Little Bits of Yesterday
Historical bits from the Doon Press files

Part Two


by Galen Lawrence

1930---Christian School Graduates: Sadie Van Engen, Marsha De Boer, Cora Van Tol and Floyd Fiekema. Sidney Wiersma, Principal.

1931--Christian School Graduates: Katheryn Van Tol, Frieda Faber, Henry De Bie, Cornie Van Tol, William Bloemendaal, Robert De Jong and Eilert Bloemendaal. Ed Ver Maat, Principal

1932---Christian School Graduates: Wilhelmina De Bie, Magdalena Van Tol, Anna Gorter, Elvin Mulder and Ted Faber. Ed Ver Maat, Principal

1933---Doon Press headline: "Let us face 1933 with stout hearts and heads held high and be glad we are here"...Interstate Commerce Commission recommends abandonment of the Omaha (Bonnie Doon) line from Doon to Luverne...Bargains from C. Ross "The Big Store:" apples--2 cents, handerchiefs--1 cent, onions at 1 cent a pound, 5 pounds oatmeal 11 cents, 8 oz. furniture polish--10 cents---Sheriff asked to check up on illegal use of slot machines in Lyon County...If you want to spend a quiet evening at home, buy your wife a jigsaw puzzle---Doon Press---$1.00 per year if paid strictly in advance... Weddings---Mary Frances Fox and Charles Young... R.R. Thompson, Press editor, writes, "It is the last issue of "Doon Press" unless advertising picks up. The Doon Press is Doon's oldest institution. Must it die?"... Public school graduated: Katherine Reynolds, Marion Smith, Gervinier Pickett, Viola Ross... Christian School graduates: Rena Gorter, Irene Faber, Katheryn Terpstra, Gladys Van Engen, Ann Van Bosch, John Fiekema, Robert Mulder, John Kuiper and Freda Faber. Ed Ver Maat, Principal.

1934---Harold Stearns is new editor of Doon Press. Kenneth "Shine" Mann killed by a caterpillar tractor overturning on him. Fred Griner is public school superintendent. E. J. Bild is local doctor...Doon barber Gerrit Van Surksum...Postmaster General recommends reduction of postage stamp from 3c to 2c...Public high school graduates: Lester Smith, Robert Kersbergen, Alfred Steinbrook, Frank Whealon, Helen Laackman and Elmer Anderson... Married---Leona Ricke and James Ter Veer... Christian School graduates: Grace VanTol, Marion Faber, Esther Faber, Inez Faber, Edna Mulder, Lawrence Gorter and Jennie Zwok. Arnold Christians, Principal.

1935---Married: Francis Faber and Gertrude Vander Plaats...Christian School graduates: Fannie Vant Hul, Jennie Bloemendaal, Henrietta Kuiper, Elizabeth Faber, Josephine Van Engen, Garrett Lems and Lawrence Gorter...Principal, Arnold Christians... Public high school graduates: Florence Niehous, Elverna Howen. Smallest graduating class from Doon High School... Weddings: Roy Mulder and Anna VanOtterlon, Coba Van Sloten and Ted Boersma, Jennie Schuman and Jake Mellema, Muriel Rogers and Carl Stapenhorst, Dorothy Schilt and John Schurman, Florence Klock and Jack Stolp... N.W. Bell puts new central office into service in Doon... Future of Doon band hangs in balance---attendance at next rehearsal will decide fate... Colored resident of Doon, Joe Lucerne, spins fairy tale of wealth and achievements...Several Doon residents fall for his story... 200 attend old settlers picnic...Ira Vail of Canton is new band director... Highway 75 to be paved from Sioux County line to Lakewood Bridge.

1936---Doon Press editor: Harold Stearns...Fairview band will assist the Doon band in their regular free band concerts on Saturday evenings...Public school reports enrollment of 161 students. Christian School 65 students. Weddings; Edward Hollander and Rose Schuett, Robert DeJong and Hilda Schoon, Ernest Iwen and Lucille Chester, Donald Mann and Ruth Runge, George Breckle and Emily Ross. Public High School graduates: Frances Anderson, Florence Mann, Ralph Ross, Jack Larson, Vincent LeMonds, Evelyn Schemmel, John Kolthoff and Floyd Feikema...Christian School graduates: Harriet Baron, Theresa Van Den Bosch,, Francis Faber, Sadie Faber, Peter Bloemendaal, Walter Hockstra and Alfred Hubers. Arnold Christians, Principal...Severe summer drought---corn yields running between 0 to 7 bushels per acre. Record snows and cold in winter of '36...Garfield New Deal political rally...C.B. Reynolds, Chairman---Mrs. Elmer Haas, announcer ... Citizens ask for new addition to public school Doon is only town in county that does not have a modern, fireproof public school with gym.

