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Abegg, Nettie Regarding the surname of Nettie's mother: The surname of the mother, Marietta, was uniformly "Cobb" in seven birth records. However, Marietta's father's and older brother's gravestones both read "Cobbs". It is possible but unlikely that Marietta would have dropped the "s" from her maiden name upon coming of age.
Alcox, Florence Susan Her father's surname is "Alcott". She filed an IDCB as "Alcox" in 1961.
Alcox, Oren Iven He changed is surname from his father's "Alcott" to "Alcox".
Anderson, Louis F. The 1885 census says Madison County whereas the 1895 census says Adair County.
Allen, Sarah Frances Her obituary and gravestone claim she was born in 1874. However, the 1880, '85, '95, and 1900 censuses all support a birth year of 1873. Rarely are the censuses that consistent and obits/gravestones are sometimes wrong as we believe is the case herein.
Barcroft, Claude Named "Claude" in the MCBR, all records after that have "Ralph George" as his name.
Barker, Harold Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Lexington, Nebraska.
Barker, Lucile Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa.
Barnett, Male According to the Reporter, this child was born near Middle River which is right on the border with Adair County. There is no other Madison County record supporting this birth and it may be that the birth occurred in Adair County.
Beverlin, Corwin Jefferson Although the birth recorded in the MCBR is clearly and unquestionably 07 Nov 1901, Corwin was apparently born on 17 Oct 1900. This is his date of birth in the Social Security records, in his obituary, and more importantly, a note appeared in the 01 Nov 1900 Madisonian recording a male birth to this family and by all accounts, it has to be Corwin.
Bevins, Margaret Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Lorimor, Union, Iowa.
Bishop, Dorotha Alice The MCBR lists the DOB as 28 February. However, the Winterset Reporter on 02 Feb 1899 reported "A young heir came to the home of A. H. Bishop Friday". Also, the 1900 census says "Jan 1899". We believe the MCBR to be in error.
Boling, George A. He is listed as being born in Indiana in every census from 1870 through 1885. He is listed as being born in Madison County in the 1895 census. His parents were married in Madison County so his birth there is plausible.
Boos, Anna Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Fraser, Boone, Iowa.
Brooks, Gladus I. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Adair County, Iowa.
Boyd, John Thomas His obituary says he was born in Van Meter. His father's obituary says the father left Illinois and went to Winterset where he engaged in the tinsmith business, returned to Illinois to marry and then went back to Winterset where he was in the 1873 and 1880 censuses. It is possible that John was born in Van Meter but there is no evidence that the family ever lived anywhere but Winterset during their time in Iowa.
Burke, Edna Hallene Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa.
Burris, Thurman R. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Lorimor, Union, Iowa.
Calaghan, Ira W. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in West Branch, Cedar, Iowa.
Campbell, Clyde Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Monmouth, Illinois.
Carson, Fred V. The parents of Fred are Elizabeth Kidd and Benjamin McConkey. Elizabeth Kidd's first husband was Andrew Carson who died in 1877. She remarried to Benjamin McConkey on 14 Dec 1881. Apparently, this marriage went awry before Fred was born and Elizabeth reverted to calling herself "Mrs. Carson" and registered Fred as "Carson" rather than "McConkey".
Carter, James Fletcher Although his mother is listed as "Mary Marston" in the MCBR, numerous other records indicate that her name was "Letha Lois Marston".
Carter, Male No date recorded. Date of return was 06 Aug 1886. "July" is a guess.
Carter, Male Although his mother is listed as "Elizabeth Marston" in the MCBR, numerous other records indicate that her name was "Letha Lois Marston".
Chase, Ethel A. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Givin, Mahaska, Iowa.
Chilcote, Elmer Ray Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Adair County, Iowa.
Chilcote, Nellie May Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Adair County, Iowa.
