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Root Azrah Azrah Root (1873)
Root Ellen (Atkins) Ellen Atkins Root (2005)
Root Ernest Merrill Ernest Merrill Root (1973)
Root Lester O. Lester O. Root (1981)
Roper Clarissa Clarissa Roper (1887)
Rosander Albert Albert Rosander (1974)
Rosander Cozie Luella (Quick) Cozie Luella Rosander (1956)
Rosburg Elva (Hadley) Elva (Hadley) Rosburg (1955)
Rose Esther Elizabeth (Crosswaite) Esther Elizabeth (Crosswaite) Rose (1973)
Rose George George Rose (1915)
Rose Jerome Jerome Rose (1877)
Rose Leo Leo Rose (1928)
Rose Matilda Matilda Rose (1887)
Rose Maude Rowena (DeClercq) Maude Rowena Rose (1949)
Rose Perry Ernest Perry E. Rose (1958)
Rose Russell Russell Rose (1975)
Rose Susan Henrietta (Street) Susan Henrietta (Street) Rose (1935)
Roseberry Helen (Smith) Helen (Smith) Roseberry (1887)
Roseland David Joe David Joe Roseland (1964)
Roseland Elmer Elmer Roseland (1966)
Roseland Lucy V. (Morrison) Lucy Morrison Roseland (1986)
Roseman Charles T. Charles T. Roseman (1888)
Roseman Edward Earl Edward Earl Roseman (1974)
Roseman Edward Monroe Edward Monroe Roseman (1911)
Roseman Elmer E. Elmer E. Roseman (1959)
Roseman Frederick Ulysses Frederick Ulysses Roseman (1933)
Roseman Leroy DeWitt Leroy DeWitt Roseman (1923)
Roseman Lora (LaPella) Lora LaPella Roseman (1956)
Roseman Margaret (Poland) Margaret (Poland) Roseman (1892)
Roseman Monroe Jennings Monroe J. Roseman (1945)
Rosenberger Katherine Katherine Rosenberger (1920)
Ross Alice D. Alice D. Ross (1872)
Ross Alice C. (Johnson) Alice Johnson Ross (1997)
Ross Blanche (Henry) Blanche Ross (1991)
Ross Charles A. Charles A. Ross (1940)
Ross Clifton F. 'Bing' Clifton F. "Bing" Ross (1966)
Ross David Leroy David Leroy Ross (2003)
Ross Donald Eugene Donald Eugene Ross (1951)
Ross Donald Richard Donald Richard Ross (2003)
Ross Donnie Donnie Ross (1904)
Ross Edwin Conger Edwin Conger Ross (1946)
Ross Ellen (McCord) Ellen McCord Ross (1933)
Ross Elmyra "Mira" Effie (Garmire) Elmyra Effie (Garmire) Ross (1957)
Ross Emma (Jones) Emma (Jones) Ross (1927)
Ross Ernest H. Ernest H. Ross (1969)
Ross Everett Lee Everett Lee Ross (2001)
Ross Floyd Mack Floyd Mack Ross (1978)
Ross Frank D. Frank D. Ross (1955)
Ross Fred L. Fred L. Ross (1978)
Ross Gladys Fern (Hill) Gladys Hill Ross (2002)
Ross Glen Glen Ross (1991)
Ross Hazel M. Hazel M. Ross (2002)
Ross Henry - infant of Infant of Henry Ross (1905)
Ross Hobart A. Hobart A. Ross (1984)
Ross Homer Lee Homer Lee Ross (1972)
Ross Jefferson Johnson Jefferson Johnson Ross (1890)
Ross Jesse A. Jesse A. Ross (1949)
Ross John David John David Ross (1929)
Ross John W. John W. Ross (1966)
Ross Lester C. Lester C. Ross (1909)
Ross Lizzie Myrtle (Cook) Lizzie Myrtle (Cook) Ross (1920)
Ross Lorene (Graham) Lorene Graham Ross (1960)
Ross Louise Luella (Foster) Louise Luella (Foster) Ross (1915)
Ross Margaret Margaret Ross (1948)
Ross Margaret (Fitzgerald) Margaret Fitzgerald Ross (1964)
Ross Martha Pauline (Cochran) Martha Pauline (Cochran) Ross (1952)
Ross Mary Ann (McKibben) Mary Ann (McKibben) Ross (1952)
Ross Mary Jane (Emery) Mary Jane (Emery) Ross (1909)
Ross Max Max Ross (1897)
Ross Mr. Mr. Ross (1885)
Ross Myrtle Minnie (Love) Myrtle Minnie (Love) Ross (1959)
Ross Robert Le Roy Robert Le Roy Ross (1957)
Ross Roy Glendon, Dr. Roy Glendon Ross, Dr. (1962)
Ross Ruby (Stout) Ruby (Stout) Ross (1904)
Ross Samuel A. Samuel A. Ross (1905)
Ross Sarah Ann "Sally" (Emery) Sarah Ann "Sally" (Emery) Ross (1900)
Ross Thomas Thomas Ross (1907)
Ross Verna Merl (Richard) Verna Merl Ross (1993)
Ross Violet Florence (Sheldon) Violet Florence (Sheldon) Ross (2017)
Ross Walter F. Walter F. Ross (1953)
Rosvall Maurine Maurine Rosvall (1907)
Rotenberry George George Rotenberry (1955)
Roth Joseph Syperanis Joseph Syperanis Roth (1965)
Roth Rachel Evalina (Strable) Rachel Evalina Roth (1993)
Rothamel Margaret Edith (Graham) Margaret Edith (Graham) Rothamel (2017)
Rouse Josephine M. (Shearer) Josephine M. (Shearer) Rouse (2007)
Rouse Margaret Margaret Rouse (1988)
Rouse Riley Rexroad Riley Rexroad Rouse (1975)
Rouse Riley Rexroad Riley Rexroad Rouse (1998)
Rouse William R. William R. Rouse (1996)
Roush James F. James F. Roush (1960)
Roush Janet Louise Janet Louise Roush (2014)
Routh Amor Ellis Amor Ellis Routh (1986)
Routh Ruth Ann Ruth Ann Routh (1953)
Routh Velma M. (Junkin) Velma M. (Junkin) Routh (2009)
Rouw Everett G. Everett G. Rouw (1994)

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