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Wabshaw Grace "Gracie" (Safford) Grace "Gracie" Safford Wabshaw (2004)
Wacht Jane M. (Burkhead) Jane Burkhead Wacht (1967)
Wacht Ruby Berniece (Johnson) Ruby Johnson Wacht (2000)
Wachter Carol Jean (McClurg) Carol Jean (McClurg) Wachter (2012)
Wachter Charles Austin Charles Austin Wachter (2016)
Wachter Susan L. Susan L. Wachter (1994)
Waddell Doris Eileen (Iiams) Bullock Doris Iiams Bullock Waddell (1981)
Waddell James James Waddell (1914)
Waddell Larry Gerald Larry Gerald Waddell (1953)
Waddell Sarah (Richard) Sarah (Richard) Waddell (1917)
Waddingham Arnett Arnett Waddingham (1994)
Waddingham Irene (Suckow) Irene Waddingham (1999)
Waddingham Jeremy Jeremy Waddingham (1994)
Waddingham Marlene Kay (Walker) Marlene Kay (Walker) Waddingham (2018)
Wade Donald Gilbert Donald Gilbert Wade (1920)
Wade Fayette - infant son of Infant son of Fayette Wade (1895)
Wade Garnetta "Nean" (Lathrum) Garnetta "Nean" (Lathrum) Wade (2009)
Wade Larue L., Dr. Larue L. Wade (Dr.) (1940)
Wade Rex, First Lieut. Rex Wade, First Lieut. (1943)
Wade Wilma (McLees) Wilma (McLees) Wade (1964)
Wade Wilma Irene Wilma Irene Wade (1922)
Wadle Alberta (Silverise) Alberta (Silverise) Wadle (2001)
Wadle Jerome D. Jerome D. Wadle (2012)
Wadle Jerome F. Jerome F. Wadle (1974)
Wadle Virgil C. Virgil C. Wadle (2007)
Waechter Henry O. Henry O. Waechter (1932)
Waechter James D. James D. Waechter (1894)
Waechter John Jacob John Jacob Waechter (1899)
Waechter Lillie E. (Fenimore) Lillie E. Waechter (1956)
Waechter Loyd U. Loyd U. Waechter (1918)
Waechter Mark Louis Mark Louis Waechter (2008)
Waechter Sarah Catherine Sarah Catherine Waechter (1880)
Waechter Ulrick Zwingley Ulrick Zwingley Waechter (1915)
Waggoner Neva Dell Neva Dell Waggoner (2004)
Wagley David David Wagley (2001)
Wagley Ruth Evelyn Ruth Evelyn Wagley (1966)
Wagner Carl J. Carl J. Wagner (1978)
Wagner Earl William Earl William Wagner (1985)
Wagner Edward G. Edward G. Wagner (1982)
Wagner Elda Almira (Dewitt) Elda Almira (Dewitt) Wagner (1936)
Wagner Esther Caroline Esther Caroline Wagner (1932)
Wagner Eva (Hamner) Eva Hamner Wagner (1986)
Wagner Fred Fred Wagner (1896)
Wagner George L. George L. Wagner (1930)
Wagner Gretchen (Hermon) Gretchen Hermon Wagner (1972)
Wagner Hannah (Houseworth) Hannah (Houseworth) Wagner (1925)
Wagner Harold Ray Harold Ray Wagner (2000)
Wagner Herbert W. Herbert W. Wagner (1998)
Wagner Infant of N. Infant of N. Wagner (1874)
Wagner Joan Joan Wagner (1932)
Wagner John F. John F. Wagner (1975)
Wagner Joneus Joneus Wagner (2006)
Wagner Laurence Laurence Wagner (1896)
Wagner Leonard James Leonard James Wagner (1977)
Wagner Lois (Cunningham) Lois (Cunningham) Wagner (2013)
Wagner Mary (Watt) Mary (Watt) Wagner (1902)
Wagner Mary Ellen (Addy) Mary Ellen Addy Wagner (1985)