Clampitt, Daniel Robert There are two entries in the MCBR for Daniel, one for 1909 and one for 1910. Since he appears in the 1910 census taken in April, the 1909 entry is presumed correct. Also, his name in the 1910 census as well as his obituary is Donald R. rather than Daniel.
Clarens, Leona A. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Labette County, Kansas. The record shows the father to be "George" but fails to disclose that his last name was "Weeks". George Weeks had been married to Margaret (Richmond) Likins, Hattie Likins' mother. By 1900, Hattie was divorced from Gust Clarens and living with her mother Margaret and her mother's husband, George Weeks. George eventually divorced the mother and married the step-daughter-in-law but not before she had this daughter out of wedlock.
Conn, William Alexander No date recorded. Date of return was 31 Mar 1881.
Cooper, Josephus His parents names were not listed in the MCBR. They were deduced from his obituary and DOB.
Courson, Robert Alexander Robert Courson's mother is Iva M. Graves. Mary Jones is his grandmother.
Creger, Harold M. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Hutchinson, Reno, Kansas.
Croft, George A. George is a fraternal twin to Alice Pauline. They were born on 27 Nov 1899. Alice died a few days later and George was erroneously recorded as a single birth with 26 Dec as the date.
Cross, Anna Joy Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Highland, Wapello, Iowa.
Culver, Edith Pearl Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Clarke County, Iowa
Delong, Female Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Washington Township, Clarke, Iowa.
Delong, Violet P. The Madison County Birth Record says she was born 01 Jun 1902. Her obituary says she was born 01 April 1902. There is a notice of her birth in the 11 Apr 1902 edition of the Winterset News that says she was born April 4th. The most likely date is 01 April 1902.
Denning, Evada A. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Illinois.
Doty, Waldo E. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Ringgold County, Iowa.
Douglas, Lawrence Owen Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Walnut Township, Polk, Iowa.
Driscoll, Mildred Faye Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Mahaska County, Iowa.
Duff, Louis L. Recorded twice, once as Louis L. with father Edward W. & once as Lewis L. with father Edward M.
Eamon, Josephine K. The spelling of her last name is indeterminate. It was "Emon" in the Illinois marriage records. It was "Eamon" in the 1850 Illinois census and in a Madison County marriage record.. It was "Emand" in one Madison County birth record and "Kendrick" in another. It was also "Heamon" in another Madison Couny marriage record.
Earl, Edith The Births Book says 26 Jan 1885 but records found in the Madison County Historical Museum show that this was the date of the return and the date of birth was 08 Jan 1885.
Earl, Ella There are two issues with her birth. First, her family was consistently in Marion County censuses from 1856 through 1870 so she was probably born there even though she said Madison County in the 1895 census. Second, her gravestone has YOB as 1861 but she was 5 in 1870 and 15 in 1880 censuses and gave 1865 as her YOB in 1900 census.
Eppard, Alice Registered in the MCBR but the record states that the birth was in Albermarle County, Virginia.
Etchison, Bryce Glyn The MCBR has two entries for him, one returned 25 May 1892 with a date of birth of 04 May 1892. The second entry is just two lines down, returned 21 Nov 1892 with a date of birth of 30 Apr 1892. They both say "5th child". We presume the second one is a correction but there is nothing indicating so.
Finney, Elsie No date was recorded. The return was dated 12 May 1884. Her name was entered as "Elsie Falwell" and then "Finney" was written under the "Falwell". The "Falwell" appears to be a carryover from the previous entry and has nothing to do with this entry. Other data indicates her middle initial is "I".
Ford, Beulah E. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Kansas City, Kansas.
Foster, Gladdus Pearl Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Jackson Township, Warren, Iowa
Foster, Maggie Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Warren County, Iowa.
Frazier, Ralph & Ruth The MCBR says the date of birth was 27 March 1900. Although Ruth's Social Security Death Record agrees with that date, it is believed that 27 February 1900 is correct. Her birth is given as Feb in the 1900 census but more importantly, twin Ralph's death appeared in two newspapers on 03 May 1900 stating that he had died on Wednesday of the previous week (25 March 1900) and that he was 3 weeks old.
