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Note 1: Click on date to see wedding info.

Note 2: Date highlighted in green - marriage not in Madison County but involved Madison County resident(s).

Note 3: Information in red font has been added by the transcriber to clarify the records and is not part of the original Madison County documents. 



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Zalmer, Emma (lics)

21 Nov 1912

Grinn, Herman 

[Zebedee] Zebidee, Mary

07 Apr 1885

Libria, Leonard A.

[Zeep] Zip, Barbara (nee Vicker) (2)

18 Jul 1893

Smith, John W.

Zelle, Guy C.

26 Jun 1907

Ringgenberg, Clara E.

Zeller, Elias R.

16 Oct 1879

Cox, Hattie

Zeller, Katherine

21 Dec 1907

Kale, Noah Lester

Zepp, Mabel B.

10 Nov 1909

Edgington, William L.

Ziegler, Catherine (Jasper Co. marriage)

04 Mar 1891

Willows, George

Ziemann, Emil

28 Oct 1915

Boos, Elsie

Ziemann, John G.

12 Mar 1903

Niendorf, Anna M. L.

Ziemann, Otto Abraham

26 Jan 1916

Wishmier, Clara Eveline

Ziemann, Rosie Sophia Mary

27 Jan 1909

Fundinger, Otto

Zimmerman, Elmer C.

22 Mar 1900

Smith, Mary Gertrude

Zimmerman, Joseph W.

02 Sep 1877

Miller, Sarah E.

Zimmerman, Philip

20 Jul 1862

Darby, Margaret A.

Zimmerman, William M. (2)

25 Nov 1897

Shepherd, Myrtle E.


* Indicates the approximate date of marriage, based on the dates of marriages surrounding the name. (#) Indicates the number of the marriage for a person with multiple marriages. (lics.) Indicates that a license was issued, but a return date was not posted on the marriage records. (?) Indicates that the spelling of the name is questionable because the writing is hard to read.


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