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This section contains histories of various churches in Madison County with an emphasis on the people who founded them and made up the early congregations.  Contributions to this section would be greatly appreciated by the County Co-Coordinators.



Partly taken from the 1869 History and Business Directory of Madison County.

          The First Presbyterian Church of Winterset, Iowa, was organized October 10, 1854, with eight members and has been a continuous, functioning congregation to the present day.

          The following have served the church a Ministers or as ruling Elders:

          Ministers - Rev. J. C. Ewing, stated supply, served from 1854 to 1863; Rev. A. M. Heiser, stated supply, served from 1864 to 1868; Rev. Edward Dickinson, stated supply, served from 1868 to present (1869).

          Ruling Elders - Dr. John H. Gaff and Mr. David Lamb, ordained and elected October 1854; J. M. Selfridge and James Shepherd, ordained and elected February, 1856; J. S. Gaff and J. I. Denman, ordained and elected July 1859; Mr. John T. White, ordained and elected January 1863; Dr. David Hutchinson, ordained and elected March 1864; Dr. William L. Leonard, Mr. Albert G. Welch and J. D. Jenks, Elders of the Presbyterian Church (O.S.) received with that church.





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         By a harmonious and unanimous action on the part of both churches, the Presbyterian Church (O.S.) made application and was received as an organization by the Presbyterian Church (N.S.), December 16, 1867, the officers of the former retaining their official position in the united church.

          The present (1869) membership of the church, including some who have removed, is one hundred and sixty-six. The Sabbath School, of which Maj. Thomas C. Gilpin is Superintendent, numbers about one hundred and fifty. The present (1869) ruling Elders are Dr. William L. Leonard, Dr. David Hutchinson, Mr. Albert G. Welch and Mr. John Trumbull White,

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