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Rockey Bessie Loree (Christensen) Bessie Loree (Christensen) Rockey (2015)
Rockey Fern Clarise (Hope) Fern Clarise (Hope) Rockey (1976)
Rockey Harry Jonathan Harry Jonathan Rockey (1991)
Rockey Kenneth Franklin Kenneth Franklin Rockey (1992)
Rockey William Franklin William Franklin Rockey (1918)
Roderick John Andrew John Andrew Roderick (1936)
Roderick John W. John W. Roderick (1911)
Roderick Melissa F. (Ballentine) Melissa F. (Ballentine) Roderick (1930)
Roderick Nona Mae (Rinard) Nona Mae (Rinard) Roderick (1998)
Roderick Perry Simon Perry Simon Roderick (1958)
Roderick Sidney (Sole) Sidney (Sole) Roderick (1958)
Roderick Walter Alvin Walter Alvin Roderick (1978)
Rodgers Norma Rita (Denato) Norma Rita (Denato) Rodgers (2014)
Rodman Catherine (Milligan) Catherine (Milligan) Rodman (1908)
Rodman Doris Emaline Doris Emaline Rodman (1951)
Rodman George Riley George Riley Rodman (1904)
Rodman Harry I. Harry I. Rodman (1948)
Rodman James Riley James Riley Rodman (1920)
Rodriquez Laura (Hamner) Laura Hamner Rodriquez (1992)
Roeder Dorothy Pauline (Blair) Dorothy Pauline (Blair) Roeder (2011)
Roederer Edward "Jim" Edward "Jim" Roederer (1980)
Roff Susan E. (Gilge) Susan E. (Gilge) Roff (2012)
Rogan Bennie Josephine Bennie Josephine Rogan (1929)
Rogan Bruce Bruce Rogan (1950)
Rogan Charles Charles Rogan (1941)
Rogan Elizabeth Elizabeth Rogan (1891)
Rogan Eva (Manders) Eva Manders Rogan (1989)
Rogan James James Rogan (1915)
Rogan James James Rogan (1960)
Rogan James, Sr. James Rogan, Sr. (1886)
Rogan John John Rogan (1937)
Rogan Julia (Welch) Julia Welch Rogan (1934)
Rogan Mary Alice Mary Alice Rogan (1982)
Rogan Waldron William Waldron William Rogan (1973)
Rogers Albert R. 'Sam' Albert R. Rogers (1944)
Rogers Alvin Dale Alvin Dale Rogers (1997)
Rogers Andrew A. Andrew A. Rogers (1956)
Rogers Annie Annie Rogers (1960)
Rogers Belle (Hatfield) Belle Hatfield Rogers (1962)
Rogers Byron Ellroy Byron Ellroy Rogers (1942)
Rogers Catherine Virginia Catherine Virginia Rogers (1918)
Rogers Charles P. Charles P. Rogers (1941)
Rogers Chester Albert Chester Albert Rogers (1962)
Rogers Clair Winfield Clair Winfield Rogers (1986)
Rogers Delores Ann (Lydon) Delores Ann (Lydon) Rogers (2008)
Rogers Edith Malinda Edith Malinda Rogers (1954)
Rogers Elihu H. Elihu H. Rogers (1913)
Rogers Elmer William Elmer William Rogers (1981)
Rogers Elsie Elsie Rogers (1906)
Rogers Fern M. (McMains) Fern M. (McMains) Rogers (1973)
Rogers Frances E. Frances E. Rogers (1945)
Rogers Frank Lemuel Frank Lemuel Rogers (1979)
Rogers Fred A. Fred A. Rogers (1946)
Rogers Freddie L. Freddie L. Rogers (1895)
Rogers Gail Clinton Gail Clinton Rogers (1912)
Rogers Gary "Buck" Gary "Buck" Rogers (2009)
Rogers George, Rev. George Rogers (Rev.) (1946)
Rogers Glen Glen Rogers (1965)
Rogers Grace Irene (Hope) Grace Irene Rogers (1991)
Rogers Hazel Agnes (Silverthorn) Hazel A. Rogers (1995)
Rogers Helen Loree (Ball) Helen Loree (Ball) Rogers (1974)
Rogers Hugh Hugh Rogers (1929)
Rogers James James Rogers (1894)
Rogers James A. James A. Rogers (1944)
Rogers James A. James A. Rogers (1973)
Rogers James H. James H. Rogers (1941)
Rogers James Vernon James Vernon Rogers (1973)
Rogers Jeannč (Reynolds) Jeannč (Reynolds) Rogers (2007)
Rogers Jennie Jennie Rogers (1896)
Rogers Jennie (Moore) Jennie Moore Rogers (1952)
Rogers JoAnn JoAnn Rogers (1934)
Rogers John A. John A. Rogers (1897)
Rogers John Riley John Riley Rogers (1959)
Rogers Lelia Mae (Byers) Lelia Mae Byers Rogers (1980)
Rogers Leo Everett Leo Everett Rogers (2012)
Rogers LeRoy LeRoy Rogers (1976)
Rogers Lewis Lewis Rogers (1899)
Rogers Lewis P. Lewis P. Rogers (1918)
Rogers Lillie Ann (Porter) Lillie Porter Rogers (1942)
Rogers Mae (Johnston) Mae Johnston Rogers (1969)
Rogers Malinda (Cox) Malinda (Cox) Rogers (1936)
