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Bittinger Clara P. (Whitaker) Clara Whitaker Bittinger (1969)
Bittinger Clarence A. "Bud" Clarence A. "Bud" Bittinger (2011)
Bittinger Clarence H. Clarence H. Bittinger (1957)
Bittinger Donald Duane Donald Duane Bittinger (2015)
Bittenger Donald Dwayne Donald Dwayne Bittenger (2016)
Bittenger Margaret Joann (Osborn) Margaret Joann (Osborn) Bittenger (2017)
Bittinger Mary Kay Mary Kay Bittinger (2010)
Bittinger Richard Allen Richard Allen Bittinger (1981)
Bittner William Wesley William Wesley Bittner (2016)
Bivans Donald Ray Donald R. Bivans (1999)
Bivans Dorothy Irene (Wright) Dorothy Irene (Wright) Bivans (2014)
Bivin Anna Carrie Anna Carrie Bivin (1896)
Bivin Benjamin Lloyd Benjamin Lloyd Bivin (1875)
Bivin Joseph B. Joseph B. Bivin (1916)
Bivin Joseph Henry Joseph Henry Bivin (1890)
Bivin Lovey (Singleton) Lovey (Singleton) Bivin (1895)
Bivin Mary (Huff) Mary Bivin (1941)
Bivin Myrtle M. (Callison) Myrtle M. (Callison) Bivin (1902)
Biven Thomas Thomas Biven (1898)
Bixby Frank Frank Bixby (1869)
Bixler Louisa Jane (VanRossum) Louisa Jane (VanRossum) Bixler (1919)
Bjelke Twyla Hogbin Twyla Hogbin Bjelke (2003)
Bjustrom Ora Ora Bjustrom (2008)
Black Abner Abner Black (1948)
Black Abraham Abraham Black (1881)
Black Albert O. Albert O. Black (1956)
Black Alexander Alexander Black (1941)
Black Bessie (Colley) Bessie (Colley) Black (1928)
Black Beulah G. Beulah Black (1963)
Black Charles E. Charles E. Black (1980)
Black Charlotte (Shafer) Charlotte (Shafer) Black (1927)
Black Clara (Coles) Clara Coles Black (1973)
Black Clara Aletha (Miller) Clara Miller Black (1989)
Black Dale A. Dale A. Black (2016)
Black Dorothy Dorothy Black (2009)
Black Earl Chase Earl Chase Black (1925)
Black Edna May (Hart) Edna May (Hart) Black (1936)
Black Eliza (McKibban) Eliza (McKibban) Black (1934)
Black Fay (Jordan) Fay Black (1977)
Black Fern F. (MacAdow) Fern MacAdow Black (1992)
Black Flossie Jane (Young) Flossie Young Black (1969)
Black Forrest Glen Forrest Glen Black (1977)
Black Forrest Chancey Forrest Chancey Black (1995)
Black Frank Frank Black (1911)
Black Frank Frank Black (1946)
Black Fred W. Fred W. Black (1978)
Black Garry DeWitt Garry DeWitt Black (1969)
Black George George Black (1904)
Black George M. George M. Black (1941)
Black George William George William Black (1972)
Black Gladys Gladys Black (1982)
Black Golda Mae (Wharff) Golda Wharff Black (1986)
Black Guy Guy Black (1913)
Black Harry Harry Black (1972)
Black Hazel Fern (Young) Hazel Fern Young Black (1953)
Black James Henry James Henry Black (1913)
Black James Riley James Riley Black (1935)
Black John Bennett John Bennett Black (2011)
Black John Burton John Burton Black (1956)
Black Keith Keith Black (1923)
Black Laura Mae (Smith) Laura Mae Smith Black (2000)
Black Laverne Laverne Black (1975)
Black Leo Paul Leo Paul Black (1984)
Black Loyd H. Loyd H. Black (1942)
Black Mable Roberta (Chase) Mable Roberta (Chase) Black (1936)
Black Mary Ann (Bernhart) Mary Ann (Bernhart) Black (1909)
Black Mary G. (Dudgeon) Mary Dudgeon Black (1960)
Black Maude M. (Baker) Maude M. (Baker) Black (1958)
Black Maurice Maurice Black (1980)
Black Mayme C. (Anderson) Mayme C. Black (1975)
