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Whited Cecil L. Cecil L. Whited (1994)
Whited Doctor Henderson Doctor Henderson Whited (1897)
Whited Ethel (Cole) Ethel Cole Whited (2004)
Whited Floyd Floyd Whited (1929)
Whited Sarah (Bishop) Sarah (Bishop) Whited (1910)
Whited Shirley Jean Shirley Jean Whited (2017)
Whitehead Bertha Isabelle (Eischen) Isabelle Eischen Whitehead (2007)
Whitehill Hazel A. (Long) Hazel Long Whitehill (2000)
Whiteing Isaiah M. Isaiah M. Whiteing (2000)
Whiteing Jeremiah P. Jeremiah P. Whiteing (2000)
Whitenack Catherine J. (Murphy) Catherine J. (Murphy) Whitenack (1899)
Whitenack Charles Charles Whitenack (1906)
Whitenack Charlie Clide Charlie Clide Whitenack (1885)
Whitenack Elizabeth Enfield (Brown) Elizabeth Enfield (Brown) Whitenack (1929)
Whitenack Ella C. (Garrett) Ella C. (Garrett) Whitenack (1932)
Whitenack John D. John D. Whitenack (1900)
Whitenack Josephus D. Josephus D. Whitenack (1918)
Whitenack Raymond Vinton Raymond Vinton Whitenack (1933)
Whiting Elmer E. Elmer E. Whiting (1933)
Whiting Minnie L. Minnie L. Whiting (1956)
Whiting Richard Dick Blount Richard "Dick" Blount Whiting (2005)
Whitlow Cecil Cecil Whitlow (1965)
Whitlow Donna (Strable) Donna (Strable) Whitlow (2017)
Whitlow Drusilla (Kale) Drusilla (Kale) Whitlow (1930)
Whitlow Helen Louise (Strable) Helen Louise (Strable) Whitlow (2014)
Whitlow James M. James M. Whitlow (1890)
Whitlow Josephine (Osborn) Josephine (Osborn) Whitlow (1958)
Whitlow Marion Marion Whitlow (1948)
Whitlow Max J. Max J. Whitlow (1996)
Whitlow Myrtle May Myrtle May Whitlow (1916)
Whitlow Wendell A. Wendell A. Whitlow (1975)
Whitlow William Alexander W. A. Whitlow (1921)
Whitlow William D. William D. Whitlow (1961)
Whitmore Evelyn (Burt) Evelyn Burt Whitmore (1983)
Whitney Janice Etta (Junkin) Janice Etta (Junkin) Whitney (2010)
Whitney Marie Emily Marie Emily Whitney (2010)
Whitney Richard Richard Whitney (1986)
Whitrow George George Whitrow (1985)
Whitt Frances "Frank" Donathan Frances "Frank" Donathan Whitt (1915)
Whitt Martha (Moore) Martha (Moore) Whitt (1949)
Whitt Matilda (McGuire) Matilda Whitt (1895)
Whitt Napoleon B. Napoleon B. Whitt (1940)
Whitworth Ada Ada Whitworth (1894)
Whitworth Alice (Smith) Alice (Smith) Whitworth (1949)
Whitworth Arthur Brown Arthur Brown Whitworth (2016)
Whitworth Benjamin F. Benjamin F. Whitworth (1938)
Whitworth Byron N. Byron N. Whitworth (1953)
Whitworth Evanell Maude (Walker) Evanell Maude (Walker) Whitworth (2017)
Whitworth G. Earle G. Earle Whitworth (1983)
Whitworth George George Whitworth (1921)
Whitworth George George Whitworth (1991)
Whitworth Hulda J. (Johnson) Hulda J. (Johnson) Whitworth (1910)
Whitworth James R. James R. Whitworth (1894)
Whitworth Joseph Grant Joseph Grant Whitworth (1899)
Whitworth Luella Christie (Whitworth) Luella Christie Whitworth (1992)
Whitworth Lyle Merton Lyle Merton Whitworth (1978)
Whitworth Mary Edith (Brown) Mary Edith (Brown) Whitworth (1975)
Whitworth Morley Morley Whitworth (1926)
Whitworth Philinda (Merritt) Philinda (Merritt) Whitworth (1915)
Whitworth Phoebe Eliza (Ballard) Phoebe Eliza (Ballard) Whitworth (1915)
Whitworth Reuben Reuben Whitworth (1941)
Whitworth Robert Robert Whitworth (1887)
Whitworth Robert Robert Whitworth (1909)
Whitworth Thomas Thomas Whitworth (1899)
Whitworth William William Whitworth (1929)
Wick Luther Luther Wick (1887)
Wickett Betty Marie (Hagan) Betty Marie (Hagan) Wickett (2016)
Wickett Dulcy Daisy (Stuart) Dulcy Daisy (Stuart) Wickett (1990)
Wickett Jacqueline (Beard) Jacqueline (Beard) Wickett (2013)
Wickett Lorraine Annabell 'Mickie' (Luke) Lorraine (Mickie) Luke Wickett (2005)
Wickett Nelle (Mullen) Nelle Mullen Wickett (1978)
Wickett Virgil Fred Virgil Fred Wickett (1986)
Wickham Harold L. Harold L. Wickham (2008)
Wickham Shirley L. (Brown) Shirley Brown Wickham (2006)
