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Kading Charles Charles Kading (1905)
Kagarice Gene T. Gene T. Kagarice (1986)
Kagarice Inez Ilene (McNair) Johnson Inez Ilene (McNair) Johnson Kagarice (2013)
Kagarice Lucille "Renie" Lucille "Renie" Kagarice (2012)
Kahre Ollie (Roberts) Ollie (Roberts) Kahre (1940)
Kail Emmert E. Emmert Kail (1958)
Kail Grant Grant Kail (1924)
Kail Henry Leyde Henry Leyde Kail (1918)
Kail Henry Loyola Henry Loyola Kail (1900)
Kail Nancy E. (Brant) Nancy E. (Brant) Kail (1923)
Kail Rezin E. Rezin E. Kail (1893)
Kalb Eliza J. (Nevitt) Eliza J. (Nevitt) Kalb (1921)
Kalb Michael Michael Kalb (1901)
Kalb Ona - Mrs. Mrs. Ona Kalb (1897)
Kalb Viola Viola Kalb (1897)
Kalbach Harry W. Harry W. Kalbach (1951)
Kalbach John W. John W. Kalbach (1933)
Kalbach Roy S. Roy S. Kalbach (1956)
Kale Alfred Alfred Kale (1907)
Kale Carolyn Carolyn Kale (1950)
Kale Charles C. Charles C. Kale (1955)
Kale Charles Carman Charles Carman Kale (1948)
Kale Delores Harriet Delores Harriet Kale (1929)
Kale Edmund Arnold Edmund Arnold Kale (1938)
Kale Eliza (Thompson) Allen Eliza (Thompson) Kale Allen (1909)
Kale Etha D. (Freeman) Etha D. (Freeman) Kale (1993)
Kale Evans Ellsworth Evans Ellsworth Kale (1940)
Kale Florence Maude (Lyons) Florence Maude (Lyons) Kale (1917)
Kale Fred Fred Kale (1926)
Kale Harry W. Harry W. Kale (1970)
Kale Herbert Howe Herbert Howe Kale (1928)
Kale Jack T. Jack T. Kale (1994)
Kale James A. James A. Kale (1917)
Kale James Ansel James Ansel Kale (1925)
Kale John Grant John Grant Kale (1943)
Kale John R. John R. Kale (1863)
Kale John Rouse, Jr. John R. Kale (1922)
Kale Joseph B. Joseph B. Kale (1935)
Kale Joy (Dawson) Joy (Dawson) Kale (2012)
Kale Kathryn (Zeller) Kathryn Kale (1969)
Kale Lee Aaron Lee Aaron Kale (1981)
Kale Loren E. Loren E. Kale (1964)
Kale Lulu M. (Howard) Lulu M. (Howard) Kale (1970)
Kale Mabel Mabel Kale (1951)
Kale Mary (Lynch) Mary (Lynch) Kale (1943)
Kale Mary Alice (Cummings) Bradshaw Mary Alice (Cummings) Bradshaw Kale (1944)
Kale Mary Alice (Fife) Mary Alice (Fife) Kale (1948)
Kale Maude Maude Kale (1917)
Kale Mildred Barbara (Boyd) Mildred Barbara (Boyd) Kale (1983)
Kale Mona Ellen (Creger) Mona Ellen (Creger) Kale (1937)
Kale Nancie Matilda (Lyons) Nancie Matilda (Lyons) Kale (1922)
Kale Nannie Amanda (Link) Nannie Amanda (Link) Kale (1924)
Kale Nellie (Frazier) Nellie Frazier Kale (1937)
Kale Noah Lester, Rev. Noah Lester Kale, Rev. (1955)
Kale Olive Mae (Howe) Olive Mae (Howe) Kale (1955)
Kale Ora Harvey "John" Ora Harvey "John" Kale (1973)
Kale Owen Owen Kale (1961)
Kale Phyllis (Karns) Phyllis (Karns) Kale (2017)
Kale Reuah Eveline (King) Reuah Eveline (King) Kale (1914)
Kale Reuben Reuben Kale (1879)
