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Russ Louis Louis Russ (1964)
Russell Agnes (McClain) Agnes McClain Russell (1914)
Russell Arlene Kay (Vermace) Arlene Kay Vermace Russell (1992)
Russell Edna June (Countryman) Edna June (Countryman) Russell (1994)
Russell Elizabeth Marie (McAllister) Elizabeth Marie (McAllister) Russell (1928)
Russell Frank L. Frank L. Russell (1952)
Russell Gail Gail Russell (1888)
Russell Gregory M. Gregory M. Russell (1966)
Russell Gretchen (Kruger) Gretchen (Kruger) Russell (1956)
Russell Inez P. (Benson) Inez Benson Russell (1980)
Russell Ivan Emery Ivan Emery Russell (1974)
Russell J. C. J. C. Russell (1873)
Russell Jean (Oliver) Jean (Oliver) Russell (1976)
Russell Kimberly Sue (McCuddin) Kimberly McCuddin Russell (2005)
Russell Larry "Rusty" Larry "Rusty" Russell (1988)
Russell Louise E. (Hickock) Louise E. (Hickock) Russell (1958)
Russell Lucille E. (McKeever) Lucille E. Russell (2000)
Russell Margaret (Laughlin) Margaret (Laughlin) Russell (1965)
Russell Mary (McCollum) Mary (McCollum) Russell (1908)
Russell Maude (Bryant) Maude (Bryant) Russell (1971)
Russell Vera Bernice (Stiles) Vera Bernice (Stiles) Russell (1924)
Russell Wilbur Gene Wilbur Gene Russell (2015)
Russo Gabriel “George” Gabriel “George” Russo (2016)
Rustan Gyle Alfred Gyle Alfred Rustan (1983)
Rustan Nettie Leona (Logadon) Nettie Leona Rustan (1979)
Ruth Alex Alex Ruth (1911)
Ruth Arbie L. Arbie L. Ruth (1884)
Ruth Blanche J. (Swain) Blanche J. (Swain) Ruth (1904)
Ruth Candace Lucia (Howell) Candace Lucia Ruth (1952)
Ruth Charles H. Charles H. Ruth (1949)
Ruth Cheryl F. Cheryl F. Ruth (1978)
Ruth Cheryl Hugh Cheryl Hugh Ruth (2012)
Ruth Daniel Joseph Daniel Joseph Ruth (1939)
Ruth Eleanor (Wilson) Eleanor Wilson Ruth (1917)
Ruth Elizabeth (Funk) Elizabeth (Funk) Ruth (1911)
Ruth Emma (Jenkins) Emma (Jenkins) Ruth (1934)
Ruth George A. George A. Ruth (1898)
Ruth George S. George S. Ruth (1925)
Ruth Grace E. Grace E. Ruth (1961)
Ruth Harrell Wilson Harrell Wilson Ruth (2001)
Ruth Hugh Hugh Ruth (1896)
Ruth James Henry James Henry Ruth (1873)
Ruth James William James William Ruth (1886)
Ruth John John Ruth (1938)
Ruth Joseph Collins Joseph Collins Ruth (1883)
Ruth Kenneth J. Kenneth J. Ruth (1988)
Ruth Lenore Della (Frederickson) Lenore Ruth (2001)
Ruth Leroy Leroy Ruth (1906)
Ruth Loretta (Bost) Loretta Ruth (1994)
Ruth Maria (Hattel) Maria (Hattel) Ruth (1938)
Ruth Martha Amine (Bruce) Martha Amine (Bruce) Ruth (1883)
Ruth Mary Ruby (Addy) Mary Ruby Addy Ruth (1987)
Ruth Myra Bell (Moore) Myra Bell (Moore) Ruth (1904)
Ruth Nancy Jane (Francis) Nancy Jane Ruth (1932)
Ruth Olive B. Olive B. "Ollie" Ruth (1967)
Ruth Oliver Jay Oliver Jay Ruth (1916)
Ruth Pansie Blossom (Landis) Pansie Blossom Landis Ruth (1992)
Ruth Roy Roy Ruth (1952)
Ruth Thomas Fred Thomas Fred Ruth (1964)
Ruth Venecia G. (See) Venecia G. (See) Ruth (1964)
Ruth William Allen William Allen Ruth (1946)
Ruth William Hattel William Hattel Ruth (1954)
Ruth Willson Willson Ruth (1921)
Rutherford Clinton George Clinton George Rutherford (1927)