Wagner Minnie (Edwards) Minnie Edwards Wagner (1966)
Wagner Nettie Mae (Brown) Nettie Mae Wagner (1943)
Wagner Pamela Sue (Brittain) Pamela Brittain Wagner (2002)
Wagner Sarah Sarah Wagner (1907)
Wagor Nelson Nelson Wagor (1895)
Wagor Samuel Samuel Wagor (1893)
Wahlert Goldie Maxine (Rosenburg) Goldie Rosenburg Wahlert (1992)
Wahlert Kay C. (Kent) Kay Kent Wahlert (1986)
Wahlert Leon Junior Man Leon Junior "Man" Wahlert (1979)
Wahrer Mary Ann (Howell) Mary Ann (Howell) Wahrer (2011)
Wainwright Letitia (Ellis) Letitia Ellis Wainwright (1925)
Wainwright Lucille Lucille Wainwright (1879)
Wainwright Vincent Vincent Wainwright (1890)
Wakefield Emerson E. Emerson E. Wakefield (1959)
Wakefield Fred E. Fred E. Wakefield (1973)
Wakefield Harold Emerson Harold Emerson Wakefield (1993)
Wakefield Ruth L. (Carl) Ruth Carl Wakefield (1996)
Wakefield Ruth S. Ruth S. Wakefield (1900)
Walch Kathleen Paige (Nuzum) Kathleen Nuzum Walch (2002)
Wald Edward I. Edward I. Wald (2003)
Wald Madelyn 'Mattie' (Field) Madelyn "Mattie" Field Wald (2005)
Walden Charles Raymond Charles Raymond Walden (1950)
Walden Emma May (DeLong) Emma May DeLong Walden (1929)
Waldron Bridget Bridget Waldron (1901)
Waldron Fred H. Fred H. Waldron (1946)
Waldron Grenville F. Grenville F. Waldron (1973)
Waldron Hazel G. (Shively) Hazel G. (Shively) Waldron (1970)
Waldron Martin Martin Waldron (1905)
Walker Albert Cecil Albert Cecil Walker (1988)
Walker Alice (Alcott) Alice (Alcott) Walker (1934)
Walker Andrew R. Andrew R. Walker (1977)
Walker Anna B. Anna B. Walker (1964)
Walker Aurilla M. (Rudd) Aurilla Rudd Walker (1987)
Walker Bessie (Headley) Bessie Headley Walker (1982)
Walker Bettie Nadine (Green) Bettie Nadine (Green) Walker (2012)
Walker Bonnie Darlene (Wamsher) Bonnie Darlene (Wamsher) Walker (2015)
Walker Caroline (Cheezem) Caroline (Cheezem) Walker (1906)
Walker Carrie Carrie Walker (1880)
Walker Cora (Bagley) Cora (Bagley) Walker (1955)
Walker Darlene (Stump) Darlene (Stump) Walker (2010)
Walker Dwayne Ellsworth Dwayne Ellsworth Walker (2017)
Walker Eliza (Chezum) Eliza (Chezum) Walker (1887)
Walker Eliza (Lodge) Eliza (Lodge) Walker (1947)
Walker Elizabeth (Miller) Elizabeth (Miller) Walker (1917)
Walker Erma Florence (Ford) Cronk Erma Florence (Ford) Cronk Walker (1961)
Walker Evelyn Frances (Hunter) Thomas Evelyn Frances (Hunter) Thomas Walker (2016)
Walker Ferdinand Eli "Fred" Ferdinand Eli "Fred" Walker (1908)
Walker Flo (McCroby) Flo McCroby Walker (1968)
Walker Florence M. Florence M. Walker (1995)
Walker Francis Mary Francis Mary Walker (1880)
Walker Fred Alec Fred Alec Walker (1979)
Walker Fred Leroy Fred Leroy Walker (2016)
Walker Frederick M. F. M. Walker (1904)
Walker Glen R. Glen R. Walker (1964)

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