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Sullivan Bernice S. (Sinn) Bernice S. Sullivan (1999)
Sullivan Ethel Irene (Loomis) Ethel Irene (Loomis) Sullivan (1938)
Sullivan Florence K. (McLaughlin) Florence K. (McLaughlin) Sullivan (1998)
Sullivan James E. “Pete” James E. “Pete” Sullivan (1961)
Sullivan Louis M. Louis M. Sullivan (1963)
Sullivan Maurice E. Maurice E. Sullivan (1996)
Sullivan Stephen Krieg Stephen Krieg Sullivan (2015)
Summerville David David Summerville (1895)
Summerville John John Summerville (1928)
Summerville Nancy Ann (Shreves) Nancy Shreves Summerville (1938)
Summy Bertha Pearl (James) Jensen Bertha Pearl (James) Jensen Summy (1978)
Summy Dolores Ilene (Dunbar) Dolores Ilene (Dunbar) Summy (2015)
Summy Kevin Kyle Kevin Kyle Summy (2002)
Summy Lyle Edward Lyle Edward Summy (1976)
Sumner Arthur Arthur Sumner (1925)
Sumner Dora (Moore) Dora (Moore) Sumner (1951)
Sumner Ellen Ellen Sumner (1986)
Sumner Gertrude E. Gertrude E. Sumner (1949)
Sumner Henry B. Henry B. Sumner (1903)
Sumner Lorain Harriet (Melton) Lorain Harriet (Melton) Sumner (1934)
Sumner Mary Ann (Downs) Mary Ann Downs Sumner (2006)
Sumner Mary L. (Fountain) Mary L. (Fountain) Sumner (1913)
Sumner Raymond F. Raymond F. Sumner (1943)
Sumner William C. William C. Sumner (1939)
Sumner William Sylvester William Sylvester Sumner (1906)
Sumpter John W. John W. Sumpter (1954)
Sumpter Philena (McGee) Philena (McGee) Sumpter (1954)
Surber Henry Henry Surber (1872)
Surratt Andrew J. Andrew J. Surratt (1948)
Sutherland Benjamin F. Benjamin F. Sutherland (1953)
Sutherland Mary Jane (Scott) Mary Jane (Scott) Sutherland (1958)
Sutherland Roy, Mrs. Roy Sutherland, Mrs. (1937)
Sutherland Willis Day Willis Day Sutherland (2003)
Sutter Solomon Solomon Sutter (1888)
Sutton Caleb Wesley Caleb Wesley Sutton (1928)
Sutton Ezra Ezra Sutton (1899)
Sutton Lemon O. Lemon O. Sutton (1950)
Sutton Ross H. Ross H. Sutton (1954)
Swafford Harry Elsworth Harry Elsworth Swafford (1904)
Swagel Hittie Mae Hittie Mae Swagel (2017)
Swallow Albert Albert Swallow (1963)
Swallow Harry Harry Swallow (1984)
Swallow Lucille Irma (Reimann) Lucille Irma (Reimann) Swallow (2012)
Swallow Tessie May (Everett) Tessie May Everett Swallow (1984)
Swallow Wayne E. Wayne E. Swallow (1999)
Swan Betty Jean (Critz) Betty Jean (Critz) Swan (2011)
Swan Cynthia Lynn Cynthia Lynn Swan (1976)
Swan Dale Dale Swan (1946)
Swan Jean Elizabeth (Ballard) Jean Elizabeth (Ballard) Swan (1976)
Swan John Carl John Carl Swan (1980)
Swan Marjorie V. (Shearer) Marjorie Shearer Swan (1997)
Swan Mary Alice (Allison) Hutchison Mary Alice ( Allison) Swan Hutchison (1987)
Swaney Kenneth Alvin Kenneth Alvin Swaney (2009)
Swanger E. Maxine (Busch) E. Maxine (Busch) Swanger (2010)
Swanson Andrew B. Andrew B. Swanson (1904)
Swanson Berneal (Sawyer) Berneal Sawyer Swanson (1995)
Swanson Cheri Kae (Anhorn) Cheri Kae (Anhorn) Swanson (2013)
Swanson Clara Marie (Bloomquist) Clara Bloomquist Swanson (1917)
Swanson Dale Anton Dale Anton Swanson (1967)
Swanson Esther Ione Esther Ione Swanson (2005)
Swanson Eugene M. Eugene M. Swanson (2002)
Swanson Faye Faye Swanson (2010)
Swanson Gary Lee Gary Lee Swanson (2015)
Swanson Gertrude Faye (Weeks) Gertrude Faye (Weeks) Swanson (2010)
Swanson Henry Leonard Henry Leonard Swanson (1944)
Swanson Herschel Herschel Swanson (1979)
Swanson Minnie (Shannon) Minnie Swanson (1948)