Fredrickson, Charles No date was entered. The return date was August 1886.
Gabbert, Michael Although his gravestone and obituary say he was born in 1857, he was listed as a 1 year resident in the 1856 Iowa census so his year of birth is believed to be 1855.
Gabbert, Myron Howard They lived in Jefferson Township, Madison County at the time of his birth. His WWII Draft Registration says he was born at De Soto but that would have been their P.O. at the time of his birth and not the exact location.
Gardner, Ernest J. This is, perhaps, the most puzzling of MCBR entries. The last name entered was "Gordon" although clearly, the parents names matched Samuel and Viola Gardner. The birth is listed in the book chronologically where a Jan 1898 birth ought to be listed. But an 1899 Madisonian article has been found stating "Born, New Years Day, to Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Gardner, a boy". The newspaper wouldn't be off by a year so clearly, this birth took place in January 1899 and not 1898. This was also supported by the 1900 census. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that birth returns were accumulated over a long period of time before being entered in the book and this one got out of place by a year.
Gates, John B. Although he is clearly listed in the MCBR, overwhelming evidence indicates that this is really Ada J. Gates and that a male Gates child never existed.
Gay, Charles W. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Colorado.
George, Female The father's name, "Overstreet George", could very well be a transposition with the true name being "George Overstreet" but no proof of either version could be found.
Gilbert, Clarence Winford Between the 1895 & 1900 censuses, it was not possible to accurately piece together this family due to conflicting information. Although born before 1895, Clarence doesn't show up in the '95 census. But, there is a daughter named "Winnie" about the same age as Clarence and could be the same person. There is a "Winford Gilbert" in the Social Security death index with the exact same DOB and this is likely him.
Gilbert, Elias Sylvester His obituary says he was born in Marion County, Iowa. The 1895 census says Madison County.
Gilbert, Male Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Adams Township, Dallas, Iowa.
Gillespie, Gale P. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Spring Hill, Warren, Iowa.
Glynn, Walter Hugh There are entries in the MCBR for his birth for both January 1908 and January 1909. Both the 1910 census and his Social Security Death Record indicate that 1909 is correct but it certainly makes the process suspect by which births were entered into the MCBR book.
Goodwin, Charley Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Marshall County, Kansas.
Grandfield, Martha Lillian She is listed twice, 24 Nov 1901 & 1902. We presume the 1901 is correct.
Grant, Charles Wesley His Iowa Death Certificate says he was born in 1866 but his parents were not married until Oct 1867 and he is 1 year old in the 1870 census so 1869 is the most likely year of birth.
Gray, Ernest R. His obit says "near Truro" but the 1895 census says "Pottawatamie County, Iowa".
Halliwill, Georgianna Although she has an IDCB showing her parents to be George & Anna (Hammack), she is their granddaughter, daughter of Ettie Halliwill & Jeremiah Young.
Harrah, D. R. & George G. D. R. shows up in the 1895 census, born ca 1890 but does not show up in the 1900 census. George G. shows up in the 1900 census but not in the 1895 census. He was born in Sep 1890. In 1900 the mother shows 8 children born, 7 living. By 1910, two more children were born and one more died. It appears that D. R. and George may have been twins. From info in an obituary published in 1891, "an infant" of these parents died 28 Feb 1891. That was probably D. R. It is believed that George died some time between 1900 and 1910.
Harrison, Golda E. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Moline, Elk, Kansas.
Hart, Annabelle Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Center Point, Linn, Iowa.
Hartman, Hugh A. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Clearfield, Taylor, Iowa
Hartsook, William Lloyd His birth is verified in the WWI Draft Registration but the town listed is a scrawl that we have been unable to interpret or match to any known town. Since the family was living in Adair County in the 1895 census, it is more likely than not that he was born in Adair County. We are leaving him here with this information until positive verification can be obtained.
