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Oakes Donald W. Donald W. Oakes (1964)
Oakes Ethel M. (Hoskins) Ethel M. Hoskins Oakes (2003)
Oaks Leona Louise (Wetrick) Leona Louise Oaks (2002)
Oaks Lyman Edgar Lyman Edgar Oaks (1989)
Oatts Jack C. Jack C. Oatts (2008)
Oatts Marcella Arlene (Tungland) Marcella Arlene (Tungland) Oatts (2011)
Oblinger Zelda M. (Hester) Zelda M. (Hester) Oblinger (2012)
O'Brien  Darlene (Barr) Darlene (Barr) O'Brien 2016
O'Brien Donald Francis Donald Francis O'Brien (2012)
O’Brien Esther Leone Esther Leone O’Brien (1902)
O'Brien Michael John Michael John O'Brien (2002)
O'Brien Minnie (Beggart) Minnie (Beggart) O'Brien (1921)
O'Brien Steven Edward Steven Edward O'Brien (1992)
Odam Erma L. (Beebe) Erma L. Odam (1996)
O'Dell Ann (Knotts) Allcock Ann (Knotts) Allcock O'Dell (1918)
Odell Eli Eli Odell (1875)
Odell Emily F. (Simpson) Emily F. (Simpson) Odell (1897)
Odell John John Odell (1926)
Odell Solomon - Child of Child of Solomon Odell (1873)
Odell Solomon Eli Solomon Eli Odell (1905)
Odell Solomon M. Solomon M. Odell (1883)
O’Donnell Mrs. Mrs. O’Donnell (1892)
O'Farrell Edna (Barrus) Edna Barrus O'Farrell (1974)
O’Garo Jane Jane O’Garo (1934)
Ogburn Arminda (King) Arminda (King) Ogburn (1937)
Ogburn Arthur Roy Arthur Roy Ogburn (1921)
Ogburn Birdie (Armstrong) Birdie Armstrong Ogburn (1990)
Ogburn Cal Cal Ogburn (1945)
Ogburn Cassie (Hess) Cassie Hess Ogburn (1967)
Ogburn Elizabeth F. (Scott) Elizabeth F. (Scott) Ogburn (1911)
Ogburn Fannie (Fox) Fannie (Fox) Ogburn (1897)
Ogburn Granville Edward Granville Edward Ogburn (1941)
Ogburn Hannah Charlotte (Wheeler) Hannah Charlotte Ogburn (1942)
Ogburn Harlan Harlan Ogburn (1935)
Ogburn Harley Ralph Harley Ralph Ogburn (1977)
Ogburn Harold Gail Harold Gail Ogburn (1985)
Ogburn Hartwell Hartwell Ogburn (1884)
Ogburn Ida M. (Hood) Dings Ida M. (Hood) Dings Ogburn (1935)
Ogburn John John Ogburn (1887)
Ogburn Lena Belle (Sawhill) Lena Belle (Sawhill) Ogburn (1949)
Ogburn Mary (Odell) Mary (Odell) Ogburn (1922)
Ogburn McKinley Cecil McKinley Cecil Ogburn (1933)
Ogburn Merit Merit Ogburn (1932)
Ogburn Merit William Merit William Ogburn (1987)
Ogburn Merritt Merritt Ogburn (1925)
Ogburn Millard E. Millard E. Ogburn (1972)
Ogburn Millie Millie Ogburn (1881)
Ogburn Milton A. Milton A. Ogburn (1963)
Ogburn Nancy Ellen (Eldridge) Nancy Ellen (Eldridge) Ogburn (1928)
Ogburn Nancy Jane (Osborn) Nancy Jane (Osborn) Ogburn (1925)
Ogburn Walter A. Walter A. Ogburn (1929)
Ogburn William William Ogburn (1958)
Ogburn William William Ogburn (1978)
Ogden David S. David S. Ogden (1951)
Ogden Fred Fred Ogden (1961)
Ogden Maria Maria Ogden (1903)
Ogden Pearl E. (Garrison) Pearl E. (Garrison) Ogden (1968)
Ogden Sadie Agnes (Woodbury) Sadie Agnes (Woodbury) Ogden (1960)
Ogden William William Ogden (1879)
Oglesbee Albert Albert Oglesbee (1928)
Oglesbee Allen Allen Oglesbee (1903)
Oglesbee Calvin Calvin Oglesbee (1926)
Oglesbee Carl Carl Oglesbee (2002)
