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A. T. Andreas' "Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa," published in 1875, was the most monumental Iowa history up to that time. As a reference tool it far eclipses all other volumes. As a matter of fact, nothing that has been printed since 1875 would begin to include, as does Andreas, the varied aspects of the Iowa scene from the beginnings of white settlement down to 1875.

Of the 596 pages of this colossal undertaking, 361 are pictorial in character. The remaining 233 pages are divided as follows: Biographical Sketches 31; Iowa, Topography, Geology, Climate, 4; State History 26; County Histories 84; Patrons of the Atlas 56; Business Directory of Patrons 18.

Between 1865 and 1885 Andreas published, independently or with associates, approximately thirty county and state atlases.

Information given below is as follows: Name, Residence, Business, Nativity, Came to State, Post Office




Bell, James, Jr., Section 26, Farmer, Hancock Co., Ohio, 1851, Bevington

Howell, Aaron, Section 22, Farmer, Morris Co., New Jersey, 1849, Patterson

Shreve, Jonah, Section 13, Farmer, Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, 1849, Bevington

Wiedman, Anton, Section 12, Farmer, Baden, Germany, 1855, Bevington

Williamson, John L., Section 25, Farmer, Fayette Co., Indiana, 1856, Bevington

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Bruce, R. P., Section 34, Farmer, Garrard Co., Kentucky, 1850, Winterset

Buttler. James, Section 11, Farmer, Buchanan Co., Missouri, 1846, Winterset

Evans, R. A., Section 3, Farmer, Clark Co., Indiana, 1841, Winterset

Getchell, John, Section 23, Farmer and Fruit Raiser, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, 1854, Winterset

Kirkland, S. D., Section 14, Farmer and Lumberman, Mercer Co., Kentucky, 1853, Winterset

Myers, Jonathan, Section 26, Farmer, Montgomery Co., New York, 1850, Winterset

Norris, John, Section 35, Farmer, Chemung Co., New York, 1865, Winterset

Sulgrove, Emannuel, Section 9, Farmer, Marion Co., Indiana, 1853, Winterset

Terry, W. E., Section 10, Farmer, St. Joseph Co., Michigan, 1866, Winterset

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Barber, O. W.,----------, Farmer and Stk. Dlr., Randolph Co. North Carolina, 1854, Macksburg

Crawford, Chas. H., Section 31, Farmer and Teacher, Scott, Indiana, 1854, Macksburg

Pearson, S. H., Section 29, Farmer, Madison Co., Iowa, 1854, Macksburg

Rawlings, T. R., Section 33, Farmer, Scott, Indiana, 1853, Macksburg

Spencer, S. W., Section 28, Farmer, Cambria, New York, 1869, Macksburg

Terry, Miss M. S., Section 16, Teacher & Book Agent, Henry Co., Illinois, 1869, Macksburg

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Bissell, O. B., Section 5, Farmer, Portage Co., Ohio, 1855, North River

Early, James, Section 11, Farmer and Stk. Dlr., Trumbull Co., Ohio, 1854, Earlham

Hockenberry, McE., Section 28, Farmer & Mill Wright, Holmes Co., Ohio, 1854, Maple Grove

Linton, E. F.,------, Physician, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, 1850, Dexter

Linn, Henry, Section 10, Farmer, Morrow Co., Ohio, 1868, Dexter

Mabbitt, Wm., Section 3, Farmer, Rush Co., Indiana, 1864, Dexter

Perkins, E. G., Section 35, Farmer & P.M., Windsor Co., Vermont, 1857, Maple Grove

Schoepflin, Martin, Section 36, Farmer, Germany, 1862, Winterset

Schoepflin, Wm., Section 36, Farmer, Germany, 1862, Winterset

Stewart, R. W., Section 11, Farmer & Blacksmith, Trumbull Co., Ohio, 1860, Earlham