Hatfield, Lois The June 21st Winterset Reporter published this birth as occurring on 18 June. The MCBR has 19 July which is obviously incorrect. The true date is likely either 18 or 19 June.
Herr, Male This is believed to be "Coyt Herren", known to be born on this date and with the mother as listed in the MCBR. But the father, listed as "B. F. Herr" should be "F. C. Herren".
Herr, Phebe Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Lorimor, Union, Iowa.
Hiatt, Maude Aletha Her given names were entered as an amendment to the MCBR on 14 Oct 1942. However, she is listed in the 1895 census and on her gravestone as "Florence" so the amendment makes no sense.
Hircock, John R. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Fairmont. The next word starts with an "M" but the rest is unreadable. There is a Fairmont in both Minnesota and Missouri.
Hiskey children of Samuel Although the 1885 census shows all children born in Union County, it is a verified fact that they lived in Madison County through at least 1873. Son Lewis is the only one so far confirmed as born in Madison County.
Hodson, William Clifford The Madison County Birth Record shows "Hodson, W. Clifford". As early as the 1910 census, he was Clifford and descendants state that, throughout his life, he was known as "Clifford William Hodson".
Hogg, Anna Elizabeth The MCBR was officially amended in 1954 to show this birth, previously identified as "female" to be Anna Elizabeth". However, Anna Elizabeth was in the 1885 census so she could not have been born in 1886. There is no MCBR entry for any Hogg in 1884-85 that could be Anna. It is likely that the amended August 1886 birth record was in fact, "Rosetta" whose gravestone indicates an 1886 birth. The 1900 census indicates that Anna was born in Jul 1884.
Hogue, Alverda Earlier entries in the MCBR for this family were "Hogg" as is the gravestone of the parents. However, this entry, which would have been made by the parents, was "Hogue" and when it was amended in 1959 to change the DOB by one day, presumably by Alverda, the "Hogue" was left unchanged.
Holmes, Floyd Guy Although he is in the 1900 and 1920 censuses as being born in Iowa, and his parents appear to have lived in Madison County from marriage until 1904, he apparently was born in Prescott, Walla Walla, Washington. That is affirmed by his WWI draft registration as well as the 1910 and 1930 censuses. Because of the conflicting information, we have elected to leave him in the Birth List with this explanation.
Hood, Glen The MCBR gives his date of birth as "24 Dec 1890". However, the date of recording was 24 May 1890 so the DOB is incorrect. His birth was chronicled in the Winterset Madisonian in Jan 1889 and we believe that 24 Dec 1888 is correct.
Hoover, Bessie E. Date of birth not entered. Return recorded on 30 Jun 1892.
Hudson, Female The Madison County Death Records contain the death of a child named "Jack", born on 10 Sep and died on 18 Sep 1910, belonging to these parents.
Huglin, George According to the MCBR, George was born "John Jacob" and can be seen in the Birth List as such.
Hulbert, Stella Although transcribed by the Recorder as "Phillip" the mother's maiden name is Pettit per her obit.
Hunter, Merle William The MCBR gives his date of birth as 04 Jan 1881. His obituary says 24 Apr 1881. The return was dated 22 Dec 1881 so either date is plausible.
Hutchins, Cleo Miles Recorded in MCBR as being born in Lucas, Lucas, Iowa.
Hurst, William Harris From an historical article appearing in the 22 Mar 1906 Madisonian.
Isenbarger, WIlliam Dade Recorded in MCBR as being born in Washington Township, Clarke, Iowa
Jacobson, Henry L. Henry's mother is Sophia Louise (Johnson). The MCBR says "Anna Anderson". Two other Jacobson children in the MCBR have "Anna Anderson" listed as the mother even though Lee and Sophia were married from 1884 until their deaths. Who "Anna Anderson" is and how she got listed as the mother for these births is unknown.
