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Burnside Margaret (Jock) Margaret Jock Burnside (1943)
Burrack Margaret Alice (Keller) Margaret Alice (Keller) Burrack (2004)
Burrell Charles Charles Burrell (1891)
Burris Allen Allen Burris (1894)
Burris Andy Lee Andy Lee Burris (1984)
Burris John David John David Burris (2015)
Burrus James Harvey James Harvey Burrus (1920)
Burrus Nathaniel Nathaniel Burrus (1920)
Burt Donald Ray Donald Ray Burt (1994)
Burt Edith Edith Burt (1877)
Burt Edwin O. Edwin O. Burt (1895)
Burt Edwin O. - Child of  Child of Edwin O. Burt (1873)
Burt Florence Elizabeth (Bradshaw) Florence Elizabeth Burt (1947)
Burt Francis Ebenezer Francis Ebenezer Burt (1958)
Burt Frederick Orville Frederick Orville Burt (1969)
Burt John W. John W. Burt (1961)
Burt Venice Lenore Venice Lenore Burt (1998)
Burt Zena Faye (Nine) Zena Faye (Nine) Burt (1961)
Burton Carol (Bruner) Carol (Bruner) Burton (2010)
Burton Clifford Guy Clifford Guy Burton (1992)
Burton Mary Mary Burton (1918)
Busby John, Col. Col. John Busby (1880)
Busby Phoebe (Boggess) Phoebe (Boggess) Busby (1887)
Busch Adam Adam Busch (1937)
Busch Andrew Andrew Busch (1950)
Busch Carey Carey Busch (1913)
Busch Charles H. Charles H. Busch (1971)
Busch Charlotte Anna (Berry) Charlotte Anna (Berry) Busch (1939)
Busch Dwight B. Dwight B. Busch (1949)
Busch Elizabeth (Moon) Elizabeth (Moon) Busch 1937)
Busch Elmer Elmer Busch (1978)
Busch Ernest Andrew Ernest Andrew Busch (1930)
Busch James A. James A. Busch (2015)
Busch Jo Ann (Lull) Jo Ann Busch (1999)
Busch Joseph W. Joseph W. Busch (1970)
Busch Laura A. (Orchard) Laura A. (Orchard) Busch (1970)
Busch Lester Dale Lester Dale Busch (1995)
Busch Margaret Ann (McGlothlen) Margaret Ann Busch (1950)
Busch Marvin Duane Marvin Duane Busch (1995)
Busch Mary Adaline (Ball) Mary Adaline (Ball) Busch (1920)
Busch Mary (Griffith) Mary Griffith Busch (2003)
Busch Matilda Matilda Busch (1917)
Busch Michael B. Michael B. Busch (1959)
Busch Mike Mike Busch (1944)
Busch Mildred Burdette (Iiams) Mildred Iiams Busch (2006)
Busch Peter Peter Busch (1925)
Busch Peter - infant of Infant of Peter Busch 1896
Busch Quintin Lyman Quintin Lyman Busch (1906)
Busch Rebecca Myrtle (Denney) Rebecca Myrtle Busch (1946)
Busch Roy L. Roy L. Busch (1991)
Busch Ruth Irene (McLennan) Ruth Irene (McLennan) Busch (2008)
Busch Sarah Anna (Hamlin) Sarah Anna Busch (1941)
Busch Stanley Roscoe Stanley Roscoe Busch (1980)
Busch Stephen H. Stephen H. Busch (1937)
Busch Vernie Vernie Busch (1965)
Busch Wilbur F. Wilbur F. Busch (1960)
Busch Wilma Maxine (Bennett) Wilma Maxine (Bennett) Busch (2011)
Bush Ann Van Meter (Jennings) Ann Van Meter (Jennings) Bush (1915)
Bush Beulah Emily (White) Beulah Emily (White) Bush (1920)
Bush Carolyn Marie Carolyn Marie Bush (1952)
Bush Charles Charles Bush (1916)
Bush Cora (Jones) Cora Jones Bush (1949)
Bush Donald Ray Donald Ray Bush (2016)
Bush Dorothy Leon Dorothy Leon Bush (1906)
Bush Edith M. (Gatchel) Edith M. Bush (1958)
Bush Elcy Paulina (Jones) Elcy Paulina (Jones) Bush (1944)
Bush Floyd Thomas Floyd Thomas Bush (1956)
Bush Frank Ernest F. E. Bush (1931)
Bush Gurney Ray Gurney Ray Bush (1934)
Bush Hattie E. (Nelson) Hattie E. (Nelson) Bush (1970)
Bush Henry Henry Bush (1895)
Bush Isaac Melroy Isaac Melroy Bush (1916)
Bush Ivadell Marie (Dodds) Ivadell Marie (Dodds) Bush (2011)
Bush James A. James A. Bush (1942)
Bush James Lee Andrew James Lee Andrew Bush (1920)
Bush James Lloyd James Lloyd Bush (1975)
Bush James R. James R. Bush (1970)
Bush Jesse E. Jesse E. Bush (1958)
Bush Laura B. Laura B. Bush (1895)
Bush Leander Leander Bush (1949)
Bush Leslie Embery Leslie E. Bush (2001)
Bush Margret Adaline (Bowman) Pratt Margret Adaline (Bowman) Pratt Bush (1905)
Bush Marilyn Jo (Boyd) Marilyn Jo (Boyd) Bush (2009)
Bush Martha A. (Graham) Martha A. (Graham) Bush (1896)
Bush Mary Caroline (Wilkinson) Mary Caroline (Wilkinson) Bush (1928)
