Madison County, Iowa



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Veteran's Name: Miller, Valentine

Residence:  Father's nativity: 
Occupation: Farmer Mother: 
Date of birth: 02 Aug 1836 Mother's nativity: 
Place of birth: Germany Wife: Anna M, born Dubuque County, Iowa
Date of death: 27 Dec 1887 2nd wife: 
Place of death:  3rd wife: 
Place of burial: St. Mary's, Iowa  
Cause of death: 


  Lizzie - born ca 1869, Delaware County, Iowa, married Herman Limke, deceased

  Henry - born 1882, Delaware County, Iowa, (dead)

  Barbara Mary (R. C.) Hoffman

  Maggie, age 2 in 1885 (Mont Carmel, Illinois)

  Rose (Bert) Akers, born 1887

War record
  Rank: Private Company: A Regiment: 49th
  State: Pennsylvania Organization: Infantry
  Enlistment date: 1862
  Enlistment age:  Residence
  Mustered out: 
GAR membership
  Post name: John Miller Date joined: 
  Post No.: 158 Age at joining: 
  Place: St. Charles Transfers: 
Sources: Ex-Soldiers living Ia. 1886: res St. Marys; Post 158 Desc Book: birthplace Clearfield, Pennsylvania; Iowa Census 1885 - born Germany; Mrs. R. C. (Barbara) Hoffman: born Germany, came with brothers to America when 8

1. Pension File indicates service in Company A and D 49th Pennsylvania Infantry

2. Writing Rose Akers 17 Dec 1944 - Widow applied for pension 14 Jul 1891 - WC 439 181, Iowa. W. J. McClary, made guardian minor WC 444 030 Iowa F*led S.13,1893.

3. Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Akers (daughters) living in Des Moines Jan 1944.

4. Great-granddaughter Coleen Hoffman a candidate to join Junior Club D.U.V. (Tent 27) Des Moines.

5. Rose Akers living at 3rd & Hartford, Des Moines had father's papers - showing pension received by mother after her father's death - who never drew a pension.

6. Valentine was a brother of John and George Miller, Daughter Mrs. R. C.. Hoffman res 912 Hackley, Tel 4-1327


Transcribed by Kent G. Transier 29 Dec 2005.