James, Clarence H. Clarence has an IDCB stating that his year of birth is 1876. However, he does not appear in the 1880 census, he is 3 years old in the 1885 census, and gave Dec 1880 in the 1900 census. 1876 is clearly incorrect.
James, Various This family was in Madison County in 1860 and Polk County in 1870 (erroneously listed with surname Morgan). There is no data to determine when they moved or if they moved somewhere else in between as some have claimed. Therefore, these children may have been born in Madison, Polk, or elsewhere and they have been listed here as possible Madison County births until proven otherwise.
John, Jesse T. & Wesley (Twins) MCBR indicates they were born in Van Meter, Dallas, Iowa.
Johnson, Perl May Recorded in MCBR as being born in Des Moines.
Johnson, WIlbur Recorded in MCBR as being born in Ottumwa, Iowa.
Jones, Charles The only information regarding this child is a mention of him in his mother's obituary and that he died as an infant. The date of his birth is somewhere in the range of 1861 to 1865. His burial place is unknown.
Jones, Kate O. The MCBR return date is 31 Mar 1888. Although the birth date was clearly entered as "1887", some data indicates that it should have been 1888.
Kale, Charles Curtis No date recorded in the MCBR, date taken from 1900 census.
Kerns, Josephine Recorded in MCBR as being born in Osceola, Iowa.
Kerns, Verlin T. In later years, Verlin's mother, Catherine McCollum, used her stepfather's name (Longinaker) as her maiden name. Verlin's middle name was Leroy, the "T." in the MCBR is an error.
Killion, Kenneth L. D. No date was listed in the MCBR. The date was obtained from the Social Security Death Index.
King, Female No date was entered. The return was dated 16 Aug 1881. The returns in this era usually lagged the birth by one to two months. The "Jun 1881" is a guess.
King, Female Although listed as being born at Bevington, the birth may have occurred east of Bevington in Warren County. There is no John King living in or near Bevington in the 1900 Madison County census.
Kinkennon, Nora Ellen No date was entered. The return was dated 22 May 1891.
Kinnaird, Robert Harold There are two entries in the MCBR for this birth, neither of which seem to be correct as he is listed in the Social Security Death Index as "Harold Robert Kinnaird", born 14 Nov 1908.
Kirk, Nellie A. Her father is clearly listed as "Joseph" in the MCBR. The mother is listed as "Ann Stevens". Ann Stevens is Joseph's sister-in-law, married to Thomas Jefferson Kirk. This is clearly the daughter of Thomas & Ann. Why Joseph's name ended up on the birth register is unknown.
Knght, Galen E. Recorded in MCBR as being born in Brooks County, Kansas.
Lane, Leland Recorded in MCBR as being born in Warren County, Iowa.
Lane, Lola Recorded in MCBR as being born in Warren County, Iowa.
Lawson, Clarence E. He is clearly named "Clarence E." in the birth records but is "Sylvester" in all subsequent censuses.
Layman, Female Recorded in MCBR as being born in Hebron, Adair, Iowa.
Lee, John Warren This record is wrong. Nobody was born in Madison County before 1846 and all other records indicate "Ohio".
Lee, Theodore E. Born to Younger D. Comer but took the name of his stepfather "Lee".
Lenocker, Gertrude Fern. Recorded in MCBR as being born in Dexter, Dallas, Iowa.
Letz, Hazel Recorded in MCBR as being born in Adair County, Iowa.
Lorenzen, Fritz Julius This is actually "John H.." and not "Fritz Julius" as verified in several censuses and in his obit. This was apparently an error in the recording of this birth. The father's name was written in place of the baby's name.
Low, Eunice Grace She was listed as "Matilda May" in the MCBR but that is the name of her sister, born in September 1887. How this error was made is unknown.
Lyon, Wanda Pearl In the MCBR, she is listed as "Clara Doty Lyons". "Clara Doty" is her mother's maiden name. It is unknown as to whether this was a mistake by the Recorder or they changed their minds after recording the birth and decided to call her "Wanda Pearl".