1937---Ripley Players in Doon Saturday night presenting "Treasure Island" at Woodman Hall...Wally Fiesells Brass Rail and moves to George... Rev. Cheney accepts call to Congregational Church...Fred Griner re-elected as superintendent of Public School at a salary of $1,650 per year...Doon office of Rock Rapids State Bank closed...Doon citizens dissatisfied with operation...Valley State Bank of Rock Valley to open new office soon...Doon band concerts every Saturday night...Christian School graduates: Antonette Faber, Fannie Bloemendaal, Aida Hockstra, Nellie Van Engen, John Gorter and Abben Fiekema, Arnold Christians, Principal. Public High School graduates: Donald Rohweller, Warren Lehman, Rena Gorter, Carole LeMonds, Mary Hockstra, Mildred Lewis, Irene Faber and Sadie DeGroot.

1938---Doon High School meets Alvord basketeers on return game. Doon will not forget the merciless 98-7 drubbing in opening game... Doon High School wins first game of season over Little Rock by score of 13 to 10...High School music groups present "Bits of Blarney"...Does Doon want a new public school? Applications must be sent to the Public Works Administration, Washington, D.C....Doon will get highway 167 paved---credit to good roads committee and especially C. Ross...Doon citizens vote for a new public school by a wide margin. Weddings: Wilhelmina Westyn and Julius Levering, Margaret Erickson and Homer Ross, Catherine Rygg and August Ross, Bertha Tiedeman and Ivan Anderson, Frances Anderson and Judson Smith, Anna Wiedema and Henry Zylstra, Elmer Nichaus and Agnes Swench, Inez Faber and John VanEngen...Public School graduates: Howard Lawrence, Henry Levering, Peter Van Den Oever, Warren Anderson, Charles Iwen, Henrietta Kolthoff, Ethylene Bennet, Marguerite Scholten and Mildred Witt...Christian School graduates: Mildred Mulder, Mina Levering, Margaret Faber, Myrtle Boer, Harvey VanEngen and Julius Stellinga. Arnold Christians, Principal.

1939---Number of farm tractors is steadily increasing, but first few years of ownership does not result in saving...C. Ross, pioneer merchant and community builder taken by death...400 attend funeral...Yvonne Iwen has been selected as Miss Doon...50 hoboes register at Hobo Park west of Doon...Congregationalists plan celebration of church's 50th anniversary...Dr. E.J. Bild to leave Doon...Weddings: Henrietta Kosters and Delbert Faber, Luella Strange and Walter Tiedeman, Emma Lange and Kenneth Brinkhous, Barbara DeBoer and J.W. VanTol, Viola Hanzen and Louise Watke,, Grace Scholten and Royce Weatherly, Viola Ross and Dr. H.W. Schoon, Alice Whealon and A.C. Klimesh...High school graduates largest class in eight years: Henrietta Kuiper, Charlotte Rohweller, Lorrain Watt, Francis Penning, Jack Kersbergen, Lloyd Dreier, Harold Dreier, Yvonne Iwen, Galen Lawrence, Mildred Barb, Henry Stellinga, Francis Bauer and Anna DeGroot, Fred Griner, Supt. Christian School graduates: Betty Jane DeJong, Geraldine Lems, Clarence Gorter and Marie Ten Harmsel. Al Spyker, Principal.

