Wigton Charles Frank Charles Frank Wigton (1980)
Wigton Creta June (Barnes) Creta June (Barnes) Wigton (2009)
Wigton Edward Emmett Edward Emmett Wigton (1952)
Wiig Elva C. Elva C. Wiig (1978)
Wiig Olive Jean (Stoutzenberger) Olive Jean Stoutzenberger Wiig (2001)
Wiig Robert Robert Wiig (2012)
Wilcox Archie Claude Archie Claude Wilcox (1938)
Wilcox Ava M. (Cox) Ava M. (Cox) Wilcox (1922)
Wilcox Charles E. Charles E. Wilcox (1959)
Wilcox Cornelius Cornelius Wilcox (1920)
Wilcox Harold L. Harold L. Wilcox (1982)
Wilcox Irwin Irwin Wilcox (1880)
Wilcox Janet Katherine Janet Katherine Wilcox (1937)
Wilcox Jessie Mae (Lowe) Jessie Lowe Wilcox (1957)
Wilcox John John Wilcox (1911)
Wilcox Mina Jane “Janie” Mina Jane “Janie” Wilcox (1904)
Wilcox Susannah (Bard) Susannah (Bard) Wilcox (1940)
Wilcoxon James James Wilcoxon (2012)
Wilcoxen James A. James A. Wilcoxen (1880)
Wild William Larry William Larry Wild (2007)
Wilder Ethel Marie (Busch) Ethel Busch Wilder (1981)
Wilder Lulu Belle (Ruth) Lulu Wilder (1993)
Wilder Rex M. Rex M. Wilder (1974)
Wildin Alma Bertha (Krueger) Alma Krueger Wildin (1996)
Wildin Clarence Clarence Wildin (2008)
Wildin Donna Diana "Dee Dee" (Archer) Donna Diana "Dee Dee" (Archer) Wildin (2017)
Wildin Edward I. Edward I. Wildin (1999)
Wildin Flossie Lorraine (Taylor) Flossie Lorraine ( Taylor) Wildin (1981)
Wildin Irvin Irvin Wildin (1953)
Wildin Jeffrey Dean "J.D." Jeffrey Dean "J.D." Wildin (2008)
Wildin Jennie M. (Stevens) Jennie M. (Stevens) Wildin (1963)
Wildin Lew Lew Wildin (1995)
Wildin Mary Ellen (Marks) Mary Ellen Marks Wildin (1985)
Wildin Mike Mike Wildin (1993)
Wildin Miriam M. (Poland) Miriam Poland Wildin (1990)
Wildin Roxanne (Pickens) Farris Roxanne (Pickens) Farris Wildin (2012)
Wilds Charles Charles Wilds (1949)
Wiley Bird Amanda Patterson Bird Amanda Patterson Wiley (1981)
Wiley Dora Dean (Rex) Dora Dean (Rex) Wiley (1937)
Wiley Dorothy May Dorothy May Wiley (1930)
Wiley Jack Jack Wiley (2003)
Wiley Sarah Drake Sarah Drake Wiley (1924)
Wiley William B. William B. Wiley (1927)
Wilfong William H. William H. Wilfong (1922)
Wilgenbusch Chris Chris Wilgenbusch (2007)
Wilhelm Minnie M. (Allgeyer) Minnie M. (Allgeyer) Wilhelm (1957)
Wilhelm Thomas F. Thomas F. Wilhelm (1915)
Wilhite Donald E. Donald E. Wilhite (2001)
Wilk Ruth Ione (Huston) Ruth Ione Wilk (1993)
Wilkie Anna (Veverka) Anna (Veverka) Wilkie (1953)
Wilkie Augusta M. Augusta M. Wilkie (1927)
Wilkie Doris Ruth (McMullin) Doris Ruth (McMullin) Wilkie (2015)
Wilkie Edward G. Edward G. Wilkie (1898)
Wilkie Fred O. Fred O. Wilkie (1913)
Wilkie Geneva (Rogers) Geneva Rogers Wilkie (2007)
Wilkie Henry Fred Henry Fred Wilkie (1927)
Wilkie James V. James V. Wilkie (1993)
Wilkie Lee Vern Lee Vern Wilkie (1991)
Wilkie Louie John Louie John Wilkie (1919)
Wilkie Lydia (Riser) Lydia (Riser) Wilkie (1971)
Wilkie Opal M. (Earp) Opal M. Wilkie (1957)
Wilkie Theodore R. Theodore R. Wilkie (1933)
Wilkin Child of Robert Child Wilkin (1872)
Wilkin Child of William Child Wilkin (1872)
Wilkin Eli Eli Wilkin (1902)
Wilkin John Wiley John Wiley Wilkin (1890)
Wilkin Orlando P. Orlando P. Wilkin (1895)
Wilkin Robert Robert Wilkin (1876)
Wilkins Charles Edward Charles Edward Wilkins (1911)
Wilkinson Addie (Hibbs) Addie (Hibbs) Wilkinson (1951)
Wilkinson Agnes Agnes Wilkinson (1907)
Wilkinson Alvie E. Alvie E. Wilkinson (1968)
Wilkinson Austin Wiley Austin Wiley Wilkinson (1925)
Wilkinson Bertha (Larrison) Bertha Larrison Wilkinson (1986)
Wilkinson Cathy Lynn Cathy Lynn Wilkinson (1960)
Wilkinson Clarissa (Mathews) Clarissa (Mathews) Wilkinson (1897)
Wilkinson Clyde L. Clyde L. Wilkinson (1959)
Wilkinson Dorothy Jean (Cross) Dorothy Cross Wilkinson (2006)