Rogers Malinda E. Malinda E. Rogers (1953)
Rogers Marche Druscilla (Coakley) Marche Druscilla Coakley Rogers (1933)
Rogers Margaret (McNamara) Margaret (McNamara) Rogers (1948)
Rogers Margaret (Yokley) Margaret (Yokley) Rogers (1912)
Rogers Marilyn (Miller) Marilyn (Miller) Rogers (2009)
Rogers Marsha Louise (Ingram) Marsha Louise (Ingram) Rogers (2014)
Rogers Marshall Raymond Marshall Raymond Rogers (1953)
Rogers Martha Agnes (Harp) Martha Agnes ( Harp) Rogers (1918)
Rogers Mary (Brown) Mary Brown Rogers (1937)
Rogers Mary (Hamner) Mary (Hamner) Rogers (1893)
Rogers Mary Belle (Hatfield) Mary Belle Hatfield Rogers (1961)
Rogers Mary Elizabeth (Bailey) Mary Elizabeth Rogers (1956)
Rogers Mary Emma (Thomson) Mary Emma (Thomson) Rogers (1936)
Rogers Mary A. (Ring) Mary Ring Rogers (1977)
Rogers Mary (Thompson) Mary Thompson Rogers (1981)
Rogers Michael Leroy Michael Leroy Rogers (1950)
Rogers Ned H. Ned H. Rogers (1918)
Rogers Nola (Killion) Nola (Killion) Rogers (2009)
Rogers Oley Oley Rogers (1954)
Rogers Paul Paul Rogers (1950)
Rogers Ralph Raymond Ralph Raymond Rogers (1994)
Rogers Raymond Anderson Raymond Anderson Rogers (1977)
Rogers Ross R. Ross R. Rogers (1969)
Rogers William William Rogers (1896)
Rogers William Parley William Parley Rogers (1928)
Rogers William T. William T. Rogers (1987)
Rogers Winfield B. Winfield B. Rogers (1965)
Rohannon Samuel J. Samuel J. Rohannon (1895)
Rohr James Elton James Elton Rohr (2008)
Rohrer Josephine Mildred (Mapes) Stump Josephine Mildred (Mapes) Stump Rohrer (1988)
Roland Abner John Abner John Roland (1903)
Roland Buena Mae (Brees) Buena Brees Roland (2005)
Roland Eliza Eliza Roland (1915)
Roland Fletcher Ford Fletcher Ford Roland (1923)
Roland Teddy Michel Teddy Michel Roland (1997)
Rollings Caleb Caleb Rollings (1911)
Rollings Nancy Jane (Gilliam) Foster Nancy Jane (Gilliam) Foster Rollings (1910)
Rollings Pleasant Pleasant Rollings (1900)
Rollings William Pleasant William Pleasant Rollings (1937)
Rollins John John Rollins (1874)
Rollstin Agnes Agnes Rollstin (1942)
Rollstin Almira E. Almira E. Rollstin (1890)
Rollstin Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Rollstin (1916)
Rollstin Chester A. Chester A. Rollstin (1920)
Rollstin Clara B. (Simmons) Clara B. (Simmons) Rollstin (1975)
Rollstin Clifford Clifford Rollstin(1895)
Rollstin Earl Earl Rollstin (1906)
Rollstin George Arthur George Arthur Rollstin (1968)
Rollstin Lena (Huss) Lena (Huss) Rollstin (1958)
Rollstin Leston W. Leston W. Rollstin (1950)
Rollstin Martha Matilda (Holloway) Martha Matilda (Holloway) Rollstin (1939)
Rollstin Mary Vee Mary Vee Rollstin (1931)
Rollstin Mattie Mattie Rollstin (1888)
Rollstin Mary Ann (James) Mary Ann (James) Rollstin (1928)
Rollstin Mary J. (Missildine) Hill Mary J. (Missildine) Rollstin Hill
Rollstin Merle Merle Rollstin (1906)
Rollstin Minnie (Lorimor) Minnie (Lorimor) Rollstin (1918)
Rollstin Minnie May (Haynes) Minnie May (Haynes) Rollstin (1935)
Rollstin Nancy (Shields) Nancy Shields Rollstin (1933)
Rollstin Nancy Adeline (Harrell) Nancy Adeline (Harrell) Rollstin (1910)
Rollstin Orville D. Orville D. Rollstin (1934)
Rollstin Porter Porter Rollstin (1913)
Rollstin Preston Gilbert Preston Gilbert Rollstin (1938)
Rollstin Robert Arthur, M.D. Robert Arthur Rollstin, M.D. (2008)
Rollstin Rolland Clair Rolland Clair Rollstin (1989)
Rollstin Samuel Peter Samuel Peter Rollstin (1915)
Rollstin William P. William P. Rollstin (1917)
Rollston Colby E. Colby E. Rollston (1951)
Rolston Minnie M. Minnie M. Rolston (1883)
Romans Agnes Amy (Boatwright) Agnes Amy (Boatwright) Romans (1996)
Romine John John Romine (1894)
Roney Peggy S. (Wilkinson) Peggy S. (Wilkinson) Roney (2015)
Rood Gladys (Levier) Gladys (Levier) Rood (1968)
Rooney Alma Cleota (Deer) Alma Deer Rooney (1983)

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