Wickham Steven R. Steven R. Wickham (2000)
Wicks Bernis Larsen Bernis Larsen Wicks (1996)
Wicks Charles H. Charles H. Wicks (1951)
Wicks Dennis L. Dennis L. Wicks (1964)
Wicks Mary Elizabeth (Barkley) Mary Elizabeth (Barkley) Wicks (1908)
Wicks Ralph L. Ralph L. Wicks (Dr.) (1995)
Wicks Retta (Litton) Retta Litton Wicks (1956)
Wicks Roxanna Roxanna Wicks (1965)
Wicks Ruth C. (Garrett) Ruth C. (Garrett) Wicks (2015)
Wicks W. Russell W. Russell Wicks (1983)
Wicks Wallace Wallace Wicks (1922)
Wickstrand Arthur T. Arthur T. Wickstrand (1992)
Wickstrand Eleanor F. (Tucker) Eleanor Tucker Wickstrand (2002)
Widaman Tina Violet (Sawhill) Tina Sawhill Widaman (1972)
Wiedman Glen Francis Glen Francis Wiedman (2017)
Wiedmann Daniel Patrick Daniel Patrick Wiedmann (1999)
Wiedmann Frank P. Frank P. Wiedmann (1935)
Wiedmann Gladys T. Gladys T. Wiedmann (1986)
Wiedmann Isabella Isabella Wiedmann (1973)
Wiedmann John Henry John Henry Wiedmann (1976)
Wiedmann Julia Julia Wiedmann (1940)
Wiedmann Kate Kate Wiedmann (1921)
Wiedmann Mildred M. (Bindel) Mildred Bindel Wiedmann (1978)
Wiedmann Paul John Paul John Wiedmann (2009)
Wiedmann Thomas Thomas Wiedmann (1995)
Wiedmann Thomas J. Thomas J. Wiedmann (1966)
Wiedmann William William Wiedmann (1919)
Wiedmann William A. William A. Wiedmann (1968)
Wiedmann William A., Jr. William A. Wiedmann, Jr. (2009)
Wiemann Michael Michael Wiemann (2007)
Wier Emma (Slate) Emma (Slate) Wier (1911)
Wier Henry Henry Wier (1936)
Wieser Larry Larry Wieser (1960)
Wiggins Arch Arch Wiggins (1947)
Wiggins Emma Agnes (Woolery) Emma Woolery Wiggins (1966)
Wiggins John H. John H. Wiggins (1959)
Wiggins Luther Nathaniel Luther Nathaniel Wiggins (1923)
Wiggins Mary Jane (Stout) Mary Jane (Stout) Wiggins (1906)
Wiggins Nathaniel Piper Nathaniel Piper Wiggins (1907)
Wiggins Opal Marie (Shetterly) Opal Marie (Shetterly) Wiggins (2017)
Wiggins Ronald Ralph Ronald Ralph Wiggins (2011)
Wiggins Virgil John Virgil John Wiggins (2001)
Wight Arch W. Arch W. Wight (1934)
Wight Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin Wight (1880)
Wight Bertram Lysle Bertramm Lysle Wight (1924)
Wight Bertraund Lysle Bertraund Lysle Wight (1998)
Wight Blanche V. (Donaldson) Blanche Donaldson Wight (1956)
Wight Clara (Abrams) Clara Abrams Wight (1951)
Wight Claude Claude Wight (1952)
Wight Dicey (Anderson) Dicey (Anderson) Wight (1856)
Wight Edd Carl Edd Carl Wight (1942)
Wight Elizabeth (Osborn) Elizabeth (Osborn) Wight (1875)
Wight Evelyn (Breeding) Evelyn Breeding Wight (1993)
Wight Forrest Lee Forrest Lee Wight (1866)
Wight Frances Ellen (Reimann) Frances Ellen (Reimann) Wight (2014)
Wight Frank E. Frank E. Wight (1937)
Wight Fred E. Fred E. Wight (1954)
Wight Gayle L. Gayle L. Wight (1995)
Wight George George Wight (1866)
Wight George George Wight (1905)
Wight George George Wight (1906)
Wight George Donald George Donald Wight (1978)
Wight Gladys Mae (Simpson) Gladys Simpson Wight (1992)
Wight Grace (Robbins) Grace Robbins Wight (1968)
Wight Harriet (Howard) Harriet (Howard) Wight (1924)
Wight Harry M. Harry M. Wight (1983)
Wight Harry William Harry William Wight (1937)
Wight Ione (Jennings) Ione (Jennings) Wight (2014)
Wight Jane (Finalyson) Jane (Finalyson) Wight (1901)
Wight Marguerite Ellen (Bek) Marguerite Bek Wight (1987)
Wight Mary Ellen "Mata" (Hart) Mary Ellen "Mata" (Hart) Wight (1955)
Wight Milton Conoran "Con" Milton Conoran "Con" Wight (1936)
Wight Noel B. Noel B. Wight (2014)
Wight Orpha M. (Banker) Orpha Banker Wight (1989)
Wight Philip Philip Wight (1908)
Wight Reuben Lucas "Rube" Reuben Lucas (Rube) Wight (1950)
Wight Ralph Ralph Wight (1948)
Wight Theodore F. Theodore F. Wight (1887)
Wight Theodore W. Theodore W. Wight (1894)
Wight Wallace W. Wallace W. Wight (1947)
Wight Ward E. Ward E. Wight (1965)

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