Sherman, C. F., Section 4, Farmer, Sweden, 1859, Dexter

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Brewster, Wm. F., Section 21, Farmer, Connecticut, 1855, Van Meter

Burger G., Section 34, Farmer, Germany, 1850, Van Meter

Ballentine, Alex, Section 36, Farmer, Hampshire Co., Virginia, 1856 Winterset

Brittain, Alfred, Section 32, Farmer, Vigo Co., Indiana, 1851 Winterset

Ballentine, H. T., Section 25, Farmer, Coshocton Co., Ohio, 1856, Winterset

Brooker, Geo., Section 22, Farmer, Morgan Co., Ohio,1847, Van Meter

Brooker, John, Section 16, Farmer, Morgan Co., Ohio, 1847, DeSoto

Brooker, Gudliff, Section 20, Farmer, Morgan Co., Ohio, 1847, DeSoto

Ballou, Louis, Section 17, Farmer, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, 1854, DeSoto

Doak, Wm., Section 28, Farmer, Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania, 1847, DeSoto

Gutshall, Henry, Section 2, Farmer, Harrison Co., Ohio, 1854, Van Meter

Goodson, Wm. N., Section 2, Farmer, Washington Co., Indiana, 1847, Booneville

Hazen, D., Section 27, Farmer, Grand Isle Co., Vermont, 1845, Van Meter

Hazen, Rufus, Section 14, Farmer, Grand Isle Co., Vermont, 1847, Van Meter<

Hubbard, A. M. Section 30, Farmer, Lee Co., Iowa, 1861, Winterset

Hubbard, J. D., Section 30, Farmer, Harrison Co., Missouri, 1861, Winterset

Jones, H. P., Section 28, Farmer, Carpenter, Contractor, Urbana, Ohio, 1845, Van Meter

Knight, M. A., Section 7, Farmer, Stock Raiser, Grand Isle Co., Vermont, 1850, DeSoto

Kirkpatrick, A. B., Section 13, Farmer, Adams Co., Ohio, 1858, Van Meter

McBride, M., Section 22, Farmer, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, 1851, Van Meter

Payton, B. W., Section 6, Farmer, Stock Raiser, Delaware Co., Indiana, 1866 DeSoto

Renshaw, Sylvester, Section 21, Farmer, Fayette Co., Indiana, 1852, DeSoto

Renshaw, L., Section 21, Farmer, Monongalia Co., West Virginia, 1852, DeSoto

Riegle, Samuel, Section 26, Farmer, Harrison Co., Ohio, 1854, Van Meter

Riegle, Jacob, Section 26, Farmer, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania, 1854, Van Meter

Rankin, James, Section 19, Farmer, Guernsey Co., Ohio, 1858, DeSoto

Smith, Jonathan, Section 14, Farmer, Essex Co., New York, 1850, Van Meter

Schoen, F. W. L., Section 35, Farmer, Germany, 1857, Winterset

Shambaugh, A. H., Section 12, Farmer, Harrison Co., Ohio, 1867, Booneville

Smith, John J., Section 10, Farmer, Akron, Ohio, 1866, Van Meter

Thompson, H. J., Section 31, Farmer, Jackson Co., Ohio, 1846, Winterset

Trindle, J. H., Section 2, Farmer, Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, 1854, Winterset

Weede, J. C., Section 20, Farmer, Indiana Co., Pennsylvania, 1868, DeSoto 

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Crawford, John, Section 6, Far. Stk. Dlr. & Bdr., Coshocton Co., Ohio, 1854, Booneville

Smith, L. N., Section 18, Frmer & Stock Raiser, Grafton Co., New Hampshire, 1857, Booneville

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Gordon, S. A., Section 4, Farmer, Ripley Co., Indiana, 1852, Winterset

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Duff, J. A., Section 32, Farmer and Carpenter, Guernsey Co., Ohio, 1858, Winterset

