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Babbitt Albert Albert Babbitt (1938)
Babbitt Margaret (Welch) Margaret Welch Babbitt (1950)
Babcock John R. John R. Babcock (Lt.) (1968)
Bachmann Diana S. (Koehler) Diana Koehler Bachmann (2004)
Backes Carl Louis Carl Louis Backes (1945)
Backsen Janet (Freed) Janet Freed Backsen (1994)
Bacon Linnie May (Hoots) Linnie May (Hoots) Bacon (1949)
Bacon May (Burd) May Burd Bacon (1948)
Bacon Richard E. Richard E. Bacon (1992)
Badgerow Paula Maree (Bechtel) Paula Maree (Bechtel) Badgerow (1989)
Badgerow Robert Whittiers Robert Whittiers Badgerow (1935)
Badgerow Virgil Leroy Virgil Leroy Badgerow (1967)
Badley Elizabeth (Hatter) Osborn Elizabeth (Hatter) Osborn Badley (1884)
Badley Jasper Virgil Jasper Virgil Badley (1872)
Bailey Athol P. Athol P. Bailey (1973)
Bailey Augusta Ellen (Hilton) Augusta Ellen (Hilton) Bailey (1946)
Bailey Bertha M. (Patton) Bertha Patton Bailey (1969)
Bailey Clara Bell (Yount) Clara Yount Bailey (1966)
Bailey Clarence W. Clarence W. Bailey (1955)
Bailey Dave D. Dave D. Bailey (2003)
Bailey Dianne Lynn Dianne Lynn Bailey (2013)
Bailey Edward Chalfant Edward Chalfant Bailey (1952)
Bailey Elizabeth (Montgomery) Elizabeth (Montgomery) Bailey (1910)
Bailey Estella C. (Shade) Estella Shade Bailey (1972)
Bailey Etta May (Kirby) Etta May Kirby Bailey (1983)
Bailey Everett Daniel Everett Daniel Bailey (1969)
Bailey Florence Florence Bailey (1951)
Bailey Gary W. Gary W. Bailey (2002)
Bailey George W. George W. Bailey (2007)
Bailey Guy H. D. Guy H. D. Bailey (1959)
Bailey Hugh Hugh Bailey (2003)
Bailey Kate Ann (Dryden) Kate Ann (Dryden) Bailey (1932)
Bailey Lawrence Lawrence Bailey (2012)
Bailey Leonard Warren Leonard Warren Bailey (1997)
Bailey Mabel Grace Mabel Grace Bailey (1894)
Bailey Marleah Ruth (Hardin) Marleah Ruth (Hardin) Bailey (2016)
Bailey Mary (Chandler) Mary Chandler Bailey (1911)
Bailey Mary Rosella Mary Rosella Bailey (1906)
Bailey Maymie Pearl (Petersohn) Maymie Petersohn Bailey (1999)
Bailey Moses Moses Bailey (1918)
Bailey Nanna (Alcorn) Nanna Alcorn Bailey (1993)
Bailey Nellie Louise (Brown) Ishmael Nellie Louise (Brown) Ishmael Bailey (1974)
Bailey Norma Jean (Simpson) Norma Jean (Simpson) Bailey (1988)
Bailey Richard W. Richard W. Bailey (1995)
Bailey Ronda J. (Hayes) Ronda J. (Hayes) Bailey (2013)
Bailey Thomas Russell Thomas Russell Bailey (1951)
Bailey William William Bailey (1954)
Bailey Willis D. Willis D. Bailey (1983)
Bailie Faye Henrietta (Milligan) Miller Faye Henrietta (Milligan) Miller Bailie (1994)
Bailiff Lawrence Sr. Lawrence Bailiff Sr. (2000)
Bailiff Lulu O. (Patten) Lulu Patten Bailiff (1972)
Bailiff Peter H. Peter H. Bailiff (1961)
Bailiff William J. William J. Bailiff (1989)
Bain Blanche Eleanor Blanche Eleanor Bain (1933)
Bain Ronald Ronald Bain (1898)
Baiotto Ernest John Ernest John Baiotto (2015)
Baiotto Jason John Jason John Baiotto (2005)
Baiotto Joyce Anne (Holthaus) Joyce Anne (Holthaus) Baiotto (2012)
Baird Alonza L. Alonza L. Baird (1931)
Baird Eliza Melinda (Jack) Eliza Melinda (Jack) Baird (1930)
Baird James S. James S. Baird (1922)
Baird John W. John W. Baird (1896)
Baird Mary L. (Clopton) Mary Clopton Baird (1974)
Baird Nathaniel Taylor Nathaniel Taylor Baird (1926)

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