Rutherford Eli B. Eli B. Rutherford
Rutherford John, Baby of Baby of John Rutherford (1876)
Rutherford Mattie L. (Smith) Mattie L. (Smith) Rutherford (1893)
Rutherford Otho S. Otho S. Rutherford (1926)
Rutherford Paul - infant son of Infant Son of Paul Rutherford (1929)
Rutherford Paul Clinton Paul Clinton Rutherford (1985)
Rutherford Susan (James) Susan (James) Rutherford (1924)
Rutherford Vera Marie (Cox) Vera Marie (Cox) Rutherford (2002)
Rutherford William William Rutherford (1919)
Rutledge Anna E. (Moreland) Anna E. Rutledge (1929)
Rutledge Archibald M. Archibald M. Rutledge (1894)
Rutledge George George Rutledge (1920)
Rutledge George M. George M. Rutledge, Dr. (1876)
Rutledge Mary (O'Laughlin) Mary O'Laughlin Rutledge (1933)
Rutledge Osmond Lineus Osmond Lineus Rutledge (1936)
Ryan Alice M. (Ryan) Alice M. (Ryan) Ryan (2015)
Ryan Austin Joseph Austin Joseph Ryan (1938)
Ryan Bridget Bridget Ryan (1900)
Ryan Bridget (Maher) Bridget Maher Ryan (1954)
Ryan Charles Raymond Charles Raymond Ryan (1922)
Ryan Charles V. Charles V. Ryan (1964)
Ryan Effie May (Newell) Effie May (Newell) Ryan (1926)
Ryan Eva G. Eva G. Ryan (1904)
Ryan Hanora (Riordan) Hanora (Riordan) Ryan (1913)
Ryan James A. 'Jim' James A. "Jim" Ryan (1967)
Ryan John John Ryan (1878)
Ryan John John Ryan (1907)
Ryan John J. John J. Ryan (1959)
Ryan John James John James Ryan (1907)
Ryan Judith Louise Judith Louise Ryan (1962)
Ryan Marcella Jane (Cunningham) Marcella Cunningham Ryan (1963)
Ryan Mary Mary Ryan (1903)
Ryan Mary (Maher) Mary Maher Ryan (1947)
Ryan Raymond Maurice Raymond Ryan (1962)
Ryan Raymond Maurice Raymond Maurice Ryan (2001)
Ryan Ruth (Chipperfield) Ruth Chipperfield Ryan (1988)
Ryan William A. William A. Ryan (1962)
Ryan William H. "Billy" William H. "Billy" Ryan (1941)
Ryan William Henry William Henry Ryan (1921)
Ryerson Edward Edward Ryerson (1955)
Ryerson Fred Fred Ryerson (1944)
Rynearson Anna E. (Pennington) Anna E. Rynearson (1990)
Rynearson J. W. J. W. Rynearson (1964)
Rynearson James W. "Jim" James W. "Jim" Rynearson (2016)
Rynearson Jesse William Jesse William Rynearson (2017)
Rynearson Leon James Leon. James Rynearson (1989)
Rynearson Leon Junior Leon Junior Rynearson (1994)
Rynearson Mary Rachel (Libby) Mary Rachel (Libby) Rynearson (1955)
Rynearson R. Clifford R. Clifford Rynearson (2017)
Rynearson Thelma Pearl (Evans) Thelma Pearl (Evans) Rynearson (1985)
Ryner Asa Asa Ryner (1923)
Ryner Cecil W. Cecil W. Ryner (1908)
Ryner Claudia Kay Claudia Kay Ryner (2017)
Ryner Clifford Clifford Ryner (1919)
Ryner Edith May (Woods) Edith Woods Ryner (1980)
Ryner Elizabeth ( Henderson ) Elizabeth (Henderson) Ryner (1916)
Ryner Jacob A. Jacob A. Ryner (1921)
Ryner Loyd Loyd Ryner (1955)
Ryner Mary Catherine (Kelly) Mary Catherine Kelly Ryner (1988)
Ryner Nancy (Evans) Nancy (Evans) Ryner (1907)
Ryner Peter Peter Ryner (1898)
Ryner Richard Thomas Richard Ryner (1996)
Ryner William A. William A. Ryner (1987)
Ryner William Arthur William Arthur Ryner (1952)

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