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Dabner Lora Jane (Palmer) Lora Jane Palmer Dabner (1991)
Dabner Raymond W. Raymond W. Dabner (1974)
Dabney Albert R. Albert R. Dabney (1913)
Dabney Charles Charles Dabney (1893)
Dabney Charles O. Charles O. Dabney (1996)
Dabney Elizabeth Olive (Brown) Hornback Elizabeth Olive (Brown) Dabney Hornback (1884)
Dabney Ellen A. (Howell) Ellen (Howell) Dabney (1931)
Dabney Gaylord H. Gaylord H. Dabney (1935)
Dabney John Wesley John Wesley Dabney (1902)
Dabney Joseph R. Joseph R. Dabney (1932)
Dabney Marie Marie Dabney (1889)
Dabney Mary Ida (Huston) Mary Ida Dabney (1943)
Dabney Myrtle E. Myrtle E. Dabney (1876)
Dabney Nancy Ellen (Bard) Nancy Ellen (Bard) Dabney (1877)
Dabney Pauline (Holiday) Pauline (Holiday) Dabney (1936)
Dabney Richard Richard Dabney (1929)
Dabney William H. H. William H. H. Dabney (1890)
Daggett Jean Marie (McCauley) Jean Marie (McCauley) Daggett (2011)
Daggett John Darrell John Darrell Daggett (2000)
Daggett Steven D. Steven D. Daggett (2011)
Dahly Charles L. Charles L. Dahly (1953)
Dahnke Richard Henry Richard Henry Dahnke (2002)
Dailey Cynthia Ann (Mapes) Cynthia Ann (Mapes) Dailey (2014)
Dalbey Brenda Sue (Miller) Brenda Sue (Miller) Dalbey (2013)
Dale Frances Cordelia (Caldwell) Smith Frances Cordelia (Caldwell) Smith Dale (1942)
Dale Linda (McCrea) Linda McCrea Dale (2003)
Dale Max Max Dale (1939)
Dalen Gertrude (Frederick) Gertrude Frederick Dalen (1998)
Dalen Melvin Henry Melvin Henry Dalen (1961)
Daley J. M. - Mrs. Mrs. J. M. Daley (1892)
Dallmann Wilhelmina Wilhelmina Dallmann (1901)
Dalton Bert D. Bert D. Dalton (1944)
Dalton Mary Jean (Landers) Mary Jean (Landers) Dalton (2015)
Dalton Vincent James Vincent James Dalton (1995)
Damron Carol J. (Beaman) Carol J. (Beaman) Damron (2007)
Damsgaard Robert William Robert William Damsgaard (1953)
Damsgaard William C. William C. Damsgaard (1953)
Danforth Alfred 'Alf' D. Alfred (Alf.) D. Danforth (1963)
Danforth Challen Challen Danforth (1915)
Danforth Charles Charles Danforth (1955)
Danforth Edna (Lowe) Edna Lowe Danforth (1959)
Danforth Frank Frank Danforth (1955)
Danforth Frederick Lowe

Fred Danforth (1984)