Mapes, George R. Recorded in MCBR as being born in Guthrie County, Iowa.
Martin, Frank H. Recorded in MCBR as being born in Eureka, Iowa.
McCabe, Harry G. For reasons unknown, Harry took the name of his mother "McCabe" rather than that of his father "Garlinger".
McAferty, Edna L. Recorded in MCBR as being born in Marshall County, Kansas.
McCleeary, Edgar Miton Edgar's father spelled the last name "McCleeary". It appears that Edgar changed his name to "McCleary" upon obtaining adulthood and is buried under that name.
McFarlin, Vianna M. Recorded in MCBR as being born in Elk River, Iowa.
McKee, Earnest L. Recorded in MCBR as being born in California.
McKinzie, James P. Recorded in the MCBR under the letter "K".
Mease, Alma H. Birth recorded twice as 17 Dec 1900 and again as 17 Dec 1901. The earlier date is believed to be correct.
Miller, Helen C. Recorded in MCBR as being born in Renwick, Humboldt, Iowa.
Murphy, James The father's name was recorded as "James J. Lee" and the Mother's as "Elizabeth Lee (nee Murphy)". Why the child's last name is Murphy is unknown.
Neibuhr, Freeda S. M. Recorded in MCBR as being born in Taylor County, Iowa.
Nelson, Helen Isabelle Amended 02 Feb 1962 to change her name from "Helen" to "Helen Isabelle" and to change her father's last name from "Nelson" to "Wilkinson, Sr.". Her last name "Nelson" was not amended. The parents can be found in the 1900 census under "Nelson" so reason for the change to "Wilkinson" is not understood.
Nicholson, Various The family of John B. & Mary J. (Brittain) Nicholson moved from Madison County to Dallas County sometime between 1860 and 1870. Those children linked to this note could have been born in either county and which were born where has yet to be determined.
Nicoson, Lou Agnes In the 1880 census, she is "Lucy". In every other census, her marriage record, and her gravestone, she is "Lou". There are some who believe that she is "Louise". We have been unable to settle this uncertainty.
Nielsen, Eugene Verner His birth was announced in the 21 Jun 1900 issue of the Reporter as being on 17 Jun 1900 whereas the MCBR says "17 July". The MCBR appears to be in error.
Noel, Paul This person appeared in the 1895 census. The MCBR contains "Fred" Noel, born Jan 1893 and listed as their first child. It is likely that "Fred" and "Paul" are the same person.
Nolte, Esther Recorded in MCBR as being born in Prairie City, Jasper, Iowa.
Norrell, Female (Twin) In 2010, Members of the Madison County Genealogical Society were processing Birth Returns at the courthouse when they came across the one for these births. On the birth return, the parents are listed as Frederick S. Murrell and Jennie Macumber. A double check of the MCBR Book confirmed that the County Recorder had written "Norrell" for the surname and "Cleaber" for Jennie's maiden name. Murrell and Macumber are correct and the cause of this error remains unknown.
Orsborn, John Wesley In the first three consecutive censuses, when living with his parents, he is listed as "Osborn". In the next three consecutive censuses, he is listed as "Orsborn". He is also listed as "Orsborn" in the marriage records. It appears that he settled on Orsborn and son Phillip's gravestone reflects that.
Osburn, Edna L. Registered in MCBR as being born in "Oklahoma Terr".
Otto, Female This birth was recorded in the MCBR with the notation "Bevington, Warren Co.".
Overton, Lester Per the MCBR, born in Allen Township, Polk County.
Overton, Ora Emmet His of year of birth as found in various documents is never the same. It is believed that the 1888 from the 1900 census is correct.
Parker, George E. Although recorded in the MCBR as "George E., male", this is actually Georgia Emily, a female.
Peacock, Gertrude Adeline There are two entries for Gertrude, with d.o.b. of  06 Jan and 25 Jan 1908.
