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Note 1: Dates of birth containing year only or year and month only may be derived from the Federal or state census, making them subject to possible errors of one to two years.

Note 2: Madison County Birth Records (MCBR), Iowa Delayed Certificates of Birth (IDCB), and Iowa State Birth Records (ISBR) are transcribed exactly as written. Data in red font has been added to clarify the names and was not part of the original record.


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Child Date of Birth Parents Source*
Jontz, Mary Gwendolyn 21 Nov 1917 Ira Jacob & Lavona Sophrana (Hedrick) MCBR
Jordan, Cecil Benjamin 13 Sep 1910 Norris & Armelda (Snyder) MCBR
Jordan, Clella Evangeline 20 Oct 1892 John Richards & Sarah Hannah (Reed) 1895 Census
Jordan, Francis 30 Dec 1898 Franics M. & Mary J. (Reed) MCBR
Jordan, Loyd Elmore 09 Oct 1912 Stacy D. & Cora (Elmore) MCBR
Jordan, Mary Harriet 29 Aug 1912 Grover I. & Ruth E. (Clark) MCBR
Jordan, Phyllis M. 27 Apr 1911 Grover I. & Ruth E. (Clark) MCBR
Jordan, Russell Dale 17 Jun 1916 Norriss & Melda (Snyder) MCBR
Jordan, Uva Maxine 09 Oct 1917 Norris & Amelda (Snyder) MCBR
Judd, James Sherman 06 Jul 1865 James William & Mary Jane (Nickell) Census
Junkin, B. Lucile 27 Feb 1900 J. H. & Margaret Helen (Kail) MCBR
[Junkin] Junken, Laura G. 05 Oct 1903 John H. & Margaret H. (Kail) MCBR
Junkin, Mac Watson 11 Oct 1891 Frank & Etta Ellen (Stewart) MCBR
Junkin, Male 1887 George Thompson & Mary M. (McQuie) Unverified (Cem)
Jurgensen, Henry Carl 14 Jun 1910 Herman & Dorothy (Thompson) IDCB
Jurgensen, Marianna Paula 07 Jan 1916 Herman & Dorathy Johanna (Thomsen) MCBR
Jurgensen, Raymon 05 Apr 1917 Herman & Dortha (Thompson) MCBR
Justice, Geneva 1880 Charles Richard & May Josephine (Jorden) 1885 Census
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Cem Rec - Taken from cemetery records

Census - 1885, 1895 & 1900 censuses

CMR - County Marriage Records

FSR - Family supplied records (journal, Bible, etc.)

IDCB - Iowa Delayed Certificate of Birth

ISBR - Iowa State Birth Records

Madisonian - Gleaned from Madisonian birth announcements

MCBR - Madison County Birth Records

News Gleaned from News birth announcements

Obit - Taken from published obituary

Reporter Gleaned from Reporter birth announcements


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