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Duffy Charles Charles Duffy (1896)
Duffy Daniel Daniel Duffy (1898)
Duffy Daniel Daniel Duffy (1910)
Duffy Evelyn A. (Merwin) Evelyn A. (Merwin) Duffy (1972)
Duffy Frances Eileen (Kenny) Frances Eileen (Kenny) Duffy (1977)
Duffy Hugh Hugh Duffy (1953)
Duffy Jane Ellen (Farley) Jane Ellen (Farley) Duffy (2014)
Duffy Michael James Michael James Duffy (1918)
Duffy Patrick Patrick Duffy (1874)
Duffy Vincent M. Vincent M. Duffy (1967)
Dugan Ada Luella (Hamilton) Ada Luella (Hamilton) Dugan (1914)
Dugan Billy Billy Dugan (1905)
Dugan Michael F. M. F. Dugan (Rev.) (1935)
Dugan William William Dugan (1901)
Duling Isaac C. Isaac C. Duling (1977)
Dullard Chance Dean Chance Dean Dullard (2011)
Dullard Marie Marie Dullard (1989)
Dunbar Clarence Ray Clarence Ray Dunbar (1972)
Dunbar Darrell A. Darrell A. Dunbar (2012)
Dunbar Della Jean (Farley) Della Jean (Farley) Dunbar (2009)
Dunbar Dorothy (Youman) Dorothy (Youman) Dunbar (1993)
Dunbar Eddis Eddis Dunbar (1972)
Dunbar Ida Mae (Wright) Ida Mae Dunbar (1994)
Dunbar Isabel (Loper) Isabel (Loper) Dunbar (1993)
Dunbar James Edgar James Edgar Dunbar (1927)
Dunbar Jerry Jerry Dunbar (1973)
Dunbar Mabel (Garner) Mabel Garner Dunbar (1992)
Dunbar Michael D. Michael D. Dunbar (2018)
Dunbar Patricia Ann (McGarvey) Patricia Ann (McGarvey) Dunbar (2014)
Dunbar Percy Percy Dunbar (1957)
Dunbar Tony Leroy Tony Leroy Dunbar (1998)
Duncan Amelia R. (Hale) Amelia R. (Hale) Duncan (1918)
Duncan Barbara Sophia (Gordon) Barbara Sophia (Gordon) Duncan (1933)
Duncan Charles Everett Charles Everett Duncan (1925)
Duncan Darwin D. Darwin D. Duncan (1970)
Duncan Edna Maude Edna Maude Duncan (1957)
Duncan Elizabeth (Hornback) Elizabeth (Hornback) Duncan (1907)
Duncan Emily Emily Duncan (1922)
Duncan Jesse T. Jesse T. Duncan (1967)
Duncan Leona (Addy) Leona Addy Duncan (1999)
Duncan Lillie (Foreman) Lillie Foreman Duncan (1965)
Duncan Marcia Ann (Lillard) Marcia Ann (Lillard) Duncan (2016)
Duncan Ray Jasper Ray Jasper Duncan (1976)
Duncan Richard Duane Richard Duane Duncan (2010)
Duncan Roscoe Roscoe Duncan (1942)
Duncan Samuel B. Samuel B. Duncan (1906)
Duncan Theodore Theodore Duncan (1931)
Duncan Theodore - infant daughter of Infant daughter of Theodore Duncan (1906)
Duncan Trudy Rae (Hirsch) Trudy Rae (Hirsch) Duncan (2015)
Dunham Dennis Daryl Dennis Daryl Dunham (1984)
Dunkle Lina B. (Seevers) Lina B. (Seevers) Dunkle (1888)
Dunlap Alex Alex Dunlap (1922)
Dunlap Frank A., Rev. Frank A. Dunlap (Rev.) (1916)
Dunlap Mary E. “Mollie” (Trimmer) Henry Mary E. “Mollie” (Trimmer) Henry Dunlap (1927)
Dunlap Nannie (Kale) Nannie Kale Dunlap (1937)
Dunlap William William Dunlap (1917)
Dunmire Alfred J. 'Bud' Alfred "Bud" Dunmire (2002)
Dunmire Harold Harold Dunmire (1960)
Dunmire Harry Wilson Harry Wilson Dunmire (1973)
Dunmire Helen (Wigton) Helen Wigton Dunmire (1985)
Dunmire Martha Martha Dunmire (2004)
Dunmire Mary Frances (Tarrant) Mary Dunmire (1995)
