Madison County



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Veteran's Name: Zeller, Elias Reynold

Father: John Zeller
Residence: Winterset, Iowa Father's nativity: 
Occupation: Farmer, Editor Mother: Susan
Date of birth: 13 Sep 1844 Mother's nativity: 
Place of birth: Millville, Butler, Ohio Wife: Hattie Cox, born 06 Dec 1856, married 16 Oct 1879
Date of death: 22 Jul 1935 2nd wife: 
Place of death: Winterset, Madison, Iowa 3rd wife: 
Place of burial: Winterset, Iowa  
Cause of death: 


  Katherine Zeller Kale - Winterset

  Theodore - Glenwood, Iowa

  Joseph Walter - 396 Burns Street, Forest Hills, New York

War record
  Rank: Private Company: K Regiment: 167th
  State: Ohio Organization: Infantry
  Enlistment date: 02 May 1864
  Enlistment age:  Residence
  Mustered out: with Company, 08 Sep 1864 at Hamilton, Ohio, Service 100 days
GAR membership
  Post name: Pitzer Date joined: 17 Jun 1885
  Post No.: 55 (106) Age at joining: 
  Place: Winterset Transfers: 
Sources: Graves Reg.: carries name; dau. Kathryn Kale; Ex-Soldiers living Ia. 1886: Winterset; State Archives F61-59; Roster Ohio Soldiers: (Elias R); Post 55 Desc Book #106 - age 40 in 1885; Family record given by Mrs. hattie Zeller 17 GFeb 1944
Notes: Widow, Lattie (Hattie) Cox Zeller living 15 Feb 1944 in Winterset, Iowa - Charter member of W.R.C. No. 117 has been Guard for many years of Corps. Lived in Oxford, Ohio, Burlington and Winterset, Ia. Had brothers in the War: Daniel, Joseph and Jacob A.


Transcribed by Kent G. Transier 07 Jan 2006.