Kale Sarah Elizabeth (Fife) Sarah Elizabeth (Fife) Kale (1939)
Kale Sarah Elizabeth (Horton) Sarah Elizabeth (Horton) Kale (1917)
Kale Sarah Josephine (Wheeler) Sarah Josephine (Wheeler) Kale (1894)
Kale Susannah (Porter) Reed White Susannah (Porter) Reed Kale White (1902)
Kale Thomas M. Thomas M. Kale (1928)
Kale Virgil Elias Virgil Elias Kale (1913)
Kale Virgil J. Son of John Oglesby (1901)
Kale Wilbert Harold Wilbert Harold Kale (1932)
Kale Wilbert Monterville Wilbert Monterville Kale (1942)
Kale William Alvin William Alvin Kale (1944)
Kale William Dawson William Dawson Kale (1947)
Kale Wilson Wilson Kale (1923)
Kammin Gladys Marie (Duff) Gladys Duff Kammin (1998)
Karlberg Harriet (Vandermuelen) Harriet (Vandermuelen) Karlberg (1918)
Karns Mrs. Mrs. Karns (1887)
Karous Daisy Belva (Burd) Daisy Belva (Burd) Karous (1956)
Karsjens Randall Lee Randall Lee Karsjens (2011)
Kasal Charles V. Charles V. Kasal (1998)
Kasal Stella Imogene (Moore) Stella Imogene (Moore) Kasal (2018)
Kaser John D. John D. Kaser (1962)
Kaser June (Ericson) June Ericson Kaser 91982)
Kashas Helen (Lawton) Starns Helen (Lawton) Starns Kashas (2000)
Kassebaum Ruth (Newbury) Ruth Kassebaum (1995)
Kast Charles Augustus Charles Augustus Kast (1969)
Kast Ethel (Howard) Ethel (Howard) Kast (1969)
Kastler Mable Marie (White) Mable White Kastler (1972)
Kauffman Anna S. Anna S. Kauffman (1921)
Kauffman Henry Adolph Henry Adolph Kauffman (1949)
Kauffman Julia "Nanny" (Brittain) Julia "Nanny" (Brittain) Kauffman (2014)
Kauffman Samuel Loren Samuel L. Kauffman (1932)
Kauffman Suvilla Suvilla Kauffman (1961)
Kaufman Frank Frank Kaufman (1965)
Kaufman Guy Guy Kaufman (1966)
Kaufman Guy Dillard Guy Dillard Kaufman (1900)
Kaufman Hallie Celestine (Long) Hallie Celestine (Long) Kaufman (1975)
Kaufman Hannah Louise Hannah Louise Kaufman (1932)
Kay Charles Charles Kay (1950)
Kay Ernest Ernest Kay (1960)
Kay Jessie (Hope) Jessie Hope Kay (1977)
Kay Kenneth C. Kenneth C. Kay (1982)
Kay Mabel Mabel Kay (1964)
Kay Mary Mary Kay (1944)
Kay Roberta M. (McFarlin) Roberta M. (McFarlin) Kay (2011)
Kay Toy M. (Streeter) Toy M. (Streeter) Kay (1986)
Kearney John John Kearney (1901)
Kearns Oren Oren Kearns (1959)
Keast Arthur P., (Rev.) Arthur P. Keast (Rev.) (1973)
Keast Elsie Marie (McBride) Elsie McBride Keast (1978)
Keating Doris Pauline (Wells) Doris Wells Keating (1998)
Keating Ray E. Ray E. Keating (1970)
Keck Mabel V. (Lyon) Mabel Lyon Keck (1961)
Keech John John Keech (1885)
Keefe Everett Everett Keefe (1914)
Keefe John J. John J. Keefe (1907)
Keefe Katie Louella (Young) Katie Louella (Young) Keefe (1931)
Keefe Kevin M. Kevin M. Keefe (1952)

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