Madison County, Iowa


This section contains histories of various churches in Madison County with an emphasis on the people who founded them and made up the early congregations.  Contributions to this section would be greatly appreciated by the County Co-Coordinators.



This society was organized by Dr. J. A. Nash in January 1856, with a membership of twelve. Services were held wherever a room could be secured until 1859. In 1857 Rev. Alfred W. Russell became the pastor, giving this charge half of his time. In 1858 a lot was secured and work was begun on the erection of a stone church. The work was slow. The completion of the stone walls exhausted all the available funds, when Deacon Read sold a farm and used the proceeds in finishing the building. Judge Leonard seated the house and built the pulpit. From the time the church was dedicated until the new church was built there was scarcely a Sunday that some kind of religious services were not held within its walls. The new church building was commenced in 1886. It was completed and dedicated February 20, 1887. On the morning of February 12, 1905, from some unknown cause the building caught fire and was burned out, leaving the walls standing in such condition that they could not be used in rebuilding the edifice.Work was immediately begun on another building and funds were soon secured which, supplemented by the amount received for insurance, enabled the congregation to complete the work. The new building was


dedicated December 31, 1905, at which time enough money was pledged to pay the entire indebtedness. This is now the largest and most beautiful church in the county. 

The following have been some of the pastors of this church: Alfred W. Russell served the church at the time the first building was erected. He was succeeded by W. A. Eggleston, who served for several years. He resigned on account of poor health and died soon afterwards. Next came O. T. Conger, who was succeeded by Reverends Garton, Delano, John Gulton, W. A. Welsher, W. A. Weaver and G. C. Peck, the latter being the pastor at the time the second church building was dedicated. He served the church for several years, during which time the membership was greatly increased. Then followed the Revs. C. Holmes, Anthony Jacobs, P. H. McDowell, and Fred Berry. During the pastorate of the latter, the church flourished as never before. Before coming to Winterset he had been engaged in evangelistic work and this characterized his labors while pastor here. For a time thereafter the pulpit was vacant and then came Rev. Fred Berry, whose successor was Reverend Atwood, who died within a short time of leaving the charge. He was followed by Reverend Stewart, whose successor was Reverend Moon.

*From "The History of Madison County & Its People," 1915



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