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Veteran's Name: Arnold, Jacob S

Residence: Father's nativity:
Occupation: Farmer Mother: 
Date of birth: 23 Oct 1844 Mother's nativity:
Place of birth: Tuscarawas County, Ohio Wife:  Mahala Lathrum
Date of death: 03 Mar 1900 2nd wife:
Place of death: Madison County, Iowa 3rd wife:
Place of burial: Young Cemetery near Truro, Iowa  
Cause of death:


  Clark - died 1917

  Mary (Frank) Crawford, St. Charles, Ia.

  John Franklin born 22 Feb 1883, died Des Moines, Ia. 05 Mar 1945, mar. Beulah Marguerite Otis


War record
  Rank: Private Company: G Regiment: 51st
  State: Ohio Organization: Infantry
  Enlistment date: 17 Feb 1864, mustered in 17 Feb 1864
  Enlistment age: 19 Residence
  Mustered out: Absent on furlough 30 Aug 1865, mustered out to date 03 Oct 1865 by order of War Dept.
GAR membership
  Post name: John Miller Date joined: 
  Post No.: 158(4) Age at joining: 
  Place: St. Charles Transfers: Sus. 3 times from 1889 to 1897; Re. 02 Jun 1890; *r. 30 Jun 1891
Sources: Roster Ohio Sold.; G.A.R. Muster Roll 1st, 3d ad:Arnold, J. S. - Co G 50 Ohio Inf (Not in Record of Posts) Post 158 Desc Book: Co G 51 Ohio Inf; Ex-Soldiers Living Iowa 1886: Arnold Jacob - Co G 51 Ohio - res. Truro/Roster of Ohio Soldiers: Arnold, Jacob S: - Co. G 51 Ohio Inf./

Graves Reg. "Must out at Victoria, Texas." Came to Iowa in 1866.  

Wife of John Franklin Arnold is daughter of Charles Otis of an Illinois Regiment Co B 1st Ill Art whose record see in Miscell Records/Moved to Iowa from Ohio 1866. 

Son of John Franklin - Charles S Arnold and his two children, Joyce and James of Moorpark, Calif in office G.A.R. 15 Aug 1950.

Harold Arnold, son of Clark Arnold served World War II in Navy (enl from Iowa) now Aug 16, 1950 living Atlantic, Iowa - works in Post Office - has two children.

Additional Notes: This veteran's index cards were accompanied by a GAR form filled out by Jacob Arnold's daughter in August 1950. The notes that follow are transcribed from that form and include only that information that was not on the index cards.

Father's date & place of birth - July 1781, Ohio; Date & place of death ____, Ohio; War service - none

Mother's date & place of birth - March 1800, ____; Date & place of death ____, Ohio

Brothers in Civil War (with Co. & Regiment) - Eli Arnold, don't know Co or Regiment - was Iowa Reg.

Wife of Veteran Date & Place of Birth - Feb 1848, Indiana; Data & Place of Death - 23 Sep 1918, Iowa

Date & Place Marriage - 1872, Winterset, Iowa

Children (Addresses of living, full given names, & married names daughters)

  David Clark Arnold, 10 Aug 1873, died 1917, married Mabel King

  Mary Arnold (Frank) Crawford, St. Charles, Iowa, born 31 May 1878

  John Franklin Arnold, born 22 Feb 1883, died 05 Mar 1945 at Des Moines, Iowa


Transcribed by Kent G. Transier 06 Sep 2005.