Swanson Robert O. Robert O. Swanson (2009)
Swartz Charles Charles Swartz (1947)
Swartz Eva Eva Swartz (1938)
Sweeney Audie (Mason) Audie Mason Sweeney (1967)
Swearingen Daniel Daniel Swearingen (1938)
Swearingen Jeanette (Porter) Jeanette (Porter) Swearingen (1938)
Swearingen John L. John L. Swearingen (1899)
Swearingen Nancy Ann (Fife) Nancy Ann Fife Swearingen (1920)
Swearingen Rheuben J. Rheuben J. Swearingen (1871)
Sween Victor Maurice Victor Maurice Sween (1930)
Sweeney Billie JeanMarie (Smith) Billie JeanMarie (Smith) Sweeney (2016)
Sweeney Clarence W. Clarence W. Sweeney (1965)
Sweeney Edna "Shirley" (Lehmkuhl) Edna "Shirley" (Lehmkuhl) Sweeney (2016)
Sweeney Halford Smith Halford Smith Sweeney (2008)
Sweesey Melinda Elizabeth (Creger) Melinda Creger Sweesey (1937)
Sweet Anna Elizabeth (Rischmiller) Anna Rischmiller Sweet (1981)
Sweet Cecil Eugene "Gene" Cecil Eugene "Gene" Sweet (2000)
Sweet Chauncey Byron Chauncey Byron Sweet (1952)
Sweet Deloris May (Sowder) Deloris May (Sowder) Sweet (2017)
Sweet Everett Clyde Everett Clyde Sweet (2004)
Sweet George George Sweet (1898)
Sweet George W. George W. Sweet (1928)
Sweet Halayne Irene Halayne Irene Sweet (2018)
Sweet Henry Henry Sweet (1970)
Sweet Ira A. Ira A. Sweet (1957)
Sweet James James Sweet (1979)
Sweet Oliver Oliver Sweet (1974)
Sweet Ruth (Pope) Ruth Pope Sweet (1947)
Sweet Samuel Irl Samuel Irl Sweet (1983)
Sweikert Lela May (Nielsen) Lela May (Nielsen) Sweikert (2002)
Swenson Margaret L. "Peggy" (Caldwell) Margaret "Peggy" Swenson (1994)
Swesey Charles W. Charles W. Swesey (1944)
Swesey James James Swesey (1879)
Swesey John V. John V. Swesey (1893)
Swesey Margaret A. Margaret A. Swesey (1963)
Swesey Nettie E. (Miller) Nettie E. Miller Swesey (1906)
Swift Anna (Morris) Anna (Morris) Swift (1946)
Swift Bridget (Gill) Bridget (Gill) Swift (1890)
Swift Bridget Mary Bridget Mary Swift (1931)
Swift Catherine (McManus) Catherine (McManus) Swift (1919)
Swift Francis P., Rev. Francis P. Swift, Rev. (1982)
Swift Hanora Hanora Swift (1894)
Swift James Lawrence James Lawrence Swift (1938)
Swift John John Swift (1936)
Swift Louise Faye (Sheets) Louise Faye (Sheets) Swift (2016) 
Swift Michael Michael Swift (1897)
Swift Patrick Patrick Swift (1894)
Swift Patrick - child of Child of Patrick Swift (1890)
Swift Thomas Thomas Swift (1898)
Swift Walter Walter Swift (1889)
Swigart Kenneth Dale Kenneth Dale Swigart (2008)
Swigert Muriel Darlene (Grimm) Muriel Darlene (Grimm) Swigert (2012)
Swindell Mary LaVina (Philby) Mary LaVina Swindell (1940)
Swinehart Clyde R. Clyde R. Swinehart (2008)
Swinehart Viola Christy (Ryan) Viola Christy (Ryan) Swinehart (1998)
Swinford Aubrey Gene 'Bama' Aubrey Gene 'Bama' Swinford (2005)
Swinford Olive (Hockett) Olive (Hockett) Swinford (1974)
Swisher Scott Scott Swisher (1972)
Switzer Beryl Beryl Switzer (1919)
Switzer Edith Esther Edith Esther Switzer (1893)
Switzer Harry Merrill Harry Merrill Switzer (1980)
Switzer Myrtle (Langley) Myrtle Switzer (1956)
Switzer Nevin Nevin Switzer (1941)
Switzer Phil Phil Switzer (1918)
Switzer Ralph Ralph Switzer (1975)
Switzer Sherman Sherman Switzer (1949)
Sydnes Blanche Elizabeth (Lee) Lande Blanche Lee Lande Sydnes (1994)
Sydnes Daniel Wheeler Daniel Wheeler Sydnes (2017)
Sykes Amy (Phillips) Amy Phillips Sykes (1993)
Sylvester Flora Ellen (Rhodes) Flora Ellen (Rhodes) Sylvester (1967)

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