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Cooter John John Cooter (1904)
Coover Marie J. Marie J. Coover (2005)
Cope Marshall Marshall Cope (2018)
Coplan Lee Lee Coplan (2005)
Corbin Betty J. (Litchfield) Betty J. (Litchfield) Corbin (2012)
Corbin Orville E. Orville E. Corbin (1994)
Corbin Virgil R. Virgil R. Corbin (2015)
Cord Alice Ann (Howard) Alice Ann Cord (1927)
Cord Bessie Lenore (Davis) Bessie Davis Cord (1974)
Cord Fern Kathryn Fern K. Cord (2002)
Cord Flossie Flossie Cord (1899)
Cord John John Cord (1969)
Cord Walter A. Walter A. Cord (1954)
Cord William Oliver William Oliver Cord (1942)
Cordick Anna Marie (Reis) Anna Marie (Reis) Cordick (1922)
Corkey Alexander, Rev. Alexander Corkey, Rev. (1914)
Corkey Berniece Berniece Corkey (1956)
Corkey James S. James S. Corkey (1954)
Corkill Bessie Bessie Corkill (1972)
Corkill Charles K., Rev. Charles K. Corkill (Rev.) (1932)
Corkrean Carolyn Sue Carolyn Sue Corkrean (2016)
Corkrean Charles Joseph Charles Joseph Corkrean (2017)
Corkrean Christina "Tina" Nadine (Phillips) Christina "Tina" Nadine (Phillips) Corkrean (2017)
Corkrean Frances M. (Kirvin) Frances Kirvin Corkrean (1987)
Corkrean James A. James A. Corkrean (1951)
Corkrean James Eugene “Gene” James Eugene “Gene” Corkrean (1975)
Corkrean John J. John J. Corkrean (2007)
Corkrean John Patrick John Patrick Corkrean (2015)
Corkrean Phillip Phillip Corkrean (1992)
Corkrean Richard J. Richard J. Corkrean (2015)
Corll Wanda M. (Baker) Wanda M. (Baker) Corll (2013)
Corman Donna Rae (Stegall) Donna Rae (Stegall) Corman (2011)
Cornelison Alma Marie Alma Marie Cornelison (1900)
Cornelison Andrew J. - infant of Infant of Andrew J. Cornelison (1900)
Cornelison Easter Ann (Davis) Easter Ann (Davis) Cornelison (1885)
Cornelison Elizabeth A. (Berry) Elizabeth A. (Berry) Cornelison (1906)
Cornelison Elmer Allen Elmer Allen Cornelison (1986)
Cornelison George W. George W. Cornelison (1943)
Cornelison George W. George W. Cornelison (1962)
Cornelison Gertie Adelphia (Osborn) Gertie Adelphia (Osborn) Cornelison (1969)
Cornelison Isadora Luella (Imes) Isadora Luella (Imes) Cornelison (1935)
Cornelison John John Cornelison (1888)
Cornelison John John Cornelison (1929)
Cornelison Laura (Palmer) Laura (Palmer) Cornelison (1950)
Cornelison Matricia Ann Matricia Ann Cornelison (1934)
Cornelison Oliver Harold Oliver Harold Cornelison (1984)
Cornelison Pauline Charlotte (Smiley) Pauline Charlotte Cornelison (1995)
Cornelison Ronald E. Ronald E. Cornelison (2010)
Cornelison Sara Jean Matticks Sara Jean Matticks Cornelison (1986)
Cornelison Shirley Ann (Barr) Shirley Ann (Barr) Cornelison (2011)
Cornelison Walter W. Walter W. Cornelison (1978)
Cornell Blanche A. (Young) Blanche A. (Young) Cornell (1957)
Cornell Carl Carl Cornell (1928)
Cornell John W. John W. Cornell (1958)
Cornell Joyce Joyce Cornell (1975)
Cornell Lizzie Lizzie Cornell (1876)
Cornell Maud (Chadwick) Maud (Chadwick) Cornell (1967)
Cornell Wilbur J. Wilbur J. Cornell (1938)
Cornick Gerald Charles Gerald Cornick (1984)
Cornick Ida (Boyd) Ida (Boyd) Cornick (1935)
Cornick Norma M. (Strawn) Norma M. (Strawn) Cornick (2011)
Corning Donald Donald Corning (1985)
Corning Lois M. (Bachman) Lois Bachman Corning (1982)
Corning Steven Earle Steven Earle Corning (1946)
Cornman Clifford Clifford Cornman (1902)
Cornman Cora M. (Butler) Cora Butler Cornman (1958)
Cornman Jane P. (Elser) Jane P. (Elser) Cornman (1918)
Cornman Lewis Lewis Cornman (1891)
Cornman Mable L. Mable L. Cornman (1994)
Cornman Mary Ellen (Pratt) Mary Ellen (Pratt) Cornman (1903)
Cornman Orson Orson Cornman (1944)
Cornman Ross Ross Cornman (1940)
Cornman Sarah (Gilbert) Sarah (Gilbert) Cornman 1913
Cornman Susie L. Susie L. Cornman (1905)
Cornman Wallace Wallace Cornman (1931)
Corp Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin Corp (1944)
Corrigan James Patrick James Patrick Corrigan (2002)
Corrigan Mary Alice (Joy) Mary Alice (Joy) Corrigan (2001)
Corrigan Roger Roger Corrigan (2015)
Corsbie Cora (Smith) Cora (Smith) Corsbie (1897)
Corsbie Della Marie (Webb) Della Marie (Webb) Corsbie (1937)
