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Laborde Lorena Myrtle (Mitchell) Randall Lorena Myrtle (Mitchell) Randall Laborde (1957)
LaBron Florence (Smith) Florence Smith LaBron (1979)
LaBron Robert Robert LaBron (1955)
Lacy Myrtle (Thomas) Myrtle Thomas Lacy (1955)
Ladd Benton Jasper Benton Jasper Ladd (1919)
Ladd Bill A. "Pops" Bill A. "Pops" Ladd (2013)
Ladd Charlotte (Brittain) Charlotte Brittain Ladd (1995)
Ladd Christoher Pleasant Christoher Pleasant Ladd (1932)
Ladd Frances Jane (Shultz) Frances Jane (Shultz) Ladd (1921)
Ladd Hattie Hattie Ladd (1883)
Ladd James W. James W. Ladd (1937)
Ladd Jessie M. Jessie M. Ladd (1901)
Ladd John Jesse John Jesse Ladd (1964)
Ladd John Jesse, Jr. John Jesse Ladd Jr. (2014)
Ladd Laura (Machian) Laura (Machian) Ladd (1958)
Ladd Martha A. (Hall) Martha A. (Hall) Ladd (1890)
Ladd Mary A. (Gillespie) Mary Gillespie Ladd (1925)
Ladd Melvin Melvin Ladd (1944)
Ladd Pearl Maude (Coon) Pearl Maude (Coon) Ladd (1963)
Ladd Richard W. Richard W. Ladd (1965)
Ladd Walter Frank Walter Frank Ladd (1981)
Lafferty Ann Lucinda (McIntyre) Ann Lucinda (McIntyre) Lafferty (1914)
Lafferty Grace Belle (Kenyon) Grace Belle (Kenyon) Lafferty (1974)
Lafferty John John Lafferty (1899)
Lafferty Marguerita Marguerita Lafferty (1987)
Lafferty Mary L. (Anderson) Mary L. (Anderson) Lafferty (1885)
Lafferty Smith Smith Lafferty (1899)
Laffoon Leonard "Spud" Leonard "Spud" Laffoon (2013)
La Follette Lynn (Davis) Lynn (Davis) La Follette (2015)
La Follette Robert George, Dr. Dr. Robert George La Follette (2017)
LaFratte Anthony John "Tony" Anthony John "Tony" LaFratte (2013)
Lager Eileen Emma (Jensen) Eileen Lager (1995)
Lager Herman Henry Herman Henry Lager (2000)
Lahner Doris Jean (Harpole) Doris Harpole Lahner (1999)
Lahner LaVeryl LaVeryl Lahner (1978)
Laidley Adaline (Smoot) Adaline (Smoot) Laidley (1935)
Laidley Charles Henry Charles Henry Laidley (1917)
Laidley Thomas Hamilton Thomas Hamilton Laidley (1942)
Laidley Vernie M. (Henkle) Vernie M. (Henkle) Laidley (1962)
Lair Esther Esther Lair (1996)
Laird Grace Grace Laird (1991)
Laird James James Laird (1901)
Laird John Paul John Paul Laird (1976)
Laird John Wesley Wallace John Wesley Wallace Laird (1942)
Laird Laura (Rayburn) Laura (Rayburn) Laird (1939)
Laire Margaret Louise (Abramson) Margaret Louise (Abramson) Laire (2009)
Laizure Albert L. "Lee" Albert L. "Lee" Laizure (1968)
Laizure Belle Belle Laizure (1963)
Laizure Cynthia Ann (Gilbert) Cynthia Ann Gilbert Laizure (1950)
Laizure Grace (Gamble) Grace Gamble Laizure (1960)
Laizure Harriet Ann (McDonald) Harriet Ann (McDonald) Laizure (1918)
Laizure Hiram N. "Pete" Hiram N. (Pete) Laizure (1951)
Laizure James T. James T. Laizure (1906)
Laizure Nancy E. (Lowe) Nancy E. (Lowe) Laizure (1925)
Laizure Ralph Ralph Laizure (1960)
Laizure William B. William B. Laizure (1939)
Laizure William Hamilton William Hamilton Laizure (1893)
Lake Ammon Ammon Lake (1932)
Lake Ashford Ashford Lake (1906)
Lake Baylis E. Baylis E. Lake (1874)
Lake Calvin Calvin Lake (1921)
Lake Caroline Elizabeth (Young) Caroline Elizabeth (Young) Lake (1929)
Lake Florence Jane Florence Jane Lake (1937)
Lake Frances Angeline (Curtis) Frances Angeline (Curtis) Lake (1913)
Lake Mabel (Conn) Mabel (Conn) Lake (1934)
Lake Malvina (Baker) Malvina (Baker) Lake (1906)
Lake Marie (Logan) Marie (Logan) Lake (1968)
Lake Susan Susan Lake (1873)
Lake Verdie B. (Mumford) Verdie Mumford Lake (1965)
Lam Wayne E.Sr. Wayne E. Sr. Lam (2006)
Laman Charles Charles Laman (1878)
Lamb Calvin B., Rev. Calvin B. Lamb, Rev. (1898)
Lamb Charles E. Charles E. Lamb (2000)
Lamb Charlotte (Meadows) Charlotte (Meadows) Lamb (1939)
Lamb Clarence Edward Clarence Edward Lamb (2015)
Lamb Cloyd Richard Cloyd Richard Lamb (1986)
Lamb Elizabeth (Moore) Howard Elizabeth (Moore) Howard Lamb (1920)
Lamb Elsie Mae (Eivins) Elsie Mae (Eivins) Lamb (2015)
Lamb Emmett B. Emmett B. Lamb (1918)
Lamb Ethel Mae (Howell) Strable Ethel Mae (Howell) Strable Lamb (2015)
Lamb Grace Ellen (McCants) Grace McCants Lamb (1997)
Lamb Harold, Jr. Harold Lamb, Jr. (1950)
Lamb Jennie (Payden) Jennie (Payden) Lamb (1956)
Lamb John B. John B. Lamb (1906)
Lamb Katherine (Fivecoat) Katherine (Fivecoat) Lamb (1919)
Lamb Layton E. Layton E. Lamb (1923)
Lamb Luella C. "Ella" (Morris) Luella C. "Ella" (Morris) Lamb (1917)
Lamb Margaret Jennie Margaret Jennie Lamb (1948)
Lamb William Smith William Smith Lamb (1952)
Lambert Hazel Delores (Devine) Hazel Delores (Devine) Lambert (2013)
Lamborn Lois M. (Moeller) Lois M. (Moeller) Lamborn (2009)
Lamm Floyd B. Floyd B. Lamm (1964)
Lamm Hazel (Short) Hazel Short Lamm (1987)
Lamos Grace Grace Lamos (1895)
LaMotte Gerald C. Gerald C. LaMotte (1979)
Lampe Clifford Clarence Clifford Clarence Lampe (2014)
Lampe Gharald "Bud" Gharald "Bud" Lampe, Winterset (1990)
Lampe Ruth Angeline (Stalder) Ruth Angeline (Stalder) Lampe (2018)
Lamport David D. David D. Lamport (2010)
Lamport Mabel E. (Wellman) Mabel E. (Wellman) Lamport (2007)
Lamport Ralph A. Ralph A. Lamport (1957)
Lancaster Anna Margeret (Randall) Anna Margeret (Randall) Lancaster (2007)
Lancaster Charles Henry Charles Henry Lancaster (1909)
Lancaster Pearl E. (Manson) Pearl E. (Manson) Lancaster (2014)
Lancaster William Henry Harrison William Henry Harrison Lancaster (1891)

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