Danforth Fred E. Fred E. Danforth (1947)
Danforth George Judson George Judson Danforth (1944)
Danforth Lida (Sturman) Lida (Sturman) Danforth (1929)
Danforth Lydia Ann (Benge) Lydia Ann Benge Danforth (1920)
Danforth Mabelle (Benson) Mabelle Benson Danforth (1964)
Danforth Mary A. (Jones) Mary A. (Jones) Danforth (1878)
Danforth Robert E. "Bob" Robert E. (Bob) Danforth (1950)
Danforth William - Child of Child of Wm. Danforth (1877)
Danforth William Randolph William Randolph Danforth (1918)
Daniel Alley Elvira (Farr) Alley Elvira (Farr) Daniel (1925)
Daniel Daisy May (Miller) Daisy Miller Daniel (1953)
Daniel Delia (Owen) Delia (Owen) Daniel (1898)
Daniel Mary (Van Hosen) Mary Van Hosen Daniel (1964)
Daniel Robert Dean Robert Dean Daniel (2012)
Daniel Sherman Sherman Daniel (1874)
Daniel Virgil Miller Virgil Miller Daniel (1930)
Daniel Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Daniel (1909)
Daniel William William Daniel (1884)
Daniel William Anderson William Anderson Daniel (1963)
Daniel William Berry William Berry Daniel (1914)
Daniels Donald L. Donald Daniels (1994)
Daniels Franklin M. Franklin M. Daniels (1932)
Daniels Joyce (Tomes) Joyce (Tomes)Daniels (2016)
Daniels Marshall - Child of Child of Marshall Daniels (1877)
Daniels Mary Malvern (Sprinkle) Mary Malvern (Sprinkle) Daniels (1896)
Daniels Melvin Burton Melvin B. Daniels (1988)
Daniels Mildred E. (Sankey) Mildred Sankey Daniels (1997)
Daniels Orval LeRoy Orval LeRoy Daniels (1931)
Daniels Roy Roy Daniels (1935)
Daniels Samuel Samuel Daniels (1896)
Danielson Cora B. (Morse) Cora Morse Danielson (1965)
Danielson Margaret (Davis) Margaret (Davis) Danielson (2010)
Danielson Richard E. Richard E. Danielson (1964)
Danilson Mildred V. Mildred V. Danilson (1991)
Danley Evelyn (Clements) Evelyn Clements Danley (1996)
Danley Florence H. (Stapes) Florence H. (Stapes) Danley (1969)
Danley Homer L. Homer L. Danley (1987)
Danley Merilyn L. Merilyn L. Danley (2005)
Danley Rose Ellen (Reimann) Rose Ellen Reimann Danley (2000)
Danner Elizabeth Elizabeth Danner (1902)
Danner Jona Emily Jona Emily Danner (1910)
Danner Michael Michael Danner (1873)
Darby John Elias, Rev. John E. Darby (Rev.) (1890)
Darland Merle F. (McKeever) Merle F. (McKeever) Darland (1959)
Darling Edna (Carlson) Edna (Carlson) Darling (2013)
Darling Gordon K. Gordon K. Darling (2008)
Darling Marcella "Sally" (Dykstra) Marcella "Sally" (Dykstra) Darling (2010)
Darlington Berta Jeanne (McBride) Berta Jeanne (McBride) Darlington (1977)
Darnall Amanda Jane “Jennie” (Quaintance) Amanda Jane “Jennie” (Quaintance) Darnall (1927)
Darnall Asa W. Asa W. Darnall (1901)
Darnall Belle (Cotter) Belle (Cotter) Darnall (1957)
Darnall Caleb E. Caleb Enos Darnall (1912)
Darnall Cora (Martin) Cora (Martin) Darnall (1930)
Darnall Earnest Otto Earnest Otto Darnall (1977)
Darnall Elizabeth Elizabeth Darnall (1902)
Darnall Elizabeth (Leinard) Elizabeth (Leinard) Darnall (1897)
Darnall Elmer E. Elmer E. Darnall (1924)
Darnall Frank Armine Frank Armine Darnall (1916)
Darnall George Lewis George Lewis Darnall (1903)
Darnall George Thomas George Thomas Darnall (1909)
Darnall Gideon H. Gideon H. Darnall (1895)
Darnall Harold  Hal Harold " Hal" Darnall (1973)
Darnall Harriett (Funkhouser) Harriett (Funkhouser) Darnall (1897)
Darnall Inez Alice (Little) Inez Alice (Little) Darnall (1971)
Darnall James A. James A. Darnall (1911)
Darnall John C. John C. Darnall (1942)
Darnall John R. John R. Darnall (1936)
Darnall John S. John S. Darnall (1897)
Darnall Lycorgus Valentine Lycorgus Valentine Darnall (1935)
Darnall Mary Mary Darnall (1896)
Darnall Mary A. (Bishop) Mary A. Darnall (1876)
Darnall Orion A. Orion A. Darnall (1944)
Darnall Rebecca J. Rebecca J. Darnall (1941)
Darnall Sadie Frances (Cridling) Sadie Cridling Darnall (1960)
Darnall Salathiel Salathiel Darnall (1950)
Darnall Samuel Samuel Darnall (1940)
Darnall Sarah Eliza (Seath) Sarah Eliza Darnall (1901)
Darnell Raymond LaVerne Raymond L. Darnell (1999)
Darnell Thomas M. Thomas M. Darnell (1910)
Darr Albena Ann Albena Ann Darr (2003)
Darr George Wayne George Wayne Darr (1939)
Darr Harry Harry Darr (1900)
Darr Muriel Grace (Murphy) Muriel Grace (Murphy) Darr (1988)
Darr Sarah M. (Crawford) Sarah M. (Crawford) Darr (1906)
Darrah Henry Arthur Henry Arthur Darrah (1913)
Darrel Child Child of Mr. Darrel (1899)
Dart Walter Edward Walter Edward Dart (1942)
Dasher Darwin Lee Darwin Lee Dasher (2014)
Datwyler Carl Carl Datwyler (1982)
Datwyler Carrie (Fulton) Carrie Fulton Datwyler (1963)
Datwyler Glenn A. Glenn A. Datwyler (1914)
Datwyler John R. John R. Datwyler (1944)
Datwyler Leona E. (Vannatta) Leona Vannatta Datwyler (1961)
Datwyler Louise (King) Louise King Datwyler (1981)
Datwyler Marjorie Marie (See) Marjorie See Datwyler (1986)
Datwyler Wilson John Wilson John Datwyler (1997)
Daugherty William William Daugherty (1900)
Davenport Betty Jean (Webb) Betty Jean (Webb) Davenport (2015)
Davenport Frank D., Dr. F. D. Davenport, Dr. (1933)
Davenport Janice Marie (McClurg) Janice McClurg Davenport (1978)
Davenport Marie Louise (Prevost) Marie Louise (Prevost) Davenport (1927)
Davidshofer Pamela (Hartfield) Pamela (Hartfield) Davidshofer (2008)
Davidson Henry H. Henry H. Davidson (1926)
Davidson Ida May (Satterlee) Ida May (Satterlee) Davidson (1941)
Davidson Nova Lynn (Hibdon) Nova Lynn (Hibdon) Davidson (2011)
Davidson Patricia Jean (Green) Patricia Jean (Green) Davidson (2009)
Davidson William E. William E. Davidson (1883)
Davies John John Davies (1896)
Davies Lulu L. (Hochstetler) Lulu L. (Hochstetler) Davies (1960)
Davies Mr. Mr. Davies (1875)
Davies Phebe (Talbott) Phebe (Talbott) Davies (1864)

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