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Brittain Alcy Jennings Alcy Jennings Brittain (1968)
Brittain Alfred Alfred Brittain (1913)
Brittain Alvin C. Alvin C. Brittain (1962)
Brittain Arthur Eugene "Gene" Arthur Eugene "Gene" Brittain (2010)
Brittain Carol Ann Carol Ann Brittain (2018)
Brittain Charles A. Charles Brittain (1962)
Brittain Clara (Sole) Clara (Sole) Brittain (1955)
Brittain Clara A. Clara Brittain (1904)
Brittain Clara Marie (Anderson) Clara Anderson Brittain (1988)
Brittain Cleta (Peterson) Cleta Peterson Brittain (1962)
Brittain Clyde J. Clyde J. Brittain (1999)
Brittain David David Brittain (1958)
Brittain David - infant son of Infant son of David Brittain (1905)
Brittain Dortha Juanita (Gray) Dortha Gray Brittain (1969)
Brittain Dow J. Dow J. Brittain (1984)
Brittain Edna Edith Edna Edith Brittain (1911)
Brittain Ethel Grace (Myers) Ethel Myers Brittain (1983)
Brittain Fonda Gertrude Fonda Gertrude Brittain (1909)
Brittain Freda Mae (Gonseth) Freda Gonseth Brittain (1998)
Brittain Gerald S. Gerald S. Brittain (1989)
Brittain Gretchen L. (Jamison) Gretchen L. Brittain (2003)
Brittain Helen Ilene (Derby) Helen Derby Brittain (1988)
Brittain Irene Catherine (Boos) Irene Catherine (Boos) Brittain (2004)
Brittain Jack Lee Jack Brittain (1961)
Brittain James Whitney James Whitney Brittain (1973)
Brittain Jerry Jerry Brittain (1995)
Brittain Joanna Emma (McKinzie) Joanna Emma (McKinzie) Brittain (1961)
Brittain John John Brittain (1946)
Brittain John M. John M. Brittain (1913)
Brittain Joseph Clarence Joseph Clarence Brittain (1969)
Brittain Joseph Clarence Jr. Joseph Brittain Jr. (2005)
Brittain Joseph E. Joseph E. Brittain (1962)
Brittain Julia (Barrow) Julia Barrow Brittain (1914)
Brittain Lloyd Lloyd Brittain (1972)
Brittain Lodine M. (Smith) Kneller Lodine Kneller Smith Brittain (2001)
Brittain Lois J. (Clark) Lois Clark Brittain (1996)
Brittain Lucy Destomenia (Farris) Lucy Destomenia Farris Brittain (1939)
Brittain Mamie Gertrude (Hendricks) Mamie Hendricks Brittain (1952)
Brittain Marlin J. Marlin J. Brittain (2014)
Brittain Mary (Sargents) Mary (Sargents) Brittain (1932)
Brittain Mary Jane (Brayman) Mary Jane Brayman Brittain (1992)
Brittain Matthew James Matthew James Brittain (1977)
Brittain Maxine (Flesher) Maxine (Flesher) Brittain (1999)
Brittain Mildred M. (Prior) Mildred M. Brittain (1987)
Brittain Nina (DeBord) Nina DeBord Brittain (1997)
Brittain Paul H. Paul H. Brittain (1982)
Brittain Pleasant C. Pleasant C. Brittain (1908)
Brittain Pleasant "Steve" Pleasant "Steve" Brittain (1940)
Brittain Robert Robert Brittain (1964)
Brittain Ronald Neal Ronald N. Brittain (2003)
Brittain Sadie (Thompson) Sadie (Thompson) Brittain (1940)
Brittain Sarah (Cox) Sarah (Cox) Brittain (1915)
Brittain Seth Seth Brittain (1949)
Brittain Therese A. (Mullin) Therese A. (Mullin) Brittain (2011)
Brittain Tracy (Mueller) Tracy (Mueller) Brittain (1955)
Brittain Walter Walter Brittain (1982)
Brittain William William Brittain (1946)
Brittain William Alfred William A. Brittain (2001)
Brobst Albert Albert Brobst (1994)
Brobst Alfred Alfred Brobst (1998)
Brobst Arthur Dement Arthur Dement Brobst (2016)
Brobst Ersie Ersie Brobst (1913)
Brobst Everett Jr. Everett Jr. Brobst (1931)
Brobst Everett Lee Everett Lee Brobst (1980)
Brobst Joseph - Daughter of Daughter of Joseph Brobst (1876)
Brobst Joseph - Twin child of Twin Children of Joseph Brobst (1876)
Brobst Juanita May (Jackson) Juanita May (Jackson) Brobst (2006)
Brobst Lorena May (Allen) Lorena May (Allen) Brobst (1913)
Brobst Louisa (Ward) Louisa (Ward) Brobst (1893)
Brobst Mable Marie (Wright) Mable Marie (Wright) Brobst (1977)
Brobst Sally Ann (Butcher) Sally Ann (Butcher) Brobst (2015)
Brobst Walter Lee Brobst, Walter Lee (1978)
Brock Blanche Pearl (Hart) Blanche Hart Brock (1974)