Black Miles Miles Black (1960)
Black Minerva (Moore) Colton Minerva (Moore) Colton Black (1920)
Black Neva Catherine (Bender) Neva Catherine Bender Black (1991)
Black Nora Eva (Hoots) Nora Eva Black (1942)
Black Oral Yvetta Oral Yvetta Black (1990)
Black Peree (Foster) Peree (Foster) Black (1921)
Black Roy Frank Roy Frank Black (1968)
Black Roy Kenneth Roy Kenneth Black (1978)
Black Sarah (White) Sarah (White) Black (1898)
Black Sarah Ann (Souders) Sarah Souders Black (1962)
Black Sue B. Sue B. Black (1909)
Black Willa (Campbell) Willa Campbell Black (1950)
Black William William Black (1892)
Black William C. “Bill” William C. “Bill” Black (1986)
Black William Henry William Henry Black (1935)
Black William Ora William Ora Black (1988)
Blackburn Emma (Schlenker) Emma (Schlenker) Blackburn (2015)
Blackburn Johannes Samuel Johannes Samuel Blackburn (2007)
Blackburn Loren C. Loren C. Blackburn (1954)
Blacketer Wesley Wesley Blacketer (1895)
Blackford Ellen Marie (Nauman) Ellen Marie (Nauman) Blackford (2015)
Blackford Robert Asa "Bob" Robert Asa "Bob" Blackford (2013)
Blackledge Jeanne Louise (Farson) Jeanne Louise (Farson) Blackledge (2008)
Blackman Carmelita Joan (Meade) Carmelita Joan (Meade) Blackman (2010)
Blades Baden Powell Baden Powell Blades (2003)
Blades Marshall George Henry George Blades (2004)
Blagg Darrell J. Darrell J. Blagg (1934)
Blair Alexander Alexander Blair (1876)
Blair Alexander W. Alexander W. Blair (1909)
Blair Alice Anderson Alice Anderson Blair (2007)
Blair Amanda (Scott) Amanda Scott Blair (1910)
Blair Andrew Andrew Blair (1945)
Blair Charles L. Charles L. Blair (1955)
Blair Connie (Herren) Connie Herren Blair (1998)
Blair Dicy (Coffee) Simpson Dicy (Coffee) Simpson Blair (1912)
Blair Eliza Jane Eliza Jane Blair (1880)
Blair Elza C. Elza C. Blair (1932)
Blair Ernest A. Ernest A. Blair (1927)
Blair Esther Esther Blair (1963)
Blair George J. George J. Blair (1959)
Blair George Washington George Washington Blair (1927)
Blair Georgia Della Georgia Della Blair (1910)
Blair Goldie Marie (Dennis) Goldie Marie (Dennis) Blair (2015)
Blair Harriet (Chaffin) Harriet Chaffin Blair (1958)
Blair Hugh Alexander Hugh Alexander Blair (1905)
Blair James Miller James Miller Blair (1920)
Blair John D. John D. Blair (1934)
Blair John Thomas John Thomas Blair (1908)
Blair Lee Wilbur Lee W. Blair (1998)
Blair Mamie Dawn Mamie Dawn Blair (1988)
Blair Mamie Ruth (Thomas) Mamie Ruth Blair (1944)
Blair Margaret (Thomas) Margaret Blair (1943)
Blair Martha (Lippold ) Martha (Lippold ) Blair (1989)
Blair Mary Ann (Hamilton) Mary Ann (Hamilton) Blair (1927)
Blair Mary Elizabeth (Gentry) Mary Elizabeth (Gentry) Blair (1929)
Blair Mary Ellen Mary Ellen Blair (1944)
Blair Matilda Elizabeth (Moran) Matilda Elizabeth (Moran) Blair (1902)
Blair Merle Merle Blair (1967)
Blair Michael James Michael James Blair (1993)
Blair Nona M. (Johnson) Nona Johnson Blair (1969)
Blair Rex A. Rex Blair (1977)
Blair Rhoda (Chadd) Rhoda Chadd Blair (1967)
Blair Robert A. Robert A. Blair (1937)
Blair Robert Frederic Robert Blair (1979)
Blair William Albert William Albert Blair (1937)
Blair William Edwin William Edwin Blair (1911)
Blair William Marion William Marion Blair (1945)

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