Hill, M. D., Earlham, Hardware, Randolph Co., Indiana, 1867, Earlham

Johnson, A., Earlham, Physician, Wayne Co., Indiana, 1854, Earlham

Laird, James, Earlham, R.R. Stone Contractor, Beaver Co., Pennsylvania, 1858, Earlham

Oldham, Andrew, Section 35, Farmer, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, 1857, Winterset

Storch, Geo., Section 13, Farmer, Germany, 1848, DeSoto

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Hull, James, Section 15, Farmer, Wayne Co., Ohio, 1854, St. Charles

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Brink, A., Section 30, Farmer, Holmes Co., Ohio, 1868, Dexter

Beezley, David, Section 3, Farmer, Boone Co., Indiana, 1843, Earlham

Clark, D. J., Section 30, Farmer, St. Louis, Missouri, 1868, Dexter

Finney, Nelson, Section 31, Farmer, Franklin Co., New York, 1854, Dexter

Holderbaum, M. S., Section 5, Farmer, Holmes Co., Ohio, 1869, Dexter

Lindsey, E. M., Section 7, Farmer, Delaware Co., New York, 1861, Dexter

McCabe, Wesley, Section 29, Farmer, Monmouth Co., New Jersey, 1869

Peters, A. M., Section 11, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Grand Isle Co., Vermont, 1850, DeSoto

Stanton, David, Section 2, Farmer, Belmont Co., Ohio, 1856, Earlham

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Kirk, J. B., Section 21, Farmer, Kentucky, 1854, Winterset

Polk, M., Section 8, Farmer & Fine Stk. Bdr., Scott Co., Kentucky, 1873, Winterset

Vermillion, R. D. .........., Miller, Champaign Co., Ohio, 1850, Winterset

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Anderson, Wm. M., St. Charles, Physician, Guernsey Co., Ohio, 1858, St. Charles

Browne, W. L., St. Charles, Merchant, --------------, 1866 St. Charles

Debord, M. C.. Section 7, Farmer, Washington Co., Virginia, 1849, Winterset

Howard, J. F., Section 9, Farmer, Clark Co., Missouri, 1853, St. Charles

Rhyno, T. J., Section 32, Farmer, Stock Dlr., Wythe Co., Virginia, 1850, Winterset

Runkle, Thos., Section 7, Farmer, Culpepper Co., Virginia, 1851, Winterset

Rhyno, J. A., Section 27, Farmer, Wythe Co., Virginia, 1851, St. Charles

Stiles, Thomas W., Section 3, Farmer, Indiana, 1859, Patterson

Thompson, C. W., St. Charles, Potato and Stock Dlr., Delaware Co., Ohio, 1856, St. Charles

Walkup, J. A., Section 3, Farmer, Adair Co., Kentucky, 1865, St. Charles

Walkup, V. A. Section 3, Farmer, Adair Co., Kentucky, 1865, St. Charles

Wheat, Jefferson, Section 26, Farmer, Madison Co., Alabama, 1852, St. Charles

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Bird, Butler, Section 26, Farmer & Co. Supt. Schools, Holmes Co., Ohio, 1865, Winterset

Baldock, A. C., Section 5, Phys. & Horticul'st, Barren Co., Kentucky, 1865, Winterset

Cooper, R. D., Section 18, Farmer, Montgomery Co., Kentucky, 1851, Winterset

Cox, Ell, Section 5, Far., Cont'r & Bldr., Clinton Co., Ohio, 1856, Winterset

Love, T. S., Section 10, Farmer, Belmont Co., Ohio, 1867, Winterset

McLaughlin, J. D., Section 28, Farmer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1852, Winterset

Wilkin, J. W., Section 35, Farmer, Harrison Co., Ohio, 1850, Winterset 

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Guthrie, Wm. J., Section 34, Farmer, Campbell Co., Virginia, 1849, Ohio

Maskal, O., Peru, Hotel Proprietor, Allegany Co., New York, 1851, Peru

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Aikin, J. B., Section 29, Farmer, Columbus, Ohio, 1853, Winterset

