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Procknow August August Procknow (1901)
Proctor George Milton Dallas George Milton Dallas Proctor (1928)
Proctor Sarah (Smith) Sarah (Smith) Proctor (1932)
Prohaska Agnes Agnes Prohaska (1903)
Prohaska Antonie (Loitkep) Antonie (Loitkep) Prohaska (1910)
Prohaska Anthony - infant of Infant of A. Prohaska (1895)
Prohaska Carrie (Huston) Carrie (Huston) Prohaska (1940)
Prohaska Catherine Catherine Prohaska (1903)
Prohaska Charles Charles Prohaska (1962)
Prohaska Elsie Lucy Elsie Lucy Prohaska (1931)
Prohaska Frank John Frank John Prohaska (1952)
Prohaska George Edward George Prohaska (1969)
Prohaska John John Prohaska (1951)
Prohaska Joseph Joseph Prohaska (1932)
Prohaska Luella May (Walter) Luella May (Walter) Prohaska (1983)
Prohaska Mary Gladys (Howard) Mary Gladys (Howard) Prohaska (1988)
Prohaska Mary Josephine Mary Prohaska (1995)
Prohaska Paul Paul Prohaska (1904)
Prohaska Zolamae Lucille (Lindley) Zolamae Lucille (Lindley) Prohaska (2011)
Proudfoot Blanche Mary (Gracey) Blanche Mary (Gracey) Proudfoot (1996)
Proudfoot Dean Dean Proudfoot (2007)
Proudfoot Henry Rice Henry Rice Proudfoot (1909)
Proudfoot John H. John H. Proudfoot (1954)
Pruitt Grace Myrtle (Irwin) Grace Myrtle (Irwin) Pruitt (1957)
Pruitt Irma (Leinard) Irma Leinard Pruitt (1969)
Pruitt Margaret Matilda Margaret Matilda Pruitt (1922)
Prunty Judy Judy Prunty (2014) 
Pryor Clarence Eldon Clarence Eldon Pryor (1977)
Pryor Darlene Helen (McClurg) Darlene Helen (McClurg) Pryor (2009)
Pryor Dayton Eldon Dayton Eldon Pryor (1955)
Pryor Edna Elizabeth (Eversull) Edna Elizabeth (Eversull) Pryor (1957)
Pryor Ivan Couch Ivan Couch Pryor (2005)
Pryor Lora W. (Couch) Lora W. Pryor (1980)
Pryor Mary (Mitchell) Mary (Mitchell) Pryor (1916)
Pryor Ray R. Ray R. Pryor (1969)
Pryor Rolland Eugene Rolland Eugene Pryor (1944)
Puderbaugh John Royce John Royce Puderbaugh (2016)
Pugh May May Pugh (1900)
Pulcar Frances C. (Schoonover) Frances Pulcar (2003)
Pullman Donna Mae Donna Mae Pullman (1968)
Pullman Emerald "Joe", Jr. Emerald "Joe" Pullman, Jr. (1988)
Pullman Emerald A., Sr. Emerald A. Pullman, Sr. (1962)
Pullman Lena L. (Senn) Lena Senn Pullman (1968)
Pullman Wenifred Rose Wenifred R. Pullman (1992)
Purcell Andrew Andrew Purcell (1891)
Purcell Basil Basil Purcell (1879)
Purcell Frank Frank Purcell (1982)
Purcell James James Purcell (1918)
Purcell James R. James R. Purcell (2007)
Purcell Jennie (White) Jennie (White) Purcell (1922)
Purcell Nancy Jane (McDonald) Nancy Jane (McDonald) Purcell (1895)
Purkapile Ron E. Ron E. Purkapile (2007)
Purscell Benjamin Benjamin Purscell (1897)
Purscell Charles Henry Charles Henry Purscell (1954)
Purscell Dicy Edna (Hamilton) Dicy Edna (Hamilton) Purscell (1904)
Purscell Everett Lee Everett Lee Purscell (1955)
Purscell Fred F. Fred F. Purscell (1958)
Purscell Henry L. Henry L. Purscell (1956)
