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Wauchope Olive A. (McCormick) Olive A. (McCormick) Wauchope (1911)
Wauchope Stanley Sherman Stanley Sherman Wauchope (2002)
Waugh Cary G. Cary G. Waugh (1944)
Waugh Elza A. Elza Waugh (1994)
Waugh George George Waugh (1898)
Waugh George Simpson George Simpson Waugh (1911)
Waugh Marvin Marvin Waugh (1953)
Waugh Mary J. (Simpson) Mary J. (Simpson) Waugh (1931)
Waugh Richard Claire "Shorty" Richard Claire "Shorty" Waugh (2015)
Waugh Ruth (Frey) Ruth (Frey) Waugh (2010)
Waugh William Frederick William Frederick Waugh (1953)
Way Amanda (Anderson) Amanda Anderson Way (1982)
Way Byron Byron Way (1906)
Way Ella Ella Way (1879)
Way Harold C. Harold C. Way (1953)
Way Jacob Jacob Way (1899)
Way Jacob A. Jacob A. Way (1922)
Way Jehiel Preston Jehiel Preston Way (1903)
Way John - Child of Child of John Way (1873)
Way Joseph W. - daughter of Daughter of Joseph W. Way (1897)
Way Louisa A. Louisa A. Way (1886)
Way Luther T. Luther T. Way (1891)
Way Mary Mary Way (1879)
Way Maurine (Larson) Maurine (Larson) Way (1949)
Way Rebecca (Foster) Rebecca (Foster) Way (1895)
Way Thomas B. Thomas B. Way (1875)
Wearmouth John John Wearmouth (1938)
Wearmouth Loyd Eugene "Wormie" Loyd Eugene "Wormie" Wearmouth (2008)
Wearmouth Opal (Eldridge) Opal Eldridge Wearmouth (2002)
Wearmouth Robert Robert Wearmouth (1956)
Wearmouth William W. William W. Wearmouth (1951)
Weatherly Gilbert W. Gilbert W. Weatherly (1952)
Weatherly Nellie Mae (Bricker) Nellie Mae (Bricker) Weatherly (1918)
Weaver Albert Newton "Newt" Albert Newton "Newt" Weaver (1956)
Weaver Bertha V. (Price) Bertha V. (Price) Weaver (1953)
Weaver Calvin S. Calvin S. Weaver (2000)
Weaver Caroline Fredrecha (Scholl) Caroline Fredrecha (Scholl) Weaver (1937)
Weaver Charles M. Charles M. Weaver (1967)
Weaver Eula F. Eula F. Weaver (1996)
Weaver Florence Madoria (White) Florence Madoria (White) Weaver (1924)
Weaver Floretta Arminda (Eppard) Floretta Arminda (Eppard) Weaver (1941)
Weaver Frances Jane (Bingman) Mendenhall Frances Jane (Bingman) Mendenhall Weaver (1893)
Weaver George George Weaver (1899)
Weaver Glen Glen Weaver (1934)
Weaver Glen Glen Weaver (2012)
Weaver Glenn Glenn Weaver (1941)
Weaver Harland Harland Weaver (1913)
Weaver Helen (Huffman) Helen Huffman Weaver (1996)
Weaver Henry Kinsinger Henry Kinsinger Weaver (1915)
Weaver Hubert Raymond Hubert Raymond Weaver (1910)
Weaver Huldra (Selby) Huldra (Selby) Weaver (2007)
Weaver James F. James F. Weaver (1953)
Weaver James Wesley James W. Weaver (1993)
Weaver Joe Joe Weaver (1954)
Weaver John John Weaver (1894)
Weaver John William John William Weaver (1914)
Weaver John William John William Weaver (1931)
Weaver Juanita (Maile) Juanita (Maile) Weaver (1984)
Weaver Kay (McCoy) Kay McCoy Weaver (2005)
Weaver Kenneth Dean Kenneth Dean Weaver (1981)
Weaver Lema Mae Lema Mae Weaver (1995)
Weaver LeRoy E. LeRoy E. Weaver (1969)
Weaver Martha Clere (Harding) Martha Clere (Harding) Weaver (1995)
Weaver Mary Ethel (Rhone) Mary Ethel Rhone Weaver (1971)
Weaver Mary E. (Savage) Mary Savage Weaver (1987)
Weaver Myrtle C. (Hain) Myrtle C. (Hain) Weaver (1963)
Weaver Nancy Jane (Porter) Nancy Jane (Porter) Weaver (1926)
Weaver Nellie N. (Smith) Nellie Smith Weaver (1965)
Weaver Neva Alcena (Morley) Neva Morley Weaver (2003)
Weaver Ollie Edgar Ollie Edgar Weaver (2005)
Weaver Ollie M. Ollie M. Weaver (1986)
Weaver Paul Paul Weaver (1917)
Weaver Ralph Horace Ralph Horace Weaver (1968)
Weaver Rex Chester Rex Chester Weaver (1981)
Weaver Rilla Diane (Brown) Rilla Diane (Brown) Weaver (1961)
Weaver Sheldon Othenile Sheldon Othenile Weaver (1937)
Weaver Solomon Solomon Weaver (1923)
Weaver Tom P. Tom P. Weaver (1942)
