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Koon Clayton L. Clayton L. Koon (1918)
Koon George W. George W. Koon (1903)
Koon Mary Ann (Shannon) Mary Ann (Shannon) Koon (1907)
Kopp Alwilda (Owen) Alwilda (Owen) Kopp (1928)
Kopp Ernest A. Ernest A. Kopp (1902)
Kordick Albert Conrad Albert Conrad Kordick (1980)
Kordick Anna M. (Reis) Anna Reis Kordick (1921)
Kordick Anna C. (Schreiner) Anna Schreiner Kordick (1985)
Kordick Elizabeth Josephine (Bindel) Elizabeth Josephine (Bindel) Kordick (1940)
Kordick John Edward John Edward Kordick (1933)
Kordick Joseph Paul Joseph Paul Kordick (2011)
Kordick Lawrence Lawrence Kordick (1927)
Kordick Leo J. Leo J. Kordick (1964)
Kordick Leo Mathias "Junior" Leo Mathias "Junior" Kordick (2016)
Kordick Tim Tim Kordick (2006)
Kordick Wayne Albert Wayne Albert Kordick (2013)
Korner Charles Christian Charles Christian Korner (1928)
Korner Ida Belle Ida Belle Korner (1923)
Korpanty Mira Christina Helena (Kayser) Mira Christina Helena (Kayser) Korpanty (2015)
Koser Charles T. Charles T. Koser (1933)
Koser Martha Jane (Snyder) Martha Jane (Snyder) Koser (1932)
Koser Mary Alice (Mendenhall) Mary Alice (Mendenhall) Koser (1939)
Koser Samuel David Samuel David Koser (1929)
Koser William H. William H. Koser (1921)
Kozell Annie Mae (Niblack) Annie Niblack Kozell (1973)
Kraack Wayne Kurtis Wayne Kurtis Kraack (2017)
Krabiel Christopher C. Christopher C. Krabiel (1893)
Krabiel Mary L. (Wintrode) Mary L. Krabiel (1945)
Krabiel William Clyde William Clyde Krabiel (1953)
Krebiehl Elizabeth (McCauley) Elizabeth (McCauley) Krebiehl (1967)
Kramer Anna Jenny (Berry) Anna Jenny (Berry) Kramer (2000)
Kramer Monty William Monty William Kramer (2018)
Kramer William Samuel William Samuel Kramer (1934)
Krauss Larry Larry Krauss (2016)
Kreft Fern Evelyn (Nicoson) Fern Nicoson Kreft (2004)
Kreft Fred Henry Fred Henry Kreft (1992)
Kreider Viola D. (Deremiah) Viola D. (Deremiah) Kreider (2016)
Krell Arville Nelson Arville Nelson Krell (1941)
Krell Barbara (Shaw) Barbara (Shaw) Krell (1941)
Krell Bertha (Hart) Bertha Hart Krell (1957)
Krell Chauncey W. Chauncey Krell (1942)
Krell Christina A. (Schnelbacher) Christina A. (Schnelbacher) Krell (1910)
Krell Cora B. (Hart) Cora Hart Krell (1958)
Krell Dayton W. Dayton W. Krell (1948)
Krell Elizabeth Ann (Wissler) Elizabeth Ann (Wissler) Krell (1917)
Krell Frank W. Frank W. Krell (1911)
Krell Infant (c/o Clifton) Infant Krell (1894)
Krell Infant (c/o Dayton) Infant Krell (1894)
Krell John Adam Conrad John Adam Conrad Krell (1894)
Krell John Henry John Henry Krell (1914)
Krell John Wesley John W. Krell (1940)
Krell Kevin Kevin Krell (2016)
Krell Louis Henry Louis Henry Krell (1934)
Krell Mary S. (Wissler) Mary S. (Wissler) Krell (1900)
Krell Samuel, Rev. Samuel Krell (Rev.) (1902)
Krell Velva Pearl (Lawrence) Velva Pearl (Lawrence) Krell (1931)