Bush Mildred Irene (Sheldon) Mildred Sheldon Bush (1977)
Bush Nora Myrtle (Cramlet) Nora Myrtle Cramlet Bush (1959)
Bush Richard Dean Richard Dean Bush (1998)
Bush Robert F. Robert F. Bush (1951)
Bush Ruth Naomi (Baker) Ruth Baker Bush (1993)
Bush Ruth Pearl (Libby) Ruth Pearl (Libby) Bush (2016)
Bush Sarah Jane (Shaw) Sarah Jane (Shaw) Bush (1920)
Bush Shirley Faith (Rollstin) Shirley Faith Bush (2003)
Bush Shirley Mae (Klug) Shirley Mae (Klug) Bush (2010)
Bush Thomas J. Thomas J. Bush (1965)
Bush Van Wray Van Wray Bush (1985)
Bushnell Rebecca A. Rebecca A. Bushnell (1887)
Buske Henrietta S. M. Henrietta S. M. Buske (1880)
Buske Katharina (Moel) Katharina (Moel) Buske (1927)
Buske Sophie (Wehrkamp) Sophie (Wehrkamp) Buske (1895)
Buske William William Buske (1922)
Bussanmas Aletha (Leach) Aletha Leach Bussanmas (1991)
Bussanmas Daniel Phillip Daniel Phillip Bussanmas (1954)
Bussanmas Elizabeth (Hogan) Elizabeth (Hogan) Bussanmas (1916)
Bussanmas Frances Elizabeth Frances Elizabeth Bussanmas (2007)
Bussanmas Frank Conrad Frank Conrad Bussanmas (1918)
Bussanmas George F. George F. Bussanmas (1964)
Bussanmas James F. James F. Bussanmas (2016)
Bussanmas John John Bussanmas (1946)
Bussanmas Julia (Miller) Julia (Miller) Bussanmas (1919)
Bussanmas Margaret Margaret Bussanmas (1950)
Bussanmas Otto Otto Bussanmas (1931)
Bussanmas Otto S. Otto S. Bussanmas (1890)
Bussanmas Pauline (Fleming) Pauline Fleming Bussanmas (1977)
Bussanmas Phillip Sylvester Phillip Sylvester Bussanmas (2017)
Bussanmas Rozella (DeBord) Rozella (DeBord) Bussanmas (2001)
Bussanmas Sylvester James 'Jim' S. J. (Jim) Bussanmas (1972)
Butcher Edward Eugene, Pfc. Edward Eugene Butcher (Pfc.) (1945)
Butcher Effie Linetta (Turbett) Effie Linetta (Turbett) Butcher (1916)
Butcher Esther Josephine (Marxen) Esther Josephine (Marxen) Butcher (2014)
Butcher Hazel Gwendolyn (Sutherlin) Hazel Gwendolyn (Sutherlin) Butcher (1975)
Butcher Helen (Bright) Helen Bright Butcher (2003)
Butcher Logan Logan Butcher (2009)
Butcher Ricky C. Ricky C. Butcher (2005)
Butcher Sarah G. (McClure) Sarah G. (McClure) Butcher (1894)
Butcher Wayne Wayne Butcher (1973)
Butcher William Bill William "Bill" Butcher (1992)
Butcher William E. William E. Butcher (1961)
Butler Anna ( Rice) Anna ( Rice) Butler (1892)
Butler Barbara Ann (Luth) Barbara Ann (Luth) Butler (2017)
Butler Emma H. (Flemming) Emma H. Flemming Butler (1939)
Butler Fern Arlene (Smith) Fern Arlene (Smith) Butler (1972)
Butler George George Butler (1916)
Butler Ivan W. Ivan W. Butler (1918)
Butler Larry D. Larry D. Butler (2011)
Butler Marjore F. Marjore F. Butler (2003)
Butler Nora L. (Frazier) Nora L. Butler (1994)
Butler Randy E. Randy E. Butler (2003)
Butner Morgan Morgan Butner (1935)
Butner Robert Keith Robert Keith Butner (2001)
Butt Arthur H. Arthur H. Butt (1986)
Butt James S. J. S. Butt (1960)
Butt Mabel Goldie (Baker) Mabel Goldie Baker Butt (1958)
Butterfield Charles D. Charles D. Butterfield (1973)
Butterfield Doris Mildred (Darr) Doris Butterfield (1955)
Butterfield Janice Eleanor (Chickering) Comp Janice Eleanor (Chickering) Comp Butterfield (2012)
Butterfield Lela Fay (Simmerman) Lela Simmerman Butterfield (2002)
Buttler Mrs. Mrs. Buttler (1876)
Buttolph Eliza A. (Thayer) Eliza A. Thayer Buttolph (1907)
Button Cleo Elizabeth (Shoemaker) Cleo Elizabeth Button (1945)
Button George George Button (1951)
Button John T. John T. Button (1952)
Button Sandra Kay Sandra Kay Button (1937)
Buttrey Ethel Ethel Buttrey (1934)
Buttrey Gertrude (Farver) Gertrude (Farver) Buttrey (1934)
Buttrey Harry Harry Buttrey (1956)
Butts George H. George H. Butts (1893)
Byers John John Byers (1900)
Byers Orville Oren Orville O. Byers (1978)
Byers Pearl Gladys (Andrews) Pearl Gladys Andrews Byers (1987)
Byrne Alphonsus Dennis Alphonsus Dennis Byrne (1967)
Byrnes E. E. (Pat) E. E. (Pat) Byrnes (1955)
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