1940---President of U.S. approves proposal for new Doon High starts on new school---36 WPA workers and 13 Doon men employed...Dr. Thayer is new physician in Doon...Shooting on streets of Doon---three were injured and a 4th taken in custody of sheriff...Recheck of census reveals town still has population of 576 instead of 542 as first reported...Superintendent Fred Grimer resigns---C. Arthur Hansen is new school head... Doon trucker, Wade Wells, killed in car-truck crash near 'million dollar corner.' ... Companion Kenneth Larson has miraculous escape from death ... Doon is site of Lyon County corn husking contest to be held on Dick Van Engen farm...Raging blizzard hits northwest Iowa on Armistice Day...Weddings; Greta Grandstra and Henry Levering, Gertie Bon and Henry Hymans, Edna Mulder and Clarence DeJong, Inez Faber and Elvin Mulder, Tena Nagel and Louise Nagel, and a double wedding: Bernard Faber and Pearl DeJong, and Bill Faber and Marse VanGooer...Graduating seniors: Betty Lou Nagel, Floyd Nichous, Ruth Lehman, John VerMaas, Kenneth Larson and Myona Vander Stowe...Class of eleven largest in history of Christian school graduates Marion Van Engen, Hermina Kosters, Margaret Bloemendaal, Grace Zwaan, Jeanette Stelinga, Mildred Gort, Fred Boer, Gerald Van Engen, Edward Bonestroo, Hilbert Kuiper and Harold Kosters.

1941---Dial telephone system in operation in Doon...Joyce Ray competes in state driving contest---rated one of 12 best girl drivers in Iowa...U.S. declares war on Japan...Doon young men register for draft...Doon's new streamlined, modern school completed at cost of $93,300---to be dedicated August 29th...Woodman Hall sold for $200 and resold for $225---buyer plans to wreck it and salvage lumber...High School graduates: James Anderson, Collin LeMonds, Grace Laackman, George Scholten and Joyce Ray (first class to graduate from new school)...Christian School graduates: Mary Gorter, Lawrence Gorter, Fred Holtrop, John Otlen, Bernard Len Harmsel and Leonard Lems. Al Spyker, Principal.

1942---Many more young men reporting for selective service---at least 25 from Doon---Robert Kersbergen, Raymond Tacke and Lawrence Finck report for duty from National Guard...Doon to host Lyon County basketball tournament in new high school gym...Weddings: Marion Mann and Joseph Ryan, Coba TerMaat and John Mulder, Gertrude Baker and Sam Veldtkamp, Millie Finck and Neal Brower, Renola Beck and Donald DeGraff, Henrietta Finck and Sargent Ribbentrop, Charlotte Rohweller and Lee Atward, Marguerite Scholten and William Jolley, Stanley Whealon and Arlene Kraft, Jack Schultz and Mary McEleny, Henry Stellings and Dorothy Kelderman...Christian School graduates: Judy VanEngen, Kathryn Dykstra, Mildred Van Engen, Joan Kuiper, Henry Boer, Leonard Zwaan, Earl VanEngen and Herbert VanEngen. G. Van Gelder, Principal. High School graduates: Wayne Nebben, Bob Whealan, Julius Stellings, Gilbert Kohmen, Ralph Kopsay, Florence Veldtkamp, William Larson, William Kenzer, Helen Mae Penning, Luis Bauer and Opal Smith. Arthur Hansen, Supt.

1943---Doon Press discontinued...Editor Harold Stearns moves to Inwood...High School graduates: Duane Lawrence, Jane Lawrence, Thelma File, Geraldine Lems, Eugene Kohnen, Wanda Nagel and Emmer Smith, Arthur Hansen, Supt...Christian School graduates: Louise DeBoer, Henrietta Zwaan Hester Otten and Kenneth Brower. Kathryn Zylstra, Principal.

1944---No newspaper...Public High School graduates: Don Boscaljon, John Freese, Ellen Hubers, Jeanette Stellings, Donald Bauer and Grace Zwaan. Arthur Hansen, Supt...Christian School graduates: Corynna Lems, Harriet Faber, Priscilla Kelderman, Evelyn TerMaat, Henrietta Den Besten...Delmar Otten, Alyda Wielenga and Nick Bloemendaal. Miss Emma Vander Spoel, Principal.

1945---No newspaper...Public High School graduates: Cris Ten Braak, John Kopsas, Lawrence Gorter, Freda Brower and john Gort, Supt. Lauver...Christian School graduates: Lawrne Kelderman, Cliff Brower, Agnes Levering, Joyce Gort, Nella Faber, Joyce Mulder, Bill Mantel and Don Aardema. Miss Emma Vander Spoel, Principal.

1946---Doon Bargain Counter published by H. Kuiper...Public High School graduates: Shirley Hubers, Aric Ver Maas, Muriel Hougeveen, Doris Stengel, Lila Jean Hass and Leonard Zwaan. Edward Kragt, Supt...Christian School graduates: Anna MacVande Vegte, Willmanette Kelderman, Henry Van Bemmel, Delphine Van Engen, Julia Pap, Leo Van Tol, Marion Harmsen, Lenny TeStaa and Gerald Lems. Miss Emma Vander Spoel, Principal.