Krell William P. William P. Krell (1927)
Kridler Edward Henry Edward Henry Kridler (1899)
Kridler Maria Amelia (Switzer) Maria Amelia (Switzer) Kridler (1877)
Krietz F. V. - infant daughter Infant Daughter of F. V. Krietz (1917)
Krisch Everett G. Everett G. Krisch (1990)
Kroeger Charlotte M. Charlotte M. Kroeger (1994)
Kroeger Russell G. Russell G. Kroeger (1991)
Krogh Daniel Joseph Daniel Joseph Krogh (1986)
Krotz Christianson Christianson Krotz (1922)
Kruckenberg Robert J. Robert J. Kruckenberg (2005)
Krueger Doris Doris Krueger, Mrs. (1955)
Krueger Henry Winfield Henry Winfield Krueger (1887)
Kruger Lucille (Eddy) Lucille Eddy Kruger (1976)
Kruse Joyce Ione (Davis) Joyce Davis Kruse (2003)
Krysan Alphonso W. Alphonso W. Krysan (1960)
Kubitz Lucille R. (Prince) Mueller Lucille R. (Prince) Mueller Kubitz (2013)
Kuder James Doran James Doran Kuder (2010)
Kuefner Helen May (Tiege) Holbrook Helen May (Tiege) Holbrook Kuefner (2000)
Kuendaugh Mr. - infant son of Infant son of Mr. Kuendaugh (1891)
Kuentzel Paul William Paul William Kuentzel (1994)
Kuhl Rachel Rachel Kuhl (1914)
Kuhn Elsie Louise (Standing) Elsie Louise (Standing) Kuhn (2010)
Kuhns Ernest Brown Ernest Brown Kuhns (1973)
Kuhns Eugene "Doc" Eugene "Doc" Kuhns (2014)
Kuhns Gladys Muriel (Green) Gladys Muriel Kuhns (1951)
Kuhns Gregory Dale Gregory Dale Kuhns (1960)
Kuhns Harold E. Harold E. Kuhns (1996)
Kuhns Janice (Hanson) Janice Hanson Kuhns (1979)
Kuhns Lester L. Lester L. Kuhns (1988)
Kuhns Maggie (Page) Maggie Page Kuhns (1967)
Kuhns Patricia E. (Warren) Patricia E. (Warren) Kuhns (2010)
Kuhns Ralph Ralph Kuhns (2005)
Kuhns Richard D. Richard D. Kuhns (2005)
Kuhns Russell L. Russell L. Kuhns (1988)
Kuhns Virginia (Wilson) Virginia Wilson Kuhns (1991)
Kukuk Frederick Frederick Kukuk (1902)
Kukuk Henry Henry Kukuk (1920)
Kukuk Mary F. (Frederick) Mary F. (Frederick) Kukuk (1891)
Kunsch John B. John B. Kunsch (1938)
Kunsch Sarah (Klingenberg) Sarah (Klingenberg) Kunsch (1949)
Kuntz Charles H. Charles H. Kuntz (1975)
Kuntz Mary Eathel (McDonald) Mary Eathel (McDonald) Kuntz (1962)
Kuntz Fred V. Fred V. Kuntz (1967)
Kuntz Henry Henry Kuntz (1924)
Kuntz Henry Dean Henry Dean Kuntz (1977)
Kuntz Lovina (Johnston ) Zook Lovina (Johnston ) Zook Kuntz (1933)
Kuntz Myrtle May (Ford) Myrtle May Ford Kuntz (1968)
Kuntz Pauline Winifred (Christensen) Pauline Christensen Kuntz (1984)
Kurtz Esther (Klingaman) Esther (Klingaman) Kurtz (1929)
Kuntzweiler Barbara Louise (Swolley) Barbara Louise (Swolley) Kuntzweiler (2010)
Kurtzweil Ruth G. (Baker) Ruth G. (Baker) Kurtzweil (1987)
Kuster Lola (Olson) Songer Lola (Olson) Kuster Songer (2001)
Kuttler Daniel J. Daniel J. Kuttler (2005)
Kyner Kathryn Elizabeth (Tucker) Kathryn Tucker Kyner (2006)
Kyner Max Max Kyner (2005)

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