Brock Charles H. Charles H. Brock (1944)
Brock Dennis Alfred Dennis Alfred Brock (1934)
Brock Doris Irene (Silliman) Doris Irene Brock (1985)
Brock Elizabeth Elizabeth Brock (1921)
Brock Ethelyn (Gentry) Ethelyn (Gentry) Brock
Brock Eva (Lytton) Eva Lytton Brock (1948)
Brock Flossie (Carter) Flossie Carter Brock (1953)
Brock Frances (Anderson) Frances Anderson Brock (1999)
Brock Frank B. Frank B. Brock (1957)
Brock Grace Marie Grace Marie Brock (1987)
Brock Hazel Ellen (Doak) Hazel Ellen (Doak) Brock (1924)
Brock Helen Jane (Walker) Helen Jane (Walker) Brock (1957)
Brock Jay R. Jay R. Brock (1971)
Brock Jonas Figley Jonas F. Brock (1899)
Brock Mable "Myrtie" (George) Mabel "Myrtie" Brock (1946)
Brock Mosbey Mosbey Brock (1902)
Brock Myrtie Myrtie Brock (1987)
Brock Raymond L. Raymond L. Brock (2011)
Brock Raymond O. Raymond O. Brock (1992)
Brock Sadie M. (Ragan) Sadie Ragan Brock (1946)
Brock Sarah Elizabeth (Shaw) Sarah Elizabeth (Shaw) Brock (1919)
Brock William H. William H. Brock (1949)
Brockway Benjamin W. Benjamin W. Brockway (1916)
Brockway Lillian (Nichols) Lillian (Nichols) Brockway (1937)
Brogan Ella M. (Braman) Ella Braman Brogan (1962)
Brogan Mary "Mae" Emma (Stanley) Diggs Mary "Mae" Emma (Stanley) Diggs Brogan (1918)
Brokaw Earl N. Earl N. Brokaw (1959)
Brokaw Mable Pearle (Barton) Mable Barton Brokaw (1998)
Brokaw Marjorie A. (Smith) Marjorie A. (Smith) Brokaw (2013)
Brokaw Sarah Jane (Creger) Parker Sarah Jane (Creger) Parker Brokaw (1910)
Brommel Gladys Rebecca "Dolly" (McCauley) Gladys Rebecca "Dolly" (McCauley) Brommel (2009)
Brommel Joyce Elaine (Murphy) Joyce Elaine (Murphy) Brommel (2012)
Brommel Phillip Henry Phillip Henry Brommel (2013)
Brooker Agnes Lorraine (Clark) Agnes Clark Brooker (2000)
Brooker Bertine (McCleary) Bertine McCleary Brooker (1980)
Brooker Blanche (Addy) Blanche Brooker (1965)
Brooker Blanche (Long) Blanche (Long) Brooker (1980)
Brooker Bruce A. Bruce Brooker (1961)
Brooker Carroll Blake Carroll Blake Brooker (1948)
Brooker George A. George A. Brooker (1906)
Brooker Gudliff Gudliff Brooker (1907)
Brooker Herbert Red Herbert "Red" Brooker (2004)
Brooker Joan A. Jurgensen Joan A. Jurgensen Brooker (1984)
Brooker JoAnn (Baldon) JoAnn (Baldon) Brooker (2017)
Brooker John John Brooker (1904)
Brooker John Ernest John Ernest Brooker (1930)
Brooker Judson Judson Brooker (1986)
Brooker Kenneth Cordell Kenneth Cordell Brooker (2007)
Brooker Marguerite (Wehrkamp) Marguerite (Wehrkamp) Brooker (1958)
Brooker Maria (Killam) Maria (Killam) Brooker (1924)
Brooker Marion Marion Brooker (1959)
Brooker Mary C. (Hubbard) Mary C. (Hubbard) Brooker (1910)
Brooker Minnie Estelle (Yount) Minnie Estelle (Yount) Brooker (1930)
Brooker Nelson Frederick Nelson Frederick Brooker (1927)
Brooker Norwood F. Norwood F. Brooker (1978)
Brooker Orvand George Orvand George Brooker (1953)
Brooker Phyllis Jean Phyllis Jean Brooker (1927)
Brooker Ralph Ralph Brooker (2002)
Brooker Wilbur Wilbur Brooker (1978)
Brooker William A. William A. Brooker (1929)
Brooks Blanche Carter (Ewick) Blanche Carter (Ewick) Brooks (1992)
Brooks Dale M. Dale M. Brooks (1977)
Brooks Dean Thomas Dean Brooks (2003)
Brooks Dorothy May (Youmans) Dorothy May (Youmans) Brooks (2018)
Brooks Ethel (Frasher) Ethel Frasher Brooks (1977)
Brooks Harry V. H. V. Brooks (Dr) (1968)
Brooks Marian Frances (Campbell) Marian Frances (Campbell) Brooks (1984)
Brooks Mattie Mattie Brooks (1900)
Brooks Mildred (Gearheart) Mildred (Gearheart) Brooks (1949)
Brooks Mildred Pauline (Farlow) Mildred Pauline Brooks (2006)
Brooks Samuel Samuel Brooks (1872)
Brooks Sarah Elizabeth (Coleman) Sarah Elizabeth (Coleman) Brooks (1944)
Brooks Val Val Brooks (1964)
Browart Ludwig - Child of Child of Ludwig Browart (1898)

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