Madison County, Iowa



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Veteran's Name: Worthing, John E

Father: Richard Worthing
Residence:  Father's nativity: Wales
Occupation: Farmer & Hotel Owner Mother: Sarah Ingram
Date of birth: 15 Oct 1845 Mother's nativity: Wales
Place of birth: Coshocton County, Ohio Wife: Julia Barger, born 04 Nov 1846, died 20 Aug 2
Date of death: 15 Oct 1933 2nd wife: Isabelle C. Walker, B. 1849, Indiana, married 1925, Truro, Iowa
Place of death: Peru, Madison, Iowa 3rd wife: 
Place of burial: Truro, Iowa  
Cause of death: 


  1st marriage

    Blanche A (Mills B) Alldredge, 1054 45th St., Des Moines, Iowa

    Barger A. Worthing, 2257 Larimer St., Denver, Colorado

    Richard S. Worthing, Whipple, Arizona, World War Veteran, Vet Hospital

    Arnette Bradshaw, 2046 Lilac Lane, Glendale, California

    Alta Queen, New Virginia, Iowa

War record
  Rank: Private Company: A Regiment: 172nd
  State: Ohio Organization: Infantry
  Enlistment date: 27 Arp 1864
  Enlistment age: 18 Residence
  Mustered out: 03 Sep 1864 at Gallipolis, Ohio, service 100 days
GAR membership
  Post name: J. D. Craven Date joined: 2nd term 1892
  Post No.: 198 (66) Age at joining: 
  Place: Macksburg Transfers: 
  Post name: Pitzer Date joined: 1st term 1904
  Post No.: 55 (S) Age at joining: 
  Place: Winterset Transfers: Sus. 2nd term 1907
Sources: Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Warthing, john - Truro; Roster Ohio Soldiers: (John E)
Notes: Letter from Mrs. may Shearer, daughter of Mrs. Isaac Worthing (16 Feb 1944): Isabell C. Walker & John E. Worthing were married in Peru about 19**. She was first married to a man by name Smith by whom she had 3 children, as follows living: Sam Smith, Holly Colo; Fred Smith, Douglas, Wyo.; and Mrs. Shearer, Peru, Iowa. His youngest brother, Baron was killed in Civil War.


Transcribed by Kent G. Transier 07 Jan 2006.