Shaw, Anderson, Section 26, Farmer, Brown Co., Ohio, 1872, Pleasant

Welty, Peter, Section 23, Farmer, Pickaway Co., Ohio, 1855, Pleasant

Wissler, Jonathan, Section 15, Farmer, Pickaway Co., Ohio, 1870, Pleasant

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Residence and P.O., Winterset

Atcheson, J. A., Stock Dealer, Guernsey Co., Ohio, 1856

Ballard, Cal, General Merchandise, Hendricks Co., Indiana, 1856

Bank, Citizens National, Banking- Capital $50,000, Organized 1872

Bank, Winterset National, Banking, Organized 1865

Burt, E. O., Clerk of Courts, Henry Co., Indiana, 1856

Bartlett, W. W., Livestock Broker, New Hampshire, 1867

Bilton, W. S., Stone Mason, Wyoming, Wisconsin, 1858

Cooper Bros., Planing Mill, Michigan and Pennsylvania, 1856

Canfield, F. W., Farmer, Dane Co., Wisconsin, 1860

Cavenor, J. D., Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky, 1854

Cumming, H. J. B., Editor Madisonian, Newton, New York, 1856

Darnall, Jas. A., Harness Maker, Hendricks Co., Indiana, 1857

Dabney, W. H. H., Grain and Stock Dealer, Vermillion Co., Illinois, 1855

Evans, J. K., Physician, Washington Co., Indiana, 1841

Gilpin, Thomas C., Attorney at Law, Butler Co., Ohio, 1861

Garlinger, Thos., Stock Dealer, Franklin Co., Pennsylvania, 1855

Goodale, C. C., County Auditor, Addison Co., Vermont, 1857

Hayward, J., Dentist, Sullivan Co., Indiana, 1874

Helmer, J. F., Flour Mill, Germany, 1856

Johnson, N., Photographer, Saratoga Co., New York, 1856

Kendig, A. J., Dlr. Sew. Mach. and Ag'l Implements, Lancaster Co., Penn., 1854

Kenedy, C. P., Street Commissioner, Jay Co., Indiana, 1868

Keffer, G. D., Tinsmith, Astabula Co., Ohio, 1869

Kirkwood, J. O., Hotel, Champaign Co., Ohio, 1856

Leonard, J. & B., Attorney at Law, Ohio, 1853

Ludlow, W. M., Farmer and Sheriff, Muscatine Co., Iowa, 1840

Morgan, J. C., Editor News, Sangamon Co., Illinois, 1845

Murray, James, Blacksmith, Center Co., Pennsylvania, 1854

Martin, Daniel S., Carpenter, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, 1869

Potter, J. H., Minister, Alleghany Co., Pennsylvania, 1855

Pitzer, John A., General Merchandise, Washington Co., Virginia, 1836

Rees, D. F., Blacksmith, Springborough, Ohio, 1852

Sturman, J. B., Cancer Doctor, Hampshire Co., Virginia, 1847

Smith, A. B., Physician and Surgeon, Coshocton Co., Ohio, 1857

Smith, J. A., Minister, Licking Co., Ohio, 1870

Tomlinson, A. G., Boots and Shoes, Davis Co., North Carolina, 1871

Vance, W. W., Butcher, Franklin Co., Tennessee, 1866

Wheelock, S. B., General Merchandise, East Haven, Connecticut, 1858

Weeks, A. W. C., Insurance, Loan & Abstracts, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1857

Wilkinson, A. W., Attorney at Law, Davis Co., Indiana, 1848

Williams, J. D., Shoe Maker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1856

Welch, Geo., Cabinet Maker, Harrison Co., Ohio, 1853

Welch, Edward, Farmer, Harrison Co., Ohio, 1853

White, Munger & Co., Woolen Goods Manufacturers, Organized 1854

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