1947---Harold Aardema begins publication of Doon Reminder...New sources unavailable 1947 - 1`957...Doon High School graduates: Gordon Boscaljon, Gwendolyn Hoogeveen, Elfreda Brinkhous, Irene Nagel, LeRoy Nagel, Ronald Hasche and Darwin Wrightman. Supt. Taylor...Christian School graduates: Tillie Hoogland, Theresa Otten, Betty DeGroot, Joawn Van Oort, Henry Kuiper, Gertrude Van Bemmel and Louise Heinsma. Miss M. Vander Werff, Principal.

1948---Public School graduates: Harold Aardema, Eleanor Nagel, Nadine Helder, Donna Keegan, Gene Bunch, Martha Timmer, Dorothy Dykstra, Corynna Lems and Marlys Postma. C.T. Yestness, Supt. Christian School graduates: Marie Van Bemmel, Nella Pap, Sidney Stellinga, Joe Van Engen, Jim Van Engen and Clifford Van De Vegte. Miss M. Vander Werff, Principal.

1949---Public High School graduates: Donald Aardema, Joe Keegan, Evelyn DeJong, Louie Kopsas, Marilyn Dykstra, Agnes Levering, Nella Faber, Bill Mandel, Roland Ross, Delores Schlotfeldt, Louise Sobl, Marjorie Stellings, Esther Suenjes, Jake Teunneson, Marianne Wagner and Lois Zorn. This was one of the largest classes to graduate from the Doon High School. Christian School graduates: Mary Anne Wielenga, Grace Marie Mantel, Kitty Joy Van Tol, Norma Te Staa, Betty Hoogland, Mildred Harmsen, Eileen Hockstra, Herman Braxvpprt. Wilber Docksen. and Grace Blocsmendaal. Mr. G. Besselsen, Principal.

1950---Christian School graduates: Donna Heinsma, Henrietta Van Tol, Marjorie Gorter, Janice Van Engen, Dale Dykstra, Duane Pap and Leonard Van Bemmel. Mr. G. Besselsen, Principal. Public High School graduates: Mervin Hasche, Lewis Hobson, Mary Kirk, Gerald Lems, Ellen Hoppe, LeRoy Te Slaa, James Wells, Don Wightman and Harriet Zigtema. C.T. Yetness, Supt.

1951---Public High School graduates: Margaret Dykstra, Carol Yestness, Cynthianne Stiemjes, Alma Jean Lehman, Arlene Tecken, Luetta Nagel, LeMond Pickett, Madison Kruger, Virgel Schlotteldt, Frank Boon and Willard Boscaljon. Christian School graduates: Elizabeth Van Tol, Jane Lems, Gilenda Bruxvoort, Shirley Aardema, Donald Kelderman, Peter Hoogland, Stanley Aardema and Arnold Van Engen. Mr. G. Besselsen, Principal.

1952---Public High School graduates: Earl Gort, Hank Vlastuin, Sid Stellinga, Richard Hobson, Norman Bauer, Barbara Ross, Marion Blick, Leland Steltnichs, Gilbert Teunissen, Bill Sneller, Larry Laackman, Alvin Kelderman, Frederick Elbert. C.T. Yestness, Superintendent.
Christian School graduates: William Den Besten, Johanna Pap, Joy Van Oort, June Van Engen, Norma Faber, Gerald Gorter, Donald Pap, Clarence Vander Woude, Irwin Bruxvoort, Dale Vink, Jun Otten and Harlan Van Engen. G. Besselsen, Principal.

1953---Public High School graduates: Mary Lou Stueven, Norman Hass, Julia Brower, Arietta Boon, Angela Bauwman, Henry Dykstra, Phyllis Hasche, Giles Kruger, Leonard Nagel, Arlene Nagel, Lou Ann Ross, Donald Schlofeldt, Theodore Stientjes, Norma Jean TerSlaa, and Bonnie Wells. C.T. Yestness, Supt...Christian School graduates: Joan Mantel, Marge Bouma, Iona Mantel, Kathleen Hubers, Ronald Heinsma, Cornie Hoogland and Cornelius Van Tol. G. Besselsen, Principal.

