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Frey Albert Homer Albert Homer Frey (1988)
Frey Albert Welton Albert Welton Frey (1949)
Frey Argyle Leon Argyle Leon Frey (2014)
Frey Carolina (Troyer) Carolina Troyer Frey (1937)
Frey Charles Charles Frey (1936)
Frey Christian Christian Frey (1933)
Frey Clara Eliza (Jackson) Clara Jackson Frey (1951)
Frey Clarence 'Bub' Clarence "Bub" Frey (2005)
Frey Earl B. Earl B. Frey (1989)
Frey Emma Jane (Davis) Brayman Emma Jane (Davis) Brayman Frey (1954)
Frey Florence (Grewell) Florence Grewell Frey (1990)
Frey George George Frey (1966)
Frey Glen Clarence Glen C. Frey (1992)
Frey Harold Arthur Harold Arthur Frey (2005)
Frey Harold E. Harold E. Frey (1987)
Frey Harold E. Harold E. Frey (1968)
Frey Harry R. Harry R. Frey (1961)
Frey Homer A. Homer A. Frey (1972)
Frey Jacob P. Jacob P. Frey (1899)
Frey Jemima Josephine (McCauley) Jemima Josephine Frey (1946)
Frey John Donald John Donald Frey (1926)
Frey Kenneth Dale Kenneth Dale Frey (1993)
Frey Laura (Cook) Laura Cook Frey (1986)
Frey Linda Lee Linda Lee Frey (1946)
Frey Luella (Ulum) Luella Frey (1951)
Frey Marcia (Cook) Marcia Cook Frey (1977)
Frey Marguerite (Agan) Marguerite Agan Frey (1948)
Frey Marguerite B. (Archer) Marguerite Archer Frey (1998)
Frey Marjorie G. Marjorie G. Frey (1998)
Frey Marjorie Ruth Marjorie Ruth Frey (1999)
Frey Martha J. (Lytle) Martha Lytle Frey (1996)
Frey Mary Alice (Comp) Mary Frey (1999)
Frey Mary Bell (Browne) Mary Bell Browne Frey (2003)
Frey Mary Estella (McCauly) Mary Estella (McCauly) Frey (1938)
Frey Mary Orpha ( Webster) Orpha Webster Frey (1953)
Frey Maxine (Jones) Maxine Jones Frey (2006)
Frey Merlyn R. Merlyn R. Frey (1982)
Frey Phillip Roger Phillip Roger Frey (1936)
Frey Richard Clair Richard Clair Frey (2011)
Frey Russell J. Russell J. Frey (2008)
Frey Ruth E. Ruth E. Frey (1983)
Frey Ruth Marie (Durham) Ruth Marie (Durham) Frey (2017)
Frey Sadie P. Sadie P. Frey (2013)
Freymark Blanche (Mayer) Blanche (Mayer) Freymark (1918)
Friberg Ida May (Wight) Ida May (Wight) Friberg (1892)
Friberg Jessie Jessie Friberg (1902)
Friberg Omer Ward Omer Ward Friberg (1912)
Friberg Theodore Theodore Friberg (1939)
Friday David Larry "Buckeye" David Larry "Buckeye" Friday (2014)
Friday Eileen (Purdy) Eileen Purdy Friday (2001)
Friday George F. George F. Friday (1996)
Friday Lyle Albert Lyle Albert Friday (1979)
Fridena Patricia (Crawford) Patricia (Crawford) Fridena (2006)
Friedmeyer Shirley Ann (Eckstein) Shirley Ann (Eckstein) Friedmeyer (2013)
Friedrichsen Anton Anton Friedrichsen (1896)
Friedrichsen Caroline Caroline Friedrichsen (1896)
Friedrichsen George N. George N. Friedrichsen (1923)
Friedrichsen Mary A. (Lorenzen) Mary (Lorenzen) Friederichsen (1937)
Friedrichsen Ocke Ocke Friedrichson (1896)
Friend Byron Lincoln Byron Lincoln Friend (1994)
Friend June Arlene (Simmons) June Friend (2004)
Friend Mary Jo (Jacobson) Mary Jo Jacobson Friend (1974)
Fries Heidi Heidi Fries (1972)
Friess Justin Isadore Justin Isadore Friess (2017)
Frink Etta (Mueller) Etta (Mueller) Frink (2007)
Fritch Anna Anna Fritch (1914)
Fritson Elsie (Chriss) Elsie (Chriss) Fritson (1933)