Peacock, Male This entry was made in March 1887. Only the birth year of 1885 was given and he was listed as the "5th" child. William Frederick, born 24 Aug 1885 was also listed as the 5th child so it is presumed that this entry is a mistaken second entry for him.
Penn, Elsie This birth is clearly marked "male" and named "Elsie" in the MCBR. He was "Elza" in two MC censuses.
Phillips, Gretchen The birth, as recorded in the MCBR, lists the place of birth as "Muscatine County, Iowa".
Pomine, Male Because of bad handwriting, this name could be interpreted many ways. However, it is believed that this is actually a second entry for "William Romine" who was born on this date and is also listed in the MCBR under the "R"s. The father's name, age, and place of birth fits as does the mother's age and place of birth. The mother's name was not recorded.
Queen, Female The MCBR states that this is the second child of these parents. This child's gravestone gives a date of death of 08 Mar 1880. However, the first child was born in Dec 1879 so there couldn't have been a child born in Mar 1880. We believe the gravestone is wrong and the MCBR is correct.
Payton, Roy Harold The May 10, 1900 edition of the Winterset Reporter says "Born, to Mr. & Mrs. Frank Payton, April 29, twin boys." Whereas Roy appears in the MCBR, there is no entry for another child. There is a second set of records in Madison County for stillbirths but as of September 2009, we were barred by the state from looking at them. Whether there was or was not a second child remains unknown.
Price, William Ford In 1957, someone officially amended the MCBR to change the mother's name from Ellen Cornman to Nancy E. Reed. The Birth Return has been reviewed and shows Ellen Cornman as the mother. We have no further information on this discrepancy.
Raney, Clyde His WWII Draft Registration gives his YOB as 1890. His SSDI YOB is 1896. His WWI Draft Registration says 1895 which is correct because his birth is mentioned in the Winterset Madisonian in October 1895.
Rankin, Max Claire The MCBR gives his birth as February 9th whereas his obit says February 8th.
Rants, George E. Madison County land records show the family name to be "Rans" but the MCBR and the Social Security death records for George and brother Alvin are all "Rants".
Raymond, Lorna Madison County birth registration states that she was born in Illinois.
Reamann, Charley This birth record was officially amended in 1957 to change the name from "Reiman, Male". The father's last name was also crossed out and changed to "Reamann".
Reed, Ivor F. Since the parents registered this birth and did not register twins, we believe that the parents registered this name and then thought the better of it and changed it to "Robert DeForest Reed". 
Rehard, Ersie Manson No date of birth was entered. Date taken from WWI Draft Registration.
Rehard, Oliver Darwin His WWI Draft Registration and his Soc Sec Death Record said 1890, his WWII Draft Registration said 1892, his gravestone and his 1900 Census record said 1889.
Rhodes, Susan Recorded in the MCBR under the letter "M".
Roberts, Mary E. Although registered in Madison County, the record says she was born in Des Moines.
Rhone, Clarence There is a good possibility that this birth, reported in The Reporter, to be in the vicinity of Barney, Madison County, may have actually taken place in Clarke County.
Rose, Abbie Lorraine Her social security death record gives her date of birth as "24 Sep 1895".
Russell, William D. The handwriting for the month of his birth is so flourishy that "March" is only a guess.
Schlicht, Charles August His surname is from his parents marriage record. In the 1880 census, it was spelled "Schlecht" and in later records, including his tombstone, it was "Schlect".
Schutt, Russell Owen At least some of the Shutt children, including Russell, adopted the spelling "Schutt" whereas the parents spelled it "Shutt".
Shatava, Bessie There are two entries in the MCBR for Bessie, one says "21 Dec 1902" and the other says "Dec 1903". The 1902 entry is likely to be the correct one.
Shepherd, Oran Emmett Born in 1873, he is listed as the son of Jesse P. & Martha Shepherd in the 1880 Madison County census. However, other sources indicate that he is their grandson and that his father is Oran Emmett Shepherd, Sr., (b. 1853) and unknown mother. The latter is probably true because Martha would have been age 45 at his birth, possible but unlikely.
