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Coverdale Nell (Miller) Nell (Miller) Coverdale (1949)
Covino Alfred Francis Anthony Alfred Francis Anthony Covino (2003)
Cowan Burton Burton Cowan (1895)
Cowan Elsie Elsie Cowan (1897)
Cowan John John Cowan (1957)
Cowden Charles D. Charles D. Cowden (1938)
Cowden David David Cowden (1895)
Cowden John John Cowden (1931)
Cowden Ross John Ross John Cowden (1967)
Cowden Sarah Ann (Acheson) Sarah Ann (Acheson) Cowden (1921)
Cowden Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth Cowden (1944)
Cowell Ida Rebecca (Rutherford) Ida Rebecca (Rutherford) Cowell (1925)
Cox Alberta Bessie (Clark) Alberta Clark Cox (2002)
Cox Alfred Alfred Cox (1938)
Cox Amanda A. (Farris) Amanda A. (Farris) Cox (1929)
Cox Anna (Cole) Anna (Cole) Cox (1984)
Cox Barbara Elizabethann (Mills) Barbara Elizabethann (Mills) Cox (1929)
Cox Bernice Ina (Delaplain) Bernice Ina (Delaplain) Cox (1980)
Cox Bertha E. (Travis) Bertha E. (Travis) Cox (1947) 
Cox Bessie (White) Bessie (White) Cox (1946)
Cox Bessie M. (Satterfield) Bessie M. (Satterfield) Cox (1980)
Cox Boyd V. Boyd V. Cox (1968)
Cox Burton Dale Burton Dale Cox (2013)
Cox Casper Casper Cox (1949)
Cox Casper Alverdo Alverdo Cox (1942)
Cox Charles Albert Charles Albert Cox (1935)
Cox Charles Hugh Charles Hugh Cox (1920)
Cox Charley L. Charley L. Cox (1952)
Cox Cynthia Ann (Forster) Cynthia Ann (Forster) Cox (1897)
Cox Darlene (Stoneburner) Greer Darlene (Stoneburner) Greer-Cox (2007)
Cox Della (Bellows) Della (Bellows) Cox (1929)
Cox Donald J. Donald J. Cox (1966)
Cox Dosha (Mills) Dosha (Mills) Cox (1953)
Cox Ed Ed Cox (1906)
Cox Eli Eli Cox (1885)
Cox Eliza Lenora (Etter) Eliza Lenora (Etter) Cox (1927)
Cox Emily Emily Cox (1880)
Cox Emma (Harrell) Emma (Harrell) Cox (1945)
Cox Ernest Edmond Ernest Edmond Cox (1975)
Cox Ethel Jane Ethel Jane Cox (1930)
Cox Everett Everett Cox (1953)
Cox Francis Marion Francis Marion Cox (1936)
Cox George George Cox (1917)
Cox George W. George W. Cox (2001)
Cox Gladys (Palmer) Gladys Cox (1945)
Cox Harry M. Harry M. Cox (2010)
Cox Hazel A. (Barr) Hazel A. (Barr) Cox (1957)
Cox Hazel Fern ( Pinckney) H. Fern Pinckney Cox (1988)
Cox Henry Henry Cox (1916)
Cox Herman Herman Cox (1945)
Cox Huldah (Wilson) Huldah (Wilson) Cox (1907)
Cox Ina Glee Ina Glee Cox (1931)
Cox Ira Ira Cox (1987)
Cox Iva Rebecca Iva Rebecca Cox (1953)
Cox James Edwin James Edwin Cox (1951)
Cox James H. James H. Cox (1931)
Cox James Marion James Marion Cox (1931)
Cox James Ratliff James Ratliff Cox (1927)
Cox John John Cox (1924)
Cox John A. John A. Cox (1929)
Cox John B. John B. Cox (1912)
Cox Jonathan Jonathan Cox (1900)
Cox Lawrence “Bus” Lawrence “Bus” Cox (1975)
Cox Lee Lee Cox (2007)
Cox Martin A. Martin A. Cox (1932)
Cox Mary (Mannon) Mary (Mannon) Cox (1911)
Cox Mary (Mills) Mary (Mills) Cox (1909)
Cox Mary Catherine (Seams) Mary Catherine (Seams) Cox (1920)
Cox Myrtle E. (Nickle) Myrtle E. (Nickle) Cox (1970)
Cox Nancy (McDonald) Nancy (McDonald) Cox (1901)
Cox Nora Ellen (Leach) Nora Ellen (Leach) Cox (1948)
Cox Ora A. Ora A. Cox (1934)
Cox Oscar Oscar Cox (1985)
Cox Phillip E. Phillip Cox (1982)
Cox Rebecca Hannah (Mills) Rebecca Hannah (Mills) Cox (1931)
Cox Richard Lee Richard Lee Cox (1972)
Cox Roy Roy Cox (1951)
Cox Sarah A. (Johnson) Sarah Johnson Cox (1889)
Cox Sarah Jane (Reed) Sarah Jane Cox (1944) 
Cox Sophronia Belle (Thalls) Sophronia Belle (Thalls) Cox (1937)
Cox Susan Blanch (Gifford) Susan Gifford Cox (1988)
Cox Sylvanus Sylvanus Cox (1963)
Cox Theodore Theodore Cox (1891)
Cox Theodore Theodore Cox (1905)
Cox Thomas Thomas Cox (1940)
Cox Vern Vern Cox (1990)
Cox Wallace Wallace Cox (1974)
Cox Wanda J. (Davis) Wanda J. (Davis) Cox (2008)
Cox Willard Willard Cox (1897)
Cox William R. William R. Cox (1941)
Coxon Ben Ben Coxon (1977)
Coxon Edna Leona (Ziemann) Edna Leona (Ziemann) Coxon (1995)
Coyne Alice (McCusker) McLaughlin Alice (McCusker) McLaughlin Coyne (1989)
Cozad Leroy "Toby" Leroy (Toby) Cozad (1968)
Cozad Nettie J. (Dunmire) Nettie Dunmire Cozad (1978)
Cozad Wayne Wayne Cozad (2013)
Crabbs Cody David Cody David Crabbs (1990)
Crabbs Dallas E. Dallas E. Crabbs
Crabbs Elsie May (Cook) Elsie May (Cook) Crabbs (1972)
Crabbs Isaleta Isaleta Crabbs (1949)
Crabbs Marie (Welch) Marie (Welch) Crabbs (2014)
Crabbs Roy Roy Crabbs (1977)
Craft Verdie E. (Thornburg) Verdie E. Thornburg Craft (2003)
Craig Abel C. Abel C. Craig (1924)
Craig Alvira Alvira Craig (1913 )
Craig Anna E. (Kitchell) Anna E. (Kitchell) Craig (1909)
Craig Clara T. (Payne) Clara T. (Payne) Craig (1910)
Craig Dennis Paul Dennis Paul Craig (1945)
Craig George Henry George Henry Craig (1933)
Craig Inez Louise (Smull) Brafford Inez Louise (Smull) Brafford Craig (1974)
Craig Josiah Josiah Craig (1883)
Craig Kathryn Marie (McVay) Kathryn McVay Craig (1990)
Craig Mary Lawrence Mary Lawrence Craig (1915)
Craig Mickie Jo Mickie Jo Craig (1951)
Craig William Ancil Preston William Ancil Preston Craig (1891)
Crail John B. John B. Crail (1890)
Crail Nancy Nancy Crail (1885)

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