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The following is information taken from GAR index cards in the possession of the Iowa Historical Library in Des Moines

Miscellaneous Data and History: J. D. Craven post #198 G.A.R., Macksburg, Iowa

Chartered: 28 May 1883, mustered by W. C. Wicks

Members: Charter 33, total 66

Disbanded: 01 Jan 1904

Property: Charter and photo at Headquarters. Reprint of photo made by Tyler Studio April 24, 1947 (Photo loaned by Mrs. Emma Craven) 1946 and returned April 24, 1947. (Transcriber's note - A copy of this photo may be in the possession of the Iowa Historical Library in Des Moines, included in the G.A.R. collection. The subject of the photo is not described in the index cards.)


Macksburg, Madison Co., Iowa July 9, 1900

To the G. A. R. Posts of the State of Iowa

     Dear Comrades and Brothers - On the night of June 1st, 1899, our Post Hall with all its contents, was completely destroyed by fire without any insurance, and when the comrades surveyed our condition, it seemed we must surrender and disband. But by being encouraged and reinforced by the little band of the Women's Relief Corps we continued the battle, but in a feeble way, up to the present, by holding our meetings in a school house. But recently, the W.R. C. ladies have concluded to try to build a hall, or help to for the Post and the W.R.C. So now in order to assist them and make it a success, our Post has resolved to ask the various Posts of the State for a little help. Our town is a small inland village of about 200 and our Post is quite poor and very much discouraged, and will be compelled to disband if we cannot have a place to meet. But if you can lend a helping hand, comrades, we would humbly, but respectfully ask your Post to send us from one to ten dollars, as you may feel able to do, and thereby save us from disbanding, for which we will feel very thankful.

S. W. Cook. Commander     

J. H. Mack, Adjt of J. D. Craven Post No. 198, Macksburg, Iowa

P.S. - You can send your contribution to S. W. Cook, Commander, Macksburg, Iowa

SIOUX CITY, IOWA, July 12, 1900

    Permission is herby granted to J. D. Craven Post No. 198, G. A. R., Macksburg, Iowa, to solicit aid from Posts in this jurisdiction. This is indeed a worthy object, and I trust liberal contributions will be made.

M. B. DAVIS, Department Commander


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