Purscell Ida Bell (Whitworth) Ida Bell (Whitworth) Purscell (1958)
Purscell James Albert James Albert Purscell (1911)
Purscell James Madison ‘Matt’ James Madison (Matt) Purscell (1936)
Purscell James Madison James Madison Purscell (1952)
Purscell James Michael James Michael Purscell (1985)
Purscell Joseph Edward Joseph Edward Purscell (1986)
Purscell Kenneth Wayne Kenneth Wayne Purscell (1937)
Purscell Laura Ann Laura Ann Purscell (1965)
Purscell Laurel Laurel Purscell (2007)
Purscell LaVern "Breeze" D. LaVern "Breeze" D. Purscell (2006)
Purscell Leon Wayne Leon Wayne Purscell (2016)
Purscell Leota (Heath) Leota Purscell (1994)
Purscell LeRoy J. LeRoy J. Purscell (1948)
Purscell Lonnie E. Lonnie E. Purscell (1964)
Purscell Lucy L. (Knight) Lucy Knight Purscell (1964)
Purscell Marion O. Marion O. Purscell (1975)
Purscell Mary E. (Ogle) Mary E. (Ogle) Purscell (1988)
Purscell Melvin Eugene Melvin Eugene Purscell (2017)
Purscell Orinda Florence (Dorrell) Barlien Orinda Florence (Dorrell) Barlien Purscell (1936)
Purscell Robert Robert Purscell (1909)
Purscell Robert Stanley Robert Stanley Purscell (1921)
Purscell Sarah (Barlien) Sarah (Barlien) Purscell (1907)
Purscell Shirley Mae Shirley Mae Purscell (1937)
Purscell Vera May (Heath) Vera Heath Purscell (1983)
Purscell Waty (Bishop) Waty (Bishop) Purscell (1913)
Purscell Wilbur "Bill" Wilbur "Bill" Purscell (1963)
Pursel Basil Basil Pursel (1879)
Pursel Imogen Imogen Pursel (1961)
Pursell Mary Joan Mary Joan Pursell (1941)
Pursell Orinda (Dorrell) Orinda (Dorrell) Pursell (1936)
Purvis Arthur - Infant Son of Infant Son of Arthur Purvis (1912)
Purvis Arthur L. Arthur L. Purvis (1968)
Purvis Chester Sidney Chester Sidney Purvis (1926)
Purvis James C. - Child of Child of James C. Purvis (1875)
Purvis Nettie M. Nettie M. Purvis (1970)
Purvis Phoebe Ellen (Benedict) Phoebe Ellen Purvis (1949)
Puterbaugh Jennie (Bard) Jennie (Bard) Puterbaugh (1938)
Putnam Helen M (King) Helen M (King) Putnam (1919)
Putnam George W. George W. Putnam (1918)
Putney Earl W. Earl W. Putney (1977)
Putney Earl William Earl William Putney (1944)
Putney Earline Mable Earline Mable Putney (1939)
Putney Mabel A. (Taylor) Mabel A. (Taylor) Putney (1988)
Putney Marjorie Belle (McDonald) Marjorie Belle (McDonald) Putney (1953)
Pyers Charles W. "Todd" Charles W. "Todd" Pyers (1927)
Pyers Edith (McCleary) Edith McCleary Pyers (1967)
Pyers Ella R. Ella R. Pyers (1892)
Pyers James H. "Sam" James H. "Sam" Pyers (1954)
Pyers Phil Phil Pyers (1949)
Pyers William William Pyers (1916)
Pyle Emma (Craven) Emma (Craven) Pyle (1930)
Pyle Emory Randolph Emory Randolph Pyle (1972)
Pyle Harl W. Harl W. Pyle (1933)
Pyle Hattie (Wilson) Hattie (Wilson) Pyle (1966)
Pyle James I. James I. Pyle (1963)
Pyle Mary Elizabeth (Anderson) Mary Elizabeth (Anderson) Pyle (1906)
Pyle Snyder Snyder Pyle (1902)
Pyle William Valentine William Valentine Pyle (1925)

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