Fritson Fred Fred Fritson (1904)
Fritson James C. James C. Fritson (1960)
Fritson John R. John R. Fritson (1940)
Fritz Albert Levi Albert Levi Fritz (1903)
Fritz Clarence Edwin Clarence Edwin Fritz (1946)
Fritz Clarence LeRoy Clarence LeRoy Fritz (1990)
Fritz Clarence Richard Clarence Richard Fritz (1931)
Fritz Edith C. (Henkle) Edith Henkle Fritz (1974)
Fritz Edmond B. Edmond B. Fritz (1929)
Fritz Ellwyn Dean Ellwyn Dean Fritz (2013)
Fritz Emma (Schumacher) Emma (Schumacher) Fritz (1933)
Fritz Evelyn E. (Cox) Evelyn Cox Fritz (1986)
Fritz Frank L. Frank L. Fritz (1957)
Fritz John Fred John Fred Fritz (1963)
Fritz Ludwick Ludwick Fritz (1892)
Fritz Mary Ellen Mary Ellen Fritz (1925)
Fritz Sarah Ann (West) Sarah Ann (West) Fritz (1896)
Fritz Sophia Magdalena (Schlarb) Sophia Magdalena Schlarb Fritz (1950)
Fritz Thelma Mae (Glasscock) Hitchcock Thelma Glasscock Hitchcock Fritz (2006)
Fritz William Arlie William Arlie Fritz (1978)
Fritz William Benedict William Benedict Fritz (1951)
Froelich Clara Estelle (Stitt) Clara Estelle (Stitt) Froelich (1938)
Froelich Louis Louis Froelich (1936)
Fromm Georgia A. (Janes) Georgia A. (Janes) Fromm (1969)
Frost Charles, Mrs. Mrs. Charles Frost (1911)
Frost Edith E. (Cornell) Edith Cornell Frost (1967)
Frueh Irene ( Wiedmann) Irene ( Wiedmann) Frueh (2010)
Fry Alice Ann Alice Ann Fry (1942)
Fry Belle Belle Fry (1945)
Fry Benjamin F. Benjamin F. Fry (1938)
Fry Bernard J. Bernard J. Fry (1962)
Fry Bert E. Bert E. Fry (1957)
Fry Breta Marie Breta Marie Fry (1986)
Fry Daniel Luther Daniel Luther Fry (1937)
Fry Earn Franklin Earn Franklin Fry (1964)
Fry Eldred “Ed” Roper Ed Fry (1931)
Fry Elisha Snapp Elisha Snapp Fry (1924)
Fry Eva Belle (Johnson) Eva Belle Fry (1945)
Fry Fern (Jeffries) Troupe Fern (Jeffries) Fry Troupe (1956)
Fry Frances Meredith (Smith) Frances Smith Fry (1991)
Fry Fred Arthur Fred Arthur Fry (1972)
Fry Garry Garry Fry (1957)
Fry George B. George B. Fry (1926)
Fry Hazel Ellen Hazel Ellen Fry (1915)
Fry Helen D. (Ramsey) Helen D. (Ramsey) Fry (1952)
Fry James L. James L. Fry (1923)
Fry James W. James W. Fry (1902)
Fry James William James William Fry (1943)
Fry John Henry John Henry Fry (1895)
Fry Lawrence Lawrence Fry (1925)
Fry Lulu Belle (Bilderback) Lulu Belle (Bilderback) Fry (1961)
Fry Martha Jane (Boyd) Martha Jane (Boyd) Fry (1901)
Fry Martha Magdalene Martha Magdalene Fry (1948)
Fry Mary Melvina (Parker) Mary Melvina (Parker) Fry (1903)
Fry Mary (DeBord) Mary (DeBord) Fry (1959)
Fry Mary Elizabeth (Webb) Mary Elizabeth Fry (1932)
Fry Mary J. (Cooper) Mary J. (Cooper) Fry (1944)
Fry Rolland James Rolland James Fry (1969)
Fry Roy William Roy William Fry (1971)
Fry Savannah (Stanley) Savannah (Stanley) Fry (1954)
Fry Susan F. Gertrude (Frye) Susan F. Gertrude (Frye) Fry (1921)
Fry Susannah Dart Susannah Dart Fry (1889)
Fry Virginia Pauline (Robbins) Pauline Fry (1997)
Fry Willard Willard Fry (1945)
Frye James Guy James Guy Frye (1965)
Frye Martha (Ruby) Martha Frye (1929)
Fryer Inez Mae (Gray) Inez Mae Gray Fryer (1983)
Fryer Robert E., Jr. Robert E. Fryer Jr. (1980)
Fryer Robert Earl Robert Earl Fryer (1964)

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