Wilkinson Emily (Thayer) Emily Wilkinson (1946)
Wilkinson Estina Lois (Thornburg) Estina Lois Wilkinson (1910)
Wilkinson Ferne (Lawrence) Ferne (Lawrence) Wilkinson (1925)
Wilkinson Fred H. Fred H. Wilkinson (1971)
Wilkinson George A., Sgt. George A. Wilkinson Sgt. (1918)
Wilkinson Goldie (McCauley) Goldie McCauley Wilkinson (1995)
Wilkinson Guy A. Guy A. Wilkinson (1968)
Wilkinson Helen Ruth Helen Ruth Wilkinson (1925)
Wilkinson Henry Henry Wilkinson (1945)
Wilkinson Herbert O. Herbert O. Wilkinson (2016)
Wilkinson James Thomas James Thomas Wilkinson (1984)
Wilkinson Johanne (Tobiesen) Johanne Tobiesen Wilkinson (1985)
Wilkinson John John Wilkinson (1895)
Wilkinson John John Wilkinson (1945)
Wilkinson John B. John B. Wilkinson (1903)
Wilkinson John W. John W. Wilkinson (1968)
Wilkinson Julia Anne (Martino) Julia Anne (Martino) Wilkinson (1949)
Wilkinson Laura Johanna (Gosewisch) Laura Johanna (Gosewisch) Wilkinson (1990)
Wilkinson Lida (Newlon) Lida (Newlon) Wilkinson (1959)
Wilkinson Lina Lina Wilkinson (1930)
Wilkinson Loyd Loyd Wilkinson (1944)
Wilkinson Lula (Patton) Lula Patton Wilkinson (1978)
Wilkinson Magdalena "Lena" (Schoenenberger) Magdalena "Lena" (Schoenenberger) Wilkinson (1900)
Wilkinson Marvin E. Marvin E. Wilkinson (1985)
Wilkinson Mary Elizabeth (Cridling) Mary Elizabeth Wilkinson (1970)
Wilkinson Mary Elizabeth (Paxon) Harrison Mary Elizabeth (Paxon) Harrison Wilkinson (1910)
Wilkinson Minnie A. (Darnall) Minnie A. (Darnall) Wilkinson (1940)
Wilkinson Neil Neil Wilkinson (1970)
Wilkinson Norma Abbie (Hartfield) Norma Abbie (Hartfield) Wilkinson (2011)
Wilkinson Oscar - infant of Infant Wilkinson (1905)
Wilkinson Oscar R. Oscar R. Wilkinson (1934)
Wilkinson Pearl (Driskill) Pearl (Driskill) Wilkinson (2011)
Wilkinson Philip R. Philip R. Wilkinson (1971)
Wilkinson Ralph Carroll Ralph Carroll Wilkinson (2015)
Wilkinson Robert Emerson Robert Emerson Wilkinson (1994)
Wilkinson Robert L. Robert L. Wilkinson (1975)
Wilkinson Ruth A. (Smith) Ruth A. Wilkinson (1942)
Wilkinson Samuel Benjamin Samuel Benjamin Wilkinson (1935)
Wilkinson Sarah Ellen (Clark) Sarah Ellen (Clark) Wilkinson (1894)
Wilkinson Vilena (Crawford) Vilena (Crawford) Wilkinson (1938)
Wilkinson Waldo E. Waldo E. Wilkinson (1967)
Wilkinson William F. William F. Wilkinson (1939)
Wilkinson William L. William L. Wilkinson (2004)
Wilkinson William Sidney William Sidney Wilkinson (1914)
Wilks William H. Jr. William H. Wilks Jr. (2001)
Willcox Betty M. ( Myers) Betty Myers Willcox (1991)
Willcox Cathern (Shellenbarger) Cathern (Shellenbarger) Willcox (1922)
Willcox Earl Earl Willcox (1903)
Willcox Eleta "Lettie" (Jordan) Eleta (Lettie) Jordan Willcox (1989)
Willcox Glen Glen Willcox (1954)
Willcox Grant Grant Willcox (1909)
Willcox James Harrold James Harrold Willcox (1967)
Willcox Joseph Franklin Joseph Franklin Willcox (1954)
Willcox Lizzie May ( Irwin) Goode May Irwin Goode Willcox (1965)
Willcox Lora Beck Lora Beck Willcox (1978)
Willcox Myrtle May (Haxton) Myrtle May (Haxton) Willcox (1910)
Willcox Orville Claude Orville Claude Willcox (1986)
Willcox St. Clair St. Clair Willcox (1917)
Willcox Verdie M. (Estel) Verdie Estel Willcox (1967)
Willcoxen Cornelius Cornelius Willcoxen (1921)
Willeke Donna Mae (Wuebker) Donna Wuebker Willeke (2004)
Willett Tom Tom Willett (2007)
Willet William “Bill” Edgar William “Bill” Edgar Willet (2017)
Willey Alice Alice Willey (1887)
Willey Charles "Chuck" Charles "Chuck" Willey (2009)
Willey Edward H.,  Rev. Edward H., Rev. Willey (1946)
Willey Ethel Bernice Ethel Bernice Willey (1918)
Willey Nora R. Nora R. Willey (1946)

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