Shoff, John H. There are two entries in the MCBR  for John Shoff, 09 Jan 1903 & 1904. According to his gravestone, 1904 is correct. Unfortunately, the entries in the MCBR are not sequential. Apparently, people could wander into the Recorder's office and submit entries any time they felt like it.
Slyers, Female The surname is as published in the Reporter. We do not believe it to be correct but have been unable to determine a conclusive alternative.
Smith, Lorena M. She was living in the household of James S. and Mary (Little) Smith in 1885 but was not there in 1880 nor can she be found later. Per the obituaries of the Smiths, they had five children and they are all accounted for without Lorena. She may be a niece of James but that is only conjecture.
Smith, Nellie Edith Her birth was recorded as "30 Dec 1884" but the surrounding dates in the book are late 1883 and the information was provided on 01 Mar 1884 so we believe that 30 Dec 1883 is correct.
Smith, Valinda J. She and her family appear in the 1880 and 1885 censuses and then disappear. In the first, she is "Philinda" and in the second, "Valinda". We have been unable to prove what is correct.
Stegall, Glen Mont Registered in Madison County , Iowa as being born in Cedar Township, Knox, Illinois.
Stifel, Albert W. 1895 census says Madison County, other information says Clarke County.
Stifel, Charles 1895 census says Madison County, other information says Clarke County.
Stifel, Lewis W. 1895 census says Madison County, other information says Clarke County.
Stout, Lee Loren Per the MCBR he was registered in Madison County but birth was at Des Moines.
Stron, Elwood, Elva & William It appears that this family started out with the surname "Stron" although county records misspelled it as "Strom" and "Strawn". There is some indication that it may be a corruption of "Straughn". There is no headstone for the father but the county death record says "Strong". The mother and these three children are buried under "Strong". Son Albert is buried under "Stron". Also, Elwood and Elva are buried as "Elvie" and "Elvin" although we don't know which started as Elwood and which as Elva.
Swearingen, Nora Eleanor Date of  birth not recorded, return was dated 31 Mar 1881.
Taylor, Charles Alfred His date of birth as listed on his Iowa Delayed Certificate of Birth is 21 months after his father died. Thus, his actual year of birth is more likely 1897 or 1896.
Taylor, Elron Guy The 1920 census says he is "Elron Guy", his obituary says he is "Elmer Guy" and all other records found so far have only "Guy" including his gravestone.
Taylor, Louis Hamilton His name is "Lewis" in all vital records including his Social Security Death Record and his WWI Draft Registration and only excepting the 1900 Census and the IDCB. Also, his year of birth in the WWI Draft Registration is 1899 and his birth is noted in the Winterset Madisonian in March 1899.
Taylor, May Listed in the MCBR as being born in Warren County, Iowa
Thompson, John Robert Listed in the MCBR as being born 03 Oct 1917, this appeared in the 11 Oct 1916 Winterset Madisonian "Born to Mr. & Mrs. John Thompson on Oct. 3d, a 7 1/2 pound boy."
Thomas, Isaac L. Although he obtained an Iowa Delayed Certificate of Birth stating he was born in 1895, he appeared in the 1895 census which was enumerated well before his November birthday so it has to be concluded that he was born in 1894.
Thrasher, Nelson L. Date of birth not recorded. Return dated 17 Feb 1883.
Vrieland, William M. He is registered in the Madison County Birth Records as being born in Grundy County, Illinois.
Walker, Mary Jaunita Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Keokuk Coumty, Iowa
Weeks, Lawrence Edward George Weeks is his adoptive father, Gust Clarens is his true father.
Weeks, Walter W. The 1885 census says Union County whereas the 1895 census says Madison County.
Wright, Guy M. Recorded in the MCBR as being born in Dallas County, Iowa.


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