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A list of folks who were born and/or spent significant formative years in Madison County and became nationally noteworthy in their adult years.



Madison County Ties

Robert Osborne Bare Robert, son of Benjamin & Bertha Bare, was born in Winterset in 1901. At an early age he was enrolled in the Severn School, a prep school in Maryland aimed at preparing students to enter the US Naval Academy. He had a successful career as a US Marine, retiring in 1957 as a Lieutenant General.
George Washington Carver After being denied entry to a Kansas college, George homesteaded in western Nebraska before arriving in Winterset in  mid-1888 where he took employment at the Shultz Hotel.  Local acquaintances encouraged him to enroll in Simpson College's art program in the fall of 1890, in nearby Indianola. His art teacher, whose father was a botany professor at Iowa Agricultural College, now Iowa State University, led him to enroll there where he received Bachelor's and Master's degrees. He went on to achieve national recognition as a botanist at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama and was known world-wide for his work in providing uses for crops (peanuts and sweet potatoes) that enriched the soil being depleted by repetitive cotton crops.
Fred Clifford Clarke Fred was born in Madison County to William and Lucinda Clarke in 1872. The family moved to Kansas and Fred became a professional baseball player and manager, inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1945.
Edwin Hurd Conger Ed Conger was born in 1843 in Knox county, Illinois to Lorentus & Mary Conger. Ed moved to Penn Township, Madison County in 1868 where he farmed. In the latter part of the 1870's Ed settled in Dexter where, in 1885, he became a US Congressman. He was subsequently appointed  US Ambassador to Brazil followed by US Ambassador to China.
Austin Bruce Garretson Born in Winterset in 1856 to Nathan & Hannah Garretson, Austin grew to adulthood in Madison County, went on to become a railroad conductor, culminating in his leadership of the Railway Conductors Union.
Judge Reynolds Robert Kinkade Born in Keokuk County March 3, 1854, his family came to Winterset after the Civil War and Reynolds spent his youth there before moving to Ohio after 1870. He became a Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court in 1924.
Amy Leslie Amy Leslie's birth name was Lillian West, born in West Burlington, Iowa in 1856, daughter of Albert and Katie West. The West family moved to Winterset before 1860 where Lillian spent her childhood. She graduated from Norte Dame University, sang opera and eventually became a renowned drama critic, employed by the Chicago Daily News.
Glenn Luther Martin Glenn was born in Macksburg to Clarence and Minta Martin in 1886, the family moved to Kansas in 1888. Glenn went on to become an aviation pioneer, forming an aviation company that today is part of the Lockheed Martin Corporation.
James Bradley Orman Born in Muscatine, Iowa in 1849, the Orman family moved to Madison County before 1856. James moved to Colorado in 1869, became politically active, eventually becoming Governor of Colorado in 1901.
Mark Robert Pearson Mark Pearson was born in Lafayette, Indiana to Robert & June Pearson. He received a journalism degree from the University of Arizona And took a job at WHO radio in Des Moines. He held several jobs in radio and television, eventually settling on a farm in Madison County near East Peru.
William Plummer Potter Born in 1857 in Maquoketa, Iowa, to Rev. James H. & Isabel Potter, he came with his parents to Winterset where his father became pastor of  the First Presbyterian Church in 1870. William studied the law and was admitted to the Iowa bar. Later he moved to Pennsylvania where he practiced law and eventually served 18 years as a Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
George Leslie Stout George was born in Winterset in 1897 to Abraham and Lulu Stout. He spent his formative years in Winterset, attended Grinnell College and went on to become accomplished in the field of art preservation and gained national notoriety for his role in art preservation in Europe during and after WWII.
Thomas Henry Tibbles Born in Ohio in 1840, he came to Winterset in 1854 and studied law for two years before moving on to Kansas to join the abolitionist movement. He eventually became a nationally renown author, politician, and Native Amercian rights activist.
Henry Cantwell Wallace Henry C. Wallace was born in in 1866 in Rock Island, Illinois to Henry & Nancy Cantwell Wallace. His parents moved the family to Winterset in 1877. Henry C. left Winterset in 1885 to attend Iowa State College, eventually receiving a degree and taught dairying there. Over time, he began working with his father on the "Wallaces' Farmer" publication, becoming editor when his father died. He was appointed Secretary of Agriculture by President Harding and continued in that role under President Coolidge.
John Wayne Born "Marion Morrison" in 1907 in Winterset to Clyde and Mary Morrison, the family lived in Winterset and Earlham before moving to California. He became a famous Hollywood actor.


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