1954---Christian School graduates: Dorothy Gorter, Gertrude Winnierswyk, Gerdena Bouma, Judith VanDeWeerd, Betty Van De Vegre, Elroy Van Engen, Dale Van Engen and Kenneth Postra. G.Besselsen, Principal. Public High School graduates: Starr Kruger, Crystal Van Dyke, Donald Moget, Marjorie Gorter, Elaine Torker, Jack Keegan, Hester Van Tol, Virginia Nagel, Roger Hobson, Merlyn Steunichs, Janet Keegan, Helen Boscaljon and JoAnn Zorn. C.T. Yestness, Supt.

1955---Public High School graduates: Jay Wells, Delores Laackman, Eugene Hoppe, Dorothea Browerk Lyman Hobson, LaVonne Nagel, Stanley Aardema, Mary Ann Mantel, Grace Zwaan, Louis Sneller, Shirley Aankema, Grace Mantel, Allen Wightman, Norma Jean Kirk, Arnold Techen, Jane Lems and Richard Iwen. C.T. Yestness, Supt... Christian School graduates: Jacob Mantel, Janice Mantel, Cynthia Mantel, Karen Lems, James Hubers, Alvin Van Bemmel, Henry Zwaain, William Van Tol, Norman Van Engen Rodney Mulder and Joe Van Tol. G. Besselsen, Principal.

1956: Public High School graduates: Glenda Zigtema, Andrew Ten Braak, Lyle Stettnichs, James Otten, Edward Nagel, Gus Kopsas, James Hoogeveen, Jack Fiser, Herman DeJong, Ruby Buss & Marilyn Anderson. F.G. Leaply. Supt... Christian School graduates: Ardell Gorter, Elaine Faber, Wanda Mulder, Irene Bloemendaal, Elaine Hoekstra and Greta Van Engen. Ed Vander Pol, Principal.

1957---Christian School graduates: Arthur Van Tol, Harriet Bloemendaal, Marlene Vander Woude, Wesley Hubers, Roger Pap, Judy Kraayenbrink, Janice Bankespoor and Robert DeJong. Ed Vander Pol, Principal. Public High School graduates: Iona Mantel, Marlene Anderson, Joanne Mantel, David Gerritsen and Dale Schmith. William Lohrs, Principal.

1958---Doon Reminder News---Grand opening of LeMonds Clover Farm grocery store and locker. Fie's Cafe---just the place for 'eats'...John Otten sells Johnnie's Service to Case and Ben Teunivsen... 1958 Chevrolet for sale $2195.00...George Scholten has farm auction...Frederick Manfred visits Doon...Public School graduates: Richard Bahrenfus, Cornelius Boon, Marjorie Brinkhous, John Buss, Marilyn DeJong, James DeRuyler, Terrance Flynn, Jodene Hass, Evelyn Nagel, Julius Roth, Dean Schmith, Bernard Sneller and Louise Tecken. G.W. Bermer, Supt...Christian School graduates: Arthur Stellinga, John Mantel, Sidney Kaiper, Vernon Van Oort and Marion Van Benuntel. Ed Vander Pol, Principal.

1959---Frederick Manfred has new book on sale, "Riders of Judgment"...Doon High School dramatics club presents "The Mystery of Mouldy Manor"...Sam Van Ketell's Gamble Store is gathering place for Doon men to exchange jokes of local 'news'...Round Our Town
features Rick Ricke, local musician and composer...Country schools are disappearing from the countryside...Doon joins Rock Rapids in forming Central Lyon School District. All high school students attend school in Rock Rapids. All junior high and elementary students south of a line one and one half miles north of Lakewood (George) blacktop attend school in Doon...Fred Thornton is new Doon barber...Garfield Mutual Telephone Company goes out of of property Friday...Dec 18...Public School graduates: Valeta Siebrands, Darrell Vande Vegte, Michelle Nagel, Norman Van Engen, Elaine Ver Beck, Karen Lems, Karen DeJong, Alwayne Vande Kamp, Robert Iwen, Cynthia Mantel, Donald Anderson and Joe Van Tol. This is the last class to be graduated from the Doon High School. It served the Doon area well from 1896 to 1959. Christian School graduates: Hurley Van Bemmel, Wilma Van Engen, Jay Stellings and Clarence Van Tol. A. De Kam, Principal.


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