Weaver Wayne Wesley Wayne Wesley Weaver (1980)
Weaver William William Weaver (1969)
Weaver William Jacob William Jacob Weaver (1926)
Webb Amy Suzanne (Welch) Amy Suzanne (Welch) Webb (2015)
Webb Carl C. Carl C. Webb (1941)
Webb Christine (Countryman) Christine (Countryman) Webb (1977)
Webb Edna Blanche (Countryman) Edna Blanche (Countryman) Webb (1968)
Webb George E. George E. Webb (1955)
Webb James J. James J. Webb (1916)
Webb James Wilson James Wilson Webb (1900)
Webb John A. John A. Webb (1911)
Webb John H. John H. Webb (1994)
Webb Lewis E. Lewis E. Webb (1976)
Webb Mary E. (Birckelbaw) Mary E. Webb (1946)
Webb Mary (Forbes) Mary (Forbes) Webb (1896)
Webb Rebecca (Cary) Rebecca (Cary) Webb (1917)
Webb Reuben W. Reuben W. Webb (1990)
Webb Walter E. Walter E. Webb (1971)
Weber Emma R. (Farris) Emma R. (Farris) Weber (1899)
Webster Amanda J. Amanda J. Webster (1906)
Webster Charlotte (Brockway) Charlotte (Brockway) Webster (1909)
Webster Donald Donald Webster (1937)
Webster Marie (Drews) Marie (Drews) Webster (2008)
Webster Shirley A. Shirley A. Webster (1989)
Webster Waldo P. Waldo Webster (1935)
Webster William Orren William Orren Webster (1896)
Weddendorf Mary (Love) Mary (Love) Weddendorf (1935)
Weddington Mary (Rutledge) Mary (Rutledge) Weddington (1909)
Wedemeyer Bernal Bernal Wedemeyer (1999)
Wedemeyer Virginia (Hawthorne) Virginia (Hawthorne) Wedemeyer (2016)
Weed Edna Laura Edna Laura Weed (1917)
Weed Garnet (Holman) Garnet Holman Weed (1990)
Weed Lyle A., Dr. Dr. Lyle A. Weed (1983)
Weede John Marshall John Marshall Weede (1897)
Weede Madalene (Irwin) Madalene (Irwin) Weede (1915)
Weede Mira Bell Mira Bell Weede (1897)
Weeks Albert W. Albert W. Weeks (1897)
Weeks Albert William Campbell Albert William Campbell Weeks (1926)
Weeks Albert W. C. - Child of  Child of Albert W. C. Weeks (1873)
Weeks Alva B. Alva B. Weeks (1945)
Weeks Anna Anna Weeks (1876)
Weeks Charles E. Charles E. Weeks (1939)
Weeks Charles James Charles James Weeks (1901)
Weeks Charles P. Charles P. Weeks (1908)
Weeks David A. David A. Weeks (2015)
Weeks Doris (Parsons) Doris (Parsons) Weeks (2010)
Weeks Edgar D. Edgar D. Weeks (1939)
Weeks Elbert B. Elbert B. Weeks (1957)
Weeks Emily (Hatch) Emily (Hatch) Weeks (1921)
Weeks Everett Everett Weeks (1905)
Weeks Garald D. Garald Weeks (2000)
Weeks George George Weeks (1924)
Weeks George Spencer George Spencer Weeks (1921)
Weeks Gerald Gerald Weeks (1987)
Weeks Henry H. Henry H. Weeks (1961)
Weeks Homer D. Homer D. Weeks (1998)
Weeks James Elliott James Elliott Weeks (1918)
Weeks James F. - Daughter of Daughter of J. F. Weeks (1884)
Weeks James Franklin James Franklin Weeks (1917)
Weeks L. D. L. D. Weeks (1960)
Weeks Lanny Clyde Lanny Clyde Weeks (1984)
Weeks Lavina Ellen Lavina Ellen Weeks (1883)
Weeks Lyda Jane Lyda Jane Weeks (1898)
Weeks Margaret (Richmond) Margaret (Richmond) Weeks (1901)
Weeks Maria (Orris) Maria (Orris) Weeks (1888)
Weeks Marjorie Doris (Hulbert) Marjorie Doris (Hulbert) Weeks (2011)
Weeks Mary Ann (Davis) Mary Ann (Davis) Weeks (1927)
Weeks Mary Ann (Nickell) Johnson Mary Ann (Nickell) Johnson Weeks (1923)
Weeks Mary E. Mary E. Weeks (1956)
Weeks Mary Ettie Mary Ettie Weeks (1899)
Weeks Nancy Loveall (Cain) Nancy Cain Weeks (1959)
Weeks Neda (Kinney) Neda Kinney Weeks (1964)
Weeks Nina Christine (Schmidt) Nina Christine (Schmidt) Weeks (1916)
Weeks Russell Don Russell Weeks (1998)
Weeks Samuel E. Samuel E. Weeks (1985)
Weeks Velma (Leander) Velma (Leander) Weeks (2011)
Weeks Washington James Washington James Weeks (1945)
Weeks William E. William E. Weeks (1957)
Weeks William H. William H. Weeks (1915)
Weeks William H. William H. Weeks (1927)

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