Corsbie Eugene Thomas Eugene Thomas Corsbie (1972)
Corsbie Glenn Glenn Corsbie (1917)
Corsbie Iva Mildred Iva Mildred Corsbie (1913)
Corsbie John W. John W. Corsbie (1909)
Corsbie John Walker John Walker Corsbie (1971)
Corsbie Mary Frances (Little) Mary Frances Little Corsbie (1950)
Corsbie Mary Rose Mary Rose Corsbie (1914)
Corsbie Miriam (Dooley) Miriam (Dooley) Corsbie (1907)
Corsbie Rachel M. (McCullough) Rachel M. (McCullough) Corsbie (1930)
Corsbie Simon Wesley Simon Wesley Corsbie (1913)
Corsbie Stanley Claire Stanley Claire Corsbie (1911)
Corsbie Thomas Casper Thomas Casper Corsbie (1936)
Corsbie Vernie L. Vernie L. Corsbie (1987)
Corsbie Will Will Corsbie (1941)
Corso Margaret Ruth (Masden) Margaret Masden Corso (2001)
Cortner Alfred 'Red' Alfred "Red" Cortner (1992)
Cortner Ruth E. (Owens) Ruth Owens Cortner (1979)
Corwin S. Cecil (Ford) S. Cecil (Ford) Corwin (1930)
Coryell Julia Ann ( Lyons ) Julia Ann (Lyons) Coryell (1931)
Cosand Claire Martin Claire Martin Cosand (1920)
Cosner Ethel Berteena (Gordon) Ethel Berteena (Gordon) Cosner (1963)
Costa Fern (Catterlin) Fern (Catterlin) Costa (1936)
Couch Blanche ( Bell ) Blanche (Bell) Couch (1953)
Couch Child Child Couch (1871)
Couch Clarence Samuel Clarence Samuel Couch (1904)
Couch Custer C. Custer C. Couch (1927)
Couch Dorothy E. Dorothy E. Couch (2007)
Couch Elizabeth (Doheny) Elizabeth (Doheny) Couch (1961)
Couch Elizabeth (Dooley) Elizabeth (Dooley) Couch (1901)
Couch Elva (Hennen) Elva (Hennen) Couch (1945)
Couch Florence Lillian (Hodson) Florence Lillian (Hodson) Couch (1901)
Couch Fred Fred Couch (1936)
Couch George George Couch (1937)
Couch George M. George M. Couch (1994)
Couch George W. George W. Couch (1931)
Couch James James Couch (1941)
Couch James L. James L. Couch (1964)
Couch John Alferd John Alferd Couch (1928)
Couch John D. John D. Couch (1913)
Couch John Marvin John Marvin Couch (1921)
Couch Joseph, Jr. Joseph Couch, Jr. (1889)
Couch Josephine Mabel (Cooper) Josephine Mabel (Cooper) Couch (2010)
Couch Lawrence Lawrence Couch (1986)
Couch Loretta Jane Loretta Jane Couch (1970)
Couch Lura (Edwards) Lura (Edwards) Couch (1925)
Couch Mary Elizabeth (Snyder) Mary Elizabeth (Snyder) Couch (1934)
Couch Olive M. Olive M. Couch (1977)
Couch Richard Beryl Richard Beryl Couch (1975)
Couch Robert F., Rev. Robert F. Couch, Rev. (1978)
Couch Steven Craig Steven Craig Couch (2007)
Couch William Wallace William Wallace Couch (1937)
Coughenour Newton McPherson Newton McPherson Coughenour (1992)
Coughenour Virginia (Davis) Virginia Davis Coughenour (2007)
Coulson Arthur Arthur Coulson (1930)
Coulter Dora R. (Curts) Dora R. Coulter (1944)
Coulton Miss Miss Coulton (1879)
Coulter Orpha Myrle (Hadley) Orpha Myrle Coulter (1981)
Countryman Alice Marceline (Roush) Alice Marceline (Roush) Countryman (1983)
Countryman Betty (Baker) Betty (Baker) Countryman (2015)
Countryman David Albert David Albert Countryman (1950)
Countryman Delbert E. Delbert E. Countryman (1951)
Countryman Donald Wayne Donald Wayne Countryman (2016)
Countryman Gunda (Omit) Gunda Omit Countryman (1962)
Countryman Harris Delbert Harris Delbert Countryman (1948)
Countryman Jacob Edward Jacob Edward Countryman (1939)
Countryman John Henry John Henry Countryman (1983)
Countryman Lawrence Albert Lawrence Albert Countryman (1952)
Countryman Lydia Louise Lydia Louise Countryman (1961)
Countryman Mattie Mae (Hennen) Mattie Mae (Hennen) Countryman (1959)
Countryman Ward Dale (Pete) Ward Dale (Pete) Countryman (2010)
Countryman Wilfred Arthur Wilfred Arthur Countryman (1974)
Courtney Abigail May Abigail Courtney (2005)
Courtney Corgie Marie (Addy) Corgie Marie (Addy) Courtney (2008)
Courtney Gladys Lorraine (Salsbury) Gladys Lorraine (Salsbury) Courtney (2012)
Courtney Lillie M. (Jones) Lillie M. Courtney (1951)
Cousins Bert Bert Cousins (1973)
Cousins Betty (Betts) Betty (Betts) Cousins (1978)
Coutts Betty Grace (Knight) Betty G. Coutts (1998)
Coutts George Righter George Righter Coutts (1979)

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