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Burch Anna M. (Kreamer) Anna M. (Kreamer) Burch (1958)
Burch Clarence J. Clarence J. Burch (1946)
Burch Dorene Dee Dorene Dee Burch (2003)
Burch Harry E. Harry E. Burch (1966)
Burch John John Burch (1941)
Burch John Hans John Hans Burch (2006)
Burch Mary Francis (Lee) Mary Francis (Lee) Burch (1936)
Burch Maxine M. Maxine M. Burch (2015)
Burch Roscoe Charles Roscoe Charles Burch (1954)
Burch Ruth Iona (Devault) Ruth Iona (Devault) Burch (2005)
Burch Stella M. (Peterson) Stella Peterson Burch (1990)
Burcombe George Thomas George Thomas Burcombe (1938)
Burcombe Helene W. (Sternberg) Helene W. Sternberg Burcombe (1954)
Burcombe Marian (McQuie) Marian (McQuie) Burcombe (1910)
Burd Burt Burt Burd (1899)
Burd Cap E. Cap E. Burd (1964)
Burd Clara I. (Alcox) Clara Alcox Burd (1985)
Burd Clair O. Clair O. Burd (1979)
Burd Claire (Goodwin) Claire Burd (1928)
Burd Clarence Winter Clarence Winter Burd (1929)
Burd Henry H. Henry H. Burd (1942)
Burd Ira Leonard Ira Leonard Burd (1940)
Burd Iver Casper Iver Casper Burd (1905)
Burd Lena Lena Burd (1890)
Burd Lester Homer Lester Homer Burd (1925)
Burd Margaret Aseneth (Armbrest) Margaret Aseneth Burd (1942)
Burd Mary E. (Hults) Mary E. Burd (1925)
Burd Miron Miron Burd (1929)
Burd Natalie Alberta (Honnold) Natalie Honnold Burd (2005)
Burd Nettie Ursala (Goodman) Nettie Ursala (Goodman) Burd (1928)
Burd Rose M. (Armbrest) Rose Armbrest Burd (1954)
Burd Simon Simon Burd (1901)
Burd Stella Stella Burd (1951)
Burden Kenneth "Kenny" W. Kenneth "Kenny" W. Burden (2007)
Burdick Catherine Elizabeth (Hogue) Catherine Elizabeth (Hogue) Burdick (1929)
Burdick Marlene K. (Paxton) Marlene Paxton Burdick (2000)
Burford Hubert DeVere Hubert DeVere Burford (2005)
Burgan Clella (Loomis) Clella Loomis Burgan (1967)
Burgan J. Sheldon J. Sheldon Burgan (1984)
Burgan John - infant daughter of Infant daughter of John Burgan (1899)
Burgan John W. John W.Burgan (1922)
Burgan Mina (Thurman) Mina Thurman Burgan (1996)
Burgan Ralph Ralph Burgan (2000)
Burger Albert William Albert William Burger (1963)
Burger Albertina (Marquardt) Albertina (Marquardt) Burger (1934)
Burger Arthur A. Arthur A. Burger (1953)
Burger August Frederick August Frederick Burger (1926)
Burger August August Burger (Dr) (1961)
Burger August - Infant of Infant of August Burger (1899)
Burger Charles A. Charles Burger (1953)
Burger Elnora (Turney) Elnora (Turney) Burger (1926)
Burger Franceska K. (Zweigle) Franceska K. (Zweigle) Burger (1901)
Burger Frederick W. Frederick W. Burger (1908)
Burger Gottlob Gottleb Burger (1917)
Burger Laura (Mueller) Laura (Mueller) Burger (1922)
Burger Leroy Hugo Roy H. Burger (1968)
Burger Louis H. Louis H. Burger (1977)
Burger Margaret Margaret Burger (1894)
Burger Mark F. Child of Fred Burger (1886)
Burger Nelle Wright Nelle Wright Burger (2002)
Burger Opal Tena (Aikin) Opal Tena (Aikin) Burger (1993)