Dunmire Mayme B. (Penn) Mayme B. (Penn) Dunmire (1935)
Dunmire Ralph Arthur Ralph Arthur Dunmire (1957)
Dunmire Ronald W. Ronald W. Dunmire (2014)
Dunmire Sarah Emaline (Phillips) Sarah Emaline (Phillips) Dunmire (1907)
Dunmire Winnie William Winnie William Dunmire (1974)
Dunn Amelia Elizabeth (Cason) Bell Amelia Elizabeth (Cason) Bell Dunn (1912)
Dunn Benjamin F. Benjamin F. Dunn (1939)
Dunn Doris "Bernice" (Clark) Doris "Bernice" (Clark) Dunn (2004)
Dunn Edna (Jackson) Edna (Jackson) Dunn (1976)
Dunn Gene Gene Dunn (1980)
Dunn Grant Grant Dunn (1946)
Dunn Harriet (Buel) Harriet (Buel) Dunn (1948)
Dunn Jessie Gertrude Jessie Gertrude Dunn (1982)
Dunn Leo Arthur Leo Arthur Dunn (1965)
Dunn Levina Levina Dunn (1897)
Dunn Mary (Allison) Knowles Lane Mary (Allison) Knowles Lane Dunn (1922)
Dunn Priscilla (White) Priscilla (White) Dunn (2010)
Dunn Robert Corbert Robert Corbert Dunn (1966)
Dunn Ruth (Kleatsch) Ruth (Kleatsch) Dunn (1921)
Dunn Samantha Elizabeth (Trester) Samantha Elizabeth ( Trester) Dunn (1949)
Dunn Virginia (DeBord) Virginia DeBord Dunn (1990)
Dunsmoor Gina Marie Gina Marie Dunsmoor (1978)
Durand Everett G. Everett Durand (1983)
Durand George P. George P. Durand (1979)
Durand Herbert Alexander Herbert Alexander Durand (1934)
Durand Marion Lucille (Smith) Marion Lucille (Smith) Durand (1930)
Durand Miriam P. Miriam P. Durand (1982)
Durbin Ernest E. Ernest E. Durbin (1967)
Durfey Grace May (Reel) Husted Grace May ( Reel) Durfey Husted (1991)
Durfey Hazel  LaFern Hazel  LaFern Durfey (1954)
Durfey William Brad William Brad Durfey (1954)
Durfey William LaFern William Durfey (1987)
Durham Ann Warder (Kinnaird) Ann Warder (Kinnaird) Durham (1918)
Durham Cora Myrtle (Fife) Cora Myrtle (Fife) Durham (1954)
Durham Bertha Elnora Bertha Elnora Durham (1900)
Durham Beulah Irene (Wood) Beulah Irene (Wood) Durham (1993)
Durham George A. George A.Durham (1963)
Durham Harold A. Harold A. Durham (1961)
Durham John F. John F. Durham (1938)
Durham Lyle W. Lyle Durham (1993)
Durham Mary Belle (Worthing) Mary Belle (Worthing) Durham (1939)
Durham Seldon R. Seldon R. Durham (1922)
Durham Thomas Henry Thomas Henry Durham (1932)
Dutcher Kathryn Ann "Kay" (Husted) Kathryn Ann "Kay" (Husted) Dutcher (2013)
Dutton Charles Oscar Charles Oscar Dutton (1969)
Dutton Helen B. (Blackford) Helen B. (Blackford) Dutton (2012)
Dutton Jane Jane Dutton (1903)
Dutton Lawrence L. Lawrence L. Dutton (1967)
Dutton Marvin Dale Marvin Dale Dutton (1992)
Dutton Nannie (Klein) Nannie (Klein) Dutton (1969)
Dutton Patricia (Holmes) Patricia (Holmes) Dutton (2009)
Dvorak Aletha (Alexander) Aletha Alexander Dvorak (1990)
Dvorak Lawrence T. Lawrence T. Dvorak (1999)
Dwinell Nellie Mae (Harwood) Nellie Mae (Harwood) Dwinell (1969)
Dwyer Joseph F. Joseph F. Dwyer (1960)
Dye Burton Paul Burton Paul Dye (2006)
Dymond Elizabeth A. (Faulkner) Mack Elizabeth A. (Faulkner) Mack Dymond (1949)
Dymond Eugene F. Eugene F. Dymond (1877)

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