Oglesbee Cleta June (Hess) Cleta Hess Oglesbee (1995)
Oglesbee Dulcenia (King) Dulcenia (King) Oglesbee (1922)
Oglesbee Edna LeVerne (Boller) Edna LeVerne Oglesbee (1992)
Oglesbee Elizabeth Jane (Kale) Elizabeth Jane (Kale) Oglesbee (1916)
Oglesbee Elza L. Elza L. Oglesbee (1988)
Oglesbee Erma Dulcena Oglesbee, Erma and Teddy (1919)
Oglesbee Eva Pearl (Travis) Nichols Eva Pearl (Travis) Nichols Oglesbee (2008)
Oglesbee Everett Loyd Everett Loyd Oglesbee (1981)
Oglesbee Flavy Reese Flavy Reese Oglesbee (1939)
Oglesbee Frank Frank Oglesbee (1978)
Oglesbee Harley Lester Harley Lester Oglesbee (1999)
Oglesbee Harry G. Harry G. Oglesbee (1969)
Oglesbee Idora Nettie (Simmons) Idora Nettie (Simmons) Oglesbee (1925)
Oglesbee Isaiah Zachariah Isaiah Zachariah Oglesbee (1907)
Oglesbee Jerry Leo Jerry Leo Oglesbee (1925)
Oglesbee John - son of Son of John Oglesby (1901)
Oglesbee John John Oglesbee (1910)
Oglesbee Levi Harvey Levi Harvey Oglesbee (1918)
Oglesbee Mack L. Mack L. Oglesbee (2016)
Oglesbee Marjorie Neva (Huss) Marjorie Huss Oglesbee (1998)
Oglesbee Mary S. (Womack) Mary S. (Womack) Oglesbee (1916)
Oglesbee Morris L. Morris L. Oglesbee (2015)
Oglesbee Myrtle Mildred (Hess) Myrtle Hess Oglesbee (1988)
Oglesbee Nancy Edna Nancy Edna Oglesbee (1966)
Oglesbee Noah W. Noah W. Oglesbee (1953)
Oglesbee Noah W. Jr. Noah W. Oglesbee Jr. (1944)
Oglesbee Paul Paul Oglesbee (1965)
Oglesbee Paul Wayne Paul Wayne Oglesbee (2018)
Oglesbee Rejina I. (Fortune) Rejina Oglesbee (1970)
Oglesbee Rosezella May (Stevens) Rosezella May (Stevens) Oglesbee (1929)
Oglesbee Sallie B. (Twining) Sallie B. (Twining) Oglesbee (1957)
Oglesbee Teddy Raymond Oglesbee, Erma and Teddy (1919)
Oglesbee Verne Verne Oglesbee (1932)
Oglesbee Viola (Bond) Viola (Bond) Oglesbee (2002)
O’Hara Clara (Diggs) Clara (Diggs) O’Hara (1935)
O'Hara James W. James W. O'Hara (1960)
O'Hara Vada Fay (Coen) Vada Fay (Coen) O'Hara (1976)
Ohrt Christine Christine Ohrt (1946)
Ohrt Detlef A. Detlef A. Ohrt (1922)
Ohrt John Conrad John Conrad Ohrt (1948)
Ohrt Martha Marie (Jensen) Martha Marie (Jensen) Ohrt (1912)
Ohrt Maude (Payton) Maude Payton Ohrt (1980)
Ohrt Peter Martin Peter Martin Ohrt (1966)
Ohrt Robert C. Robert C. Ohrt (1999)
Okey Berneice Gertrude (Newbury) Van Dolah Berneice Gertrude (Newbury) Van Dolah-Okey (2011)
O'Laughlin Margaret (Goodwin) Margaret (Goodwin) O'Laughlin (1958)
O'Laughlin Matthias, Rev. Matthias O'Laughlin (Rev.) 1945
O'Laughlin Robert A. Robert A. O'Laughlin (1959)
O'Laughlin Timothy Timothy O'Laughlin (1929)
Oldham Andrew Andrew Oldham (1884)
Oldham Buena Vista (Klingman) Buena Vista Klingman Oldham (1932)
Oldham Catherine (Boden) Catherine Boden Oldham (1879)
Oldham Jesse Jesse Oldham (1901)
Oldham John John Oldham (1991)
Oldham John Boden John Boden Oldham (1916)
Oldham Leslie Andrew Leslie Andrew Oldham (1952)
Oldham Lyda (Ford) Lyda (Ford) Oldham (1924)
Oldham Mabel E. (Myers) Mabel E. Myers Oldham (1976)

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