Ostfriesen Genealogical Society

  • The Ostfriesen Genealogical Society was organized in March, 1985.
  • The Society meets once a month in the George Public Library on the third Saturday of the month at 1:30 pm.
  • The meetings are informal.  There are usually 12-16 members present.  The membership includes about 250 people, 15 of whom live in Germany.  Each month following the meeting a newsletter is sent to the members.  The newsletter tells the happenings of the meeting and tells the date of the next meeting.  Any additional information which might be of interest or special help is sent along. 
  • Membership dues are $15 per year for each U.S. member
  • Dues for German members are $20.
  • Contact:
          Jean C. Heibult
          2185 Monroe Ave.,
          Ashton, IA   51232




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