Alcock John Henry Alcock & family
Allcock Norvell Spencer Allcock & Wives
Allen Oscar Dunbar Allen, Elizabeth (Thompson) Allen Family, Whitley Allen & wife Sarah, Isaac Allen & 1st Wife, Margaret (Allcock) Allen
Anderson Dr. William M. Anderson, Thomas Thornton Anderson
Armstrong Elizabeth Ann Armstrong
Baldock Home of Dr. Albert C. Baldock, Dr. Albert Cretcher Baldock, Albert C. Baldock, Jr., Eldora Addie Baldock, Frank L. Baldock, George W. Baldock, Joseph Henry Baldock, Mary Ellen Baldock
Beard William Beard Family
Beardsley Theodore Beardsley Family, Beardsley Brothers
Beem William J. Beem, Michael W. Beem & Wife, Children of William J. & Amanda (Heacock)
Bennett Dorothy Mary & Elsie May Bennett
Black Eleanor (Hartman) Black
Booth Charles Edwin Booth, Clarence William Booth, Jennie & Lizzie Booth, Jennie & Alice Booth
Bradshaw David Bradshaw & Wife
Breeding Albia (Cox) Breeding, Charles Breeding, James Breeding, Wessie Maude (Ekelberry) Breeding
Brobst Ersie Brobst Family
Brown Charles Brown & Family
Casey Emma C. Casey
Caskey Washington George Caskey Family, George Washington Caskey
Clearwater William Lloyd Clearwater Family
Coffield Benajah Coffield & Family
Cole Ethel, Bertha, Elizabeth & Lenore Cole
Cornman Lewis Cornman, Jane Pence (Elser) Cornman
Cox Amanda Abigail (Farris) Cox
Dudney Abraham Lincoln Dudney & wife; Truro home of Abraham Dudney, William Jackson Dudney & Family
Darnall Earnest Otto Darnall, Emma Jane Darnall, Inez Alice (Little) Darnall
Edwards Lura & Linnie Edwards
Eppard James Andrew Eppard Family, Rev. Clarence Monroe Eppard
Ettien Charles Ettien Family
Eyerly Daniel Hiskey Eyerly
Fenimore William Fenimore Family
Fox Luther Fox Grocery, Luther Fox House
Gentry Josie Gentry
Goodner Emma (Kale) Goodner
Gordon Jonathan Allen Gordon 4 Generations
Gray The Austin Gray Family, Almon John Gray
Halliwill William & Margaret Halliwill, Dora Alice Halliwill, David & Catherine Halliwill
Hart Miles Hart - Civil War, Andrew Mathew Hart & Family
Hartsook 1875 farm of William Hartsook
Hiatt Arthur William Hiatt Family, Thomas Hiatt Family
Hoover Daughters of Joseph & Sarah (Ray) Hoover, Margaret Hester Hoover
Houlette Mary Martha (McNeley) Houlette
Howard Dexter Howard, Elizabeth Evelyn (Moore) Howard, Philinda Howard
Hubbell Emma M. (Foster) Hubbell
Huffman Family Reunion
Iler Mary Iler & Charles Newton
Imes Lloyd Beryl & Ruby Amy (Hoover) Imes
Jeffs Ernest C. Jeffs
Kale James Ansel Kale, Lena & Hazel Kale, James Ansel Kale (2), Kale Family Reunion, Kale Reunion with names, Elizabeth (Thompson) Kale Family, Daughters or William & Mary (Fife) Kale
Keith Michael Keith, Wife & Grandson
Kinney Elizabeth Jane (Ray) Kinney
Krell John Henry Krell Family, Arville Nelson Krell
Lilley Peter, Eliza & George Lilley, John Ellis & Nannie R. (Douglas) Lilley
Little Sarah Francis (Allen) Little, Thomas Whitley Little
Mack 1875 residence of Dr. Joseph H. Mack
Macumber 1875 stock farm of Andrew Macumber
Maddick James & Hazel (Kale) Maddick
Malone Bernard Malone Family
McCaughan Rev. Charles T. McCaughan
McDowell Emma Frances McDowell, Frank McDowell, Joseph Emmet McDowell, Joseph Newton McDowell, Robert Nathaniel McDowell, William Ralston McDowell
McKibban "Major" Johnny McKibban
McNeley John McNeley Family, McNeley 5 Generation
Miller Daisy (Gordon) Miller
Moreland Anna Elizabeth Moreland
Morris George Robert & Flora (Waechter) Morris & son Hugh
Nichols 1875 residence of George T. Nichols
Ogburn Merit Ogburn Family
Oglesbee Verner Oglesbee Family
Oldham Children of Andrew & Catherine (Boden) Oldham, Andrew Oldham
Orris Benjamin Franklin Orris & Wife
Parkins 1875 residence of John E. Parkins
Parrish Henry Parrish & Wife
Peacock Bert Peacock
Peed Francis Marion Peed Family
Porter Charles Fred & Susan Mary (Hoover) Porter
Powell Powell Family Reunion - 1928
Ray Barnabas Ray, Lucy Mary Ray, Isaac Newton Ray Family, Daughters of Barnabas Ray, Caroline "Carrie" Ray, Ray, Levi
Reed Austin Benoni Reed
Robinson Charles Franklin Robinson
Roby Cora D. Roby, Effie (Johnson) Roby, Jonathan Roby Family
Rollstin Martha Matilda Rollstin
Ruby John Ruby Family, Ruby 50th Anniversary
Ruth Eleanor (Wilson) Ruth
Sayre Clyde Sayre
Scott Children of William & Margaret (Salmon) Scott
Shriver 1875 wagon & carriage factory of William Shriver
Shutt James Harrison Shutt Family Reunion, Joseph Harrison Shutt
Silliman James Harold Silliman
Sloan 1929 residence of Dr. James Sloan
Smith George Z. & Ida Smith, Walter Aaron Smith
Strong Daisy (Weaver) Strong
Stuart Coonrod Stuart, Wife & Daughter, Stuart Brothers
Sutton Caleb Sutton, Wife & Daughter
Taylor 1875 farm of Henry Taylor, Alvin Taylor, Alvin Taylor & wife, Marley & Minnie Taylor, Zelma & Zola Taylor
Travis Travis Family Reunion - 1920, Travis Family Reunion - 1934, Nellie Eleanor Travis, Daughters of William M. & Mary E. Travis, William Martin Travis Family
Trotter James & Anna Trotter Children & Spouses
True Elizabeth True & 2nd Husband
Turner Mabel C. Turner
Waechter Dawn & Lloyd Waechter, Alfred Newton Waechter, Daughters of Ira & Josie (Bailey) Waechter, Henry Walter Waechter & Family, James Dewitt Waechter
Walkup Letitia Ann Walkup, Walkup Sisters
Wallace William "Pat" Wallace & wife Luella
Weaver Flora A. (Eppard) Weaver, Charles Weaver, Nellie (Smith) Weaver, Ralph & Bertha (Price) Weaver
Wight Claude & Tena Wight
Wise James Wise Family
Wissler Reuben & Eva Wissler
Young Charles Hunter Young, Jeremiah & Etta (Halliwill) Young



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