Burger William H. William H. Burger (1931)
Burgett John W. John W. Burgett (1944)
Burgett Lieurisa (Rush) Lieurisa (Rush) Burgett (1916)
Burgett Samuel Samuel Burgett (1909)
Burgmaier Ernest F. Ernest F. Burgmaier (2004)
Burgoyne Esther Helen (Benjamin) Esther Helen (Benjamin) Burgoyne (1984)
Burgum Etta (Allen) Etta (Allen) Burgum (1959)
Burgus Louis Louis Burgus (1960)
Burham Everett Kiesey Everett Kiesey Burham (2013)
Burhans Mae (LaPointe) Mae (LaPointe) Burhans (2010)
Burhans Richard C. Richard C. Burhans (1987)
Burk Bernice Laura (Gragert) Bernice Laura (Gragert) Burk (2011)
Burk Chester William, Sr. Chester William Burk, Sr. (2013)
Burk John David John David Burk (1954)
Burk Shirley Ann (Rowe) Shirley Rowe Burk (2002)
Burke Allie (Macy) Allie (Macy) Burke (1897)
Burke Ernest Ernest Burke (1920)
Burke Lucile Lucile Burke (1911)
Burke Martin Leonard Martin Leonard Burke (1931)
Burke Steven R. Steven R. Burke (2010)
Burke Thomas - Son of Son of Thomas Burke (1885)
Burkett Charles Wilbur Charles Wilbur Burkett (1982)
Burkett Florence Evelyn (Hendricks) Florence Evelyn (Hendricks) Burkett (2015)
Burkhead Carl M. Carl M. Burkhead (1960)
Burkhead Earl Earl Burkhead (1931)
Burkhead John C. John C. Burkhead (1864)
Burkhead Luther R. Luther R. Burkhead (1969)
Burkhead Mildred L. Mildred L. Burkhead (1969)
Burkhead Thomas Corwin Thomas Corwin Burkhead (1908)
Burkhead Winifred Belle (Douglas) Winifred Douglas Burkhead (1967)
Burkheimer James C. James C. Burkheimer (1954)
Burkheimer Lewis Lewis Burkheimer (1918)
Burkheimer Minnie (Norris) Gentry Minnie (Norris) Gentry Burkheimer (1959)
Burkholder Helen (Hulbert) Helen Shehan-Burkholder (2003)
Burkholder Thurston Claude Thurston Claude Burkholder (1995)
Burklund Glen Cifford Glen Burklund (1997)
Burleson Sarah (Pyrnne) Sarah Burleson (1897)
Burnett Bessie Pauline (Simmerman) Bessie Simmerman Burnett (1993)
Burnett Glen Glen Burnett (1994)
Burnett Iva (Evans) Iva (Evans) Burnett (1919)
Burnett Jim R. Jim R. Burnett (2013)
Burnett Josiah Josiah Burnett (1878)
Burnett Mark L. Mark L. Burnett (1982)
Burnham Arthur Orval Arthur Orval Burnham (1967)
Burnham Bessie May (Douglas) Bessie May Burnham (1942)
Burnham Mary Jane (Hill) Mary Jane (Hill) Burnham (1939)
Burns Albert Albert Burns (1948)
Burns Freda Mabel (See) Freda Mabel Burns (1989)
Burns Gloria Ray (Chapman) Gloria Ray (Chapman) Burns (2015)
Burns Harry F. Harry F. Burns (1947)
Burns John Graham John Graham Burns (1932)
Burns John M. John M. Burns (1891)
Burns Mary (Purcell) Mary Burns (1953)
Burns Mary E. (Haggard) Mary E. (Haggard) Burns (1913)
Burns Michael Michael Burns (1894)
Burns Miller Miller Burns (1964)
Burns Nancy Alice (Silliman) Nancy Alice (Silliman) Burns (1885)
Burns Nannie May Nannie May Burns (1899)
Burns Patrick Patrick Burns (1894)
Burns Robert C. Robert C. Burns (1998)
Burns Sarah Matilda (Greer) Sarah Matilda Burns (1932)

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