Madison County, Iowa


This section contains histories of various churches in Madison County with an emphasis on the people who founded them and made up the early congregations.  Contributions to this section would be greatly appreciated by the County Co-Coordinators.




      Sometime in the early part of the year 1858, Rev. Archibald H. Murphy, a circuit rider, held a revival meeting at St. Charles, in the new home of William Bradshaw, now owned by Mrs. Lura Sayre, and occupied by the Coffman family. This was the beginning of the St. Charles Class, with D. Simpson Smith as its first class leader, serving until he removed to Norwalk, Iowa, in 1868. 

     At the Conference held in Fairfield, Iowa, September, 1858, St. Charles was put in the New Virginia circuit, with Rev. John W. Anderson, as the first pastor. It was in the New Virginia circuit until 1868, when it was placed in t he Winterset Circuit, remaining about two years, when it was placed into a circuit of its own. Until 1860 or 61, services were held in the homes of the members. 

     About 1861, the class purchased the store building where the blacksmith shop now stands, and converted it into a church building. This served as a place of worship until a new church was built in 1874, now owned and used by the St, Charles Park Association. The former building was sold to the Presbyterian congregation. In 1905, under the leadership of Rev. M. J. Rarick, the present building was erected, which was dedicated February 11, 1906. The present membership is now about 400.    

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St. Charles Methodist Episcopal Church


     In the seventy-five years, 1858-1933, forty-two pastors have served the church. Rev. W. W. Williams severed seven years of the time. Pastors serving from inception through 1900 were:


John W. Anderson 1S58-1860 Benjamin B. Kennedy 1879-1880
Enoch Wood  1860 Charles Stewart 1880-1881
Sam Jones 1861-1863 Benjamin Sheterly 1881-1882
Joseph Knotts 1863-1865 Adam Kern 1882-1883
John Hestwood 1865-1867 George Patterson 1883-1885
Michael Sheets 1867-1868 Appheus Hunt 1885-1886
John Hestwood 1868-1870 Benjamin Shetterly 1886
William Abraham 1870-1871 W. Capps Smith 1887
Israel Mershon 1871-73 Francis Plumb 1887-18S8
Frank Goodrich 1873-1874 Simon Lauck 1888-1889
James Morrow 1874-75 W. W. Williams 1889-1891
Arthur Badlcy 1875-1876 Frank Ewan 1884-1897
John Branston 1876-1877 Andrew Hancox 1897-1900
Arthur Badley 1877-1879

Transcribed and edited from an article appearing in the July 27, 1933 Winterset Madisonian.



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