Source: Lucas County entries, R. L. Polk & Co.'s Iowa

State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1912-1913, Vol. XVI

Transcribed by a generous volunteer

CHARITON. Population, 3,794. An incorporated city, located on the Chariton river and on the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Lucas county, of which it is the judicial seat, 55 miles w. of Ottumwa, 56 s. e. of Des Moines, 130 from Burlington, 164 from Council Bluffs and 337 from Chicago. The city owns and operates its own electric light plant, has water works. a well equipped and efficient fire department, churches of the Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, United Brethren and United Presbyterian denominations, an excellent public school system, a public library, a handsome and commodious court house, an armory with a capacity of 1,500, first-class municipal advantages. attractive architectural features, 4 banks and 2 weekly newspapers, the Herald Patriot and the Leader. Among its hotels, the Bates House, elegantly furnished and modern throughout, is under able management and is a popular head quarters for the traveling public. Chariton is one of the largest stock breeding and shipping localities in the state, and also has in the immediate vicinity some of the largest coal beds in lowa. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Albert Hasselquist, postmaster.

Aldrich John L, tinner.
Alexander George W, lawyer.
Anderson Enos A, lawyer.
Anderson Walter L, dentist.
Averill & Knotts, furs.
Bailey Samuel, brick mnfr.
Baker Peter, cigar mnfr.
Bartholomew & Drake (Orion A Bartholomew, Eli W Drake), lawyers.
BATES HOUSE, B R Van Dyke Propr.
Beaman James D, drugs.
Blanchard & Cooley (Harry B Blanchard, Samuel W Cooley), hardware.
Bowen Isaac N, real estate.
Bown John A, vet suregon.
Boynton Frank H, physician.
Brewer & Blake (Walter Brewer, Clarence Blake), clothing.
Bridge Ephraim C, optician.
Brittell Lee, physician.
Brown Walter C, live stock. 
Bulman Walter W, lawyer.
Buzard I S, physician.
Carpenter George F, ins.
Carroll John H, pianos.
Chandler Bros (Howard and Fred), sheep breeders.
Chariton Academy and Commercial College, Combs & Bell proprs.
Chariton Auto Co (Blanchard & Cooley).
Chariton City Library.
Chariton Dry Goods Co, George A Israel, mngr.
Chariton Fuel Co, D Rogers propr.
Chariton Herald-Patriot, Herald Publishing Co. publrs.
Chariton Ice Co, G J Stewart mngr.
Chariton Leader, H W Gittinger propr.
CHARITON LOAN & INVESTMENT CO. J A Brown Pres. E L Powell Sec. G W Larimer Treas and Mngr.
CHARITON NATIONAL BANK (Capital $50,000), J C Copeland Pres. E L Gookin Cashier.
Chariton Saddlery Co, Stanton M Custer manager.
Chariton Telephone Co, Joseph A Brown pres, Channing Smith sec.
Clarinda Poultry, Butter & Egg Co, C W Maddex mngr.
Clark Will, grocer.
Clark & Spiker (Vernon Clark, Spiker), grocers.
Collinson Wm, county attorney.
Combs & Clouse Music Co (D E Combs, G C Clouse).
Commercial Bank (capital exceeds $50, 000), Jay J Smyth propr and cashr.
Connell Charles P, electrical goods.
Copeland Elijah, live stock.
Copeland Howard D, live stock.
Crane Julius H & Co (Julius H and Fred Crane), jewelers.
Crozier James T, general store.
Culbertson Howard, real estate.
Curtis Bros (Ira N and Frank B), grocers.
Curtis John H, broom mnfr.
Custer Walter S, grain and feed.
Dalin Charles, tailor.
Darrah John H, general store.
Depot Hotel, Savage & Perry proprs.
Dorsey Joseph V, insurance.
Dougherty Barbara E, physician.
Dougherty Bernard F, phys and drugs.
Dungan Warren S, lawyer.
Dunshee Bros (Fred and Frank), hardware and implts.
Duntley Arthur H, drayage.
Eikenberry & Co (WA Eikenberry), flour and feed.
Elrod C F, physician.
Engebretsen Henry J, drugs.
Ensley George W, hardware.
Farlin Emory L, restaurant.
Flatt John C jr, confectioner.
Fluke Charles E, books.
Froggatt Clarence E, furniture.
Gallagher Wm P, sewing machines.
Gardner House, Joseph Batten propr.
Garland Tarpley J, wagonmaker.
Gibbon Laura R, drugs.
Gittinger Henry W, propr Chariton Leader.
GOOKIN A B & CO (Albert B and Walter C Gookin). Real Estate, Loans and General Insurance.
Gove Clinton D, jeweler.
Gray-Von Behren Co, George Von Behren pres, R A Gray sec and treas, grocers and queensware.
Greene Samuel M, publr Chariton Herald.
Greeno J Fred, dentist.
Griffin Joseph T, real estate.
Hall Jacob E, shoes.
Hall Joseph E, feed barn.
Harding & Simcoe (N A Harding, J C Simcoe), marble works.
Hass Charles, real estate.
Hasselquist Albert, postmaster.
Hawkeye Produce Co, W H Dewey pres, C C Pickerel sec.
Herald Publishing Co, Samuel M Greene mngr publr Chariton Herald-Patriot.
Hickman James H, lawyer.
Hickman & Wells (S C Hickman, E Wells), lawyers.
Hollinger & Larimer (Napoleon B Hollinger, Horace G Larimer), clothing and shoes.
Holman Clarence, medicine mnfr.
Holmberg John E, cabinetmkr.
Hooper Burt, feed barn.
Hooper Egg Co Major G Hooper).
Hooper & Son (Major G and Louis K), grocers.
Hosea & Co, Dasie M Hosea mngr, notions.
Houghland O A, architect.
Hubbard Clarence C, dyer.
Hughes Thomas O, live stock.
Inland Fuel Co, Wm Haven mngr, coal miners.
Iowa Produce Co.
Iowa Telephone Co, H T Patton mngr.
Johnson Bernhard G, restaurant.
JOHNSON BROS MANUFACTURING CO (David F. Peter E. and Erick M). Mnfrs Columbian Hay Stackers and Sweep Rakes and Founders and Machinists.
Jones Ed S, drugs.
KESTLER STEAM LAUNDRY CO (J Frank and Zachary T Kestler), Give Us a Trial, N Main.
Kneeland James, florist.
Lemon James W & Co (James W Lemon, Harry Nelson, F J Abell), 2d hand goods.
Lewis Don E, drayage.
Lindquist August, tailor.
Lucas County National Bank (capital $50.000), Samuel McKiveen pres, L H Busselle cashr.
Lundgren Arthur, bottler.
McAfee Dora W, osteopath.
McCarthy James, photographer.
McCollough J N & Co (Mrs J N McCollough, Oscar J Israel), dry goods.
McCollough & Bown (Addison H McCollough, Thomas A Bown), horse dlrs.
McCullough Edward S, livery.
McGinnis Thomas J, feed barn.
McKiveen John A, physician.
McKiveen & Eikenberry (J A McKiveen W A Eikenberry), lumber and coal.
Maple L F & Co (Laban F Maple), real estate and ins.
Melville Nicholas S, furniture.
Mines Thomas H, dairy.
Mullen Wm, hotel.
Nelson A W, dairy.
Noble Charles E, real estate.
Noble Clinton A, restaurant.
Oakes Frank E, 2d hand goods.
Oppenheimer Simon, clothing.
Owens Leland A, pianos.
Paine R S, nursery, 3 miles n e.
Palmer Mrs Anna, general store.
Paton Pete T, cigar mnfr.
Patterson Lee R, real estate.
Peake Louis C, jeweler.
Penick & Anderson (James A Penick, Enos A Anderson), lawyers.
Perry Matthew M, dentist.
Perry Percival T, dentist.
Piper Robert D, grocer.
Potts Andrew H, hotel.
Red Cros Pharmacy (Frank Willey).
Riebel Leonard, mnfr artificial limbs.
Ruth Wm, tailor.
Saum Fred A, physician.
Savage & Perry (Sidney C Savage, Everett H Perry), proprs Depot Hotel.
SCHREIBER CARRIAGE MNFG CO, Wm Schreiber Pres, W A Schreiber Sec and Treas, Manufacturers of Carriages, Phaetons, Auto Tops, Farm and Spring Wagons, Dealers in Blacksmiths' Supplies, General Repairing and Painting.
Scull S M & Co, grocers.
Smith Edward, photographer.
Smith Sylvanus H, real estate.
Soderstrom Gus F, restaurant.
Standard Oil Co, Andrew Noble agt.
Stanton John H, physician.
Stanton Theodore P, physician.
State Savings Bank (capital $25,000), Joseph A Brown pres, John Culbertson cashr.
Steele Mrs Fannie, milliner.
Steinbach Herman J, meats.
Stewart Charles E, vet surgeon.
Stewart G J & Co (George J and Harry B Stewart), grain, lumber and live stock
Storie David Q, physician and coroner.
Stote Frederick C, dentist.
Stuart, Stuart & Stuart (T M, C W and F V), lawyers.
Stuart & Fancher (F V Stuart, Mrs Daisy D Fancher), abstracts.
Storie & Kridelbaugh (Edwin H Storie, J W Kridelbaugh), lawyers.
Tate C L, harness.
Thomas John F, livery.
Threlkeld Bros (Lorin E and Melvin R), wagon spring mnfrs.
Threlkeld James D, lawyer.
Throckmorton Jeannette F, physician
Throckmorton Thomas M, physician.
Throckmorton T Bentley, physician.
VAN DYKE B R, Propr Bates House.
Walker Josephine H, milliner.
Weiford Nixon, shoes.
West S B, feed barn.
Western Iowa Development Co, Wm Haven sec.
Williams John, hack line.
Wilson Alexander B, baker.
Woodman Alfred J, farm implts.
Wright Jenk E, real estate.
Wyland & McAfee (Samuel I Wyland, Dora W McAfee), osteopaths.
Yengel Bros (Fred J and Robert R), meats.
Yengel & Fluke (Fred Yengel, M J Fluke), confectioners.
Yocom & Yocom (Albert L and Albert L jr), physicians.

CLEVELAND. On the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Jackson township, Lucas county, 12 miles w. of Chariton, the judicial seat, and 2 1/2 from Lucas, its banking and mailing point.   

DERBY. Population, