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Lovelace Albert H. Albert H. Lovelace (1917)
Lovelace Brinton Brinton Lovelace (1919)
Lovelace Charles A. Charles A. Lovelace
Lovelace Ella (Close) Ella (Close) Lovelace (1939)
Lovelace Frank Frank Lovelace (1885)
Lovelace Hiram Hiram Lovelace (1897)
Lovelace John John Lovelace (1933)
Lovelace Mary (Blosser) Potter Mary (Blosser) Potter Lovelace (1920)
Lovelace Mary Ann (Thuma) Eyerly Mary Ann (Thuma) Eyerly Lovelace (1900)
Lovelace Samuel A., Rev. Samuel A. Lovelace (Rev.) (1890)
Lovelace Sarah Ellen (Lucas) Sarah Ellen Lucas Lovelace (1901)
Lovell Albert Edgar Albert Edgar Lovell (1956)
Lovell Madge Madge Lovell (1893)
Lovell Rushelle (Wilson) Rushelle Wilson Lovell (2001)
Lovett Orvetta (Smith) Orvetta (Smith) Lovett (1954)
Low Betty Virginia (Hylton) Betty Virginia Low (1995)
Low Clifford Allen Clifford Allen Low (1995)
Low Daisy F. (Brooks) Daisy Brooks Low (1961)
Low Ephriam H. Ephriam H. Low (1955)
Low Eunice Emeratta (Hatch) Eunice Emeratta (Hatch) Low (1930)
Low Frank Abel Frank Abel Low (1970)
Low Harry A. Harry A. Low (1940)
Low Harvey - child of Child of Harvey Low (1910)
Low Hazel T. (Pew) Hazel T. (Pew) Low (1972)
Low Henry Thomas Henry Thomas Low (1973)
Low Jacob Jake Lowe (1890)
Low Leona Emmaretta Leona Emmaretta Low (1918)
Low Mary Edna (Eyerly) Mary Edna Low (1946)
Low Mary Elizabeth (Lutes) Mary Elizabeth Low(e) (1956)
Low Melvin Henry Melvin Henry Low (1935)
Low Phillip Dixon Phillip Dixon Low (1915)
Low Samuel Potts Samuel Potts Low (1936)
Low Thomas J. Thomas J. Low (1943)
Low Truie L. (Overton) Truie L. (Overton) Low (1987)
Low William Jennings William Jennings Low (1972)
Lowden Addie (Garrett) Addie (Garrett) Lowden (1910)
Lowden Clarence Cecil Clarence Cecil Lowden (1901)
Lowden Darren Laine Darren Laine Lowden (1968)
Lowden Dora Dora Lowden (1956)
Lowden Earnest E. Earnest E. Lowden (1963)
Lowden Edward Edward Lowden (1903)
Lowden Frank Edward Frank Edward Lowden (1918)
Lowden Frank W. Frank W. Lowden (1987)
Lowden John L. John L. Lowden (1947)
Lowden Lavona Cassie (Linn) Lavona Cassie (Linn) Lowden (1975)
Lowden Lorraine (Gentry) Lorraine Gentry Lowden (1985)
Lowden Maretta (McFarlin) Maretta (McFarlin) Lowden (1972)
Lowden Margery (Cochran) Margery (Cochran) Lowden (1920)
Lowden Mary Jane (Read) Mary Jane Lowden (1946)
Lowden Matilda Jane Matilda Jane Lowden (1899)
Lowden Orie D. Orie D. Lowden (1986)
Lowden Orie Phillip Orie Phillip Lowden (1928)
Lowden William F. William F. Lowden (1953)
Lowden Zola Fern (Sandy) Zola Sandy Lowden (1996)
Lowe Flora (Goodman) Allen Flora (Goodman) Allen Lowe (1985)
Lowe Jerry W. Jerry W. Lowe (1992)
Lowe Kenneth E. Kenneth E. Lowe (1983)
Lowe Laclede Laclede Lowe (1931)
Lowe Laura (Buchanan) Laura (Buchanan) Lowe (1911)
Lowe Laura (Phipps) Laura (Phipps) Lowe (1933)
Lowe Mary Martha Mary Martha Lowe (1931)
Lowe Perry W. Perry W. Lowe (1939)
Lowe Ralph A. Ralph A. Lowe (1971)
Lowe Richard Dale Richard Dale Lowe (2014)
Lowe Robert E. Robert E. Lowe (1945)
Lowe Ruth Ruth Lowe (1910)
Lowe Valera May (White) Douglas Valera May (White) Douglas Lowe (1989)
Lowe William William Lowe (1938)
Lowery Leonard Lane Leonard Lane Lowery (1988)
Lowry Charles Charles Lowry (1908)
Lowry Dennis Dennis Lowry (2017)
Loy Carroll Neil Carroll Neil Loy (2010)
Loy Glenn A. Glenn A. Loy (1988)
Lucas Anna Anna Lucas (1962)
Lucas Bellezora (Cooper) Bellezora (Cooper) Lucas (2009)
Lucas Carl Henry Carl Henry Lucas (1983)
Lucas Cecil Merrill Cecil Merrill Lucas (1929)
Lucas Clarence G. Clarence G. Lucas (1955)
Lucas Clarence George 'Shorty' Clarence George 'Shorty' Lucas (2010)
Lucas Edna Edna Lucas (1918)
Lucas George George Lucas (1912)
Lucas George William George William Lucas (1963)
Lucas Harriet (Bridges) Harriet (Bridges) Lucas (1941)
Lucas Henry Henry Lucas (1902)
Lucas Henry - daughter of Daughter of Henry Lucas (1899)
Lucas Ira Hayes Ira Hayes Lucas (1996)
Lucas John John Lucas (1986)
Lucas Josephine Josephine Lucas (1954)
Lucas Kale Kale Lucas (1977)
Lucas Lela Rebecca (Sanders) Lela Sanders Lucas (2005)
Lucas Martha J. Martha J. Lucas (1907)
Lucas Neva E. (Guiberson) Neva E. (Guiberson) Lucas (1961)
Lucas Oscar Alonzo Oscar Alonzo Lucas (1932)
Lucas Phyllis Eilene (Barr) Phyllis Eilene (Barr) Lucas (1975)
Lucas Ruth Evelyn (Porter) Ruth Evelyn (Porter) Lucas (1969)
Lucas Sarah Sarah Lucas (1916)
Lucas Theresa Theresa Lucas (2002)
Lucas Wilda J. (Kale) Wilda Kale Lucas (1981)
Lucas William William Lucas (1904)
Lucas William Oliver William Oliver Lucas (1925)
Luckett Leatrice Mae "Lee" (Coons) Leatrice Mae "Lee" (Coons) Luckett (2011)
Luckett Vera Lee Vera Lee Luckett (1977)
Luckinbill Ermiece Hilma Eleanor (Blomquist) Ermiece Hilma Eleanor Luckinbill (1976)
Luckinbill Kenneth Kenneth Luckinbill (2005)
Luckinbill Lelah Hochstetler Lelah Hochstetler Luckinbill (2005)
Luddington Art Art Luddington (1951)
Luddington Ethel Ethel Luddington (1956)
Luddington Vernon Albert Vernon Albert Luddington (1970)
Ludington William Curtis William Curtis Ludington (1900)
Ludlow Benjamin Benjamin Ludlow (1857)
Ludlow Eliza Augusta (Fuller) Eliza Augusta (Fuller) Ludlow (1925)
Ludlow Elizabeth Rachael Elizabeth Rachael Ludlow (1872)
Ludlow John H. John H. Ludlow (1895)
Ludlow Meryl (Harrell) Meryl (Harrell) Ludlow (1930)
Ludlow Rachael Rachael Ludlow (1883)
Ludlow William Oliver William Oliver Ludlow (1907)
Ludwick Helen Louise (Wilson) Helen Louise (Wilson) Ludwick (2014)
Luebbers Dorothy E. (Weil) Dorothy E. (Weil) Luebbers (1994)
Luedeke Rose Marie (Chickering) Rose Marie (Chickering) Luedeke (1980)
Luers John Lyle John Lyle Luers (2005)
Luetjen Ruby Leone (Jones) Ruby Leone Jones Luetjen (2006)
Luke Angela Rae Angela Rae Luke (1973)
Luke Barbara (Mahan) Barbara Mahan Luke (1999)
Luke Mary Magdalene (Huglin) Mary Magdalene (Huglin) Luke (1971)
Luke Marybelle (Jickling) MaryBelle Jickling Luke (2005)
Luke Neal J. Neal J. Luke (2001)
Luke Neal James Neal James Luke (1966)
Luke Willis Rex Willis Rex Luke (2001)
Lukenbill Cindy Ann (Hanus) Cindy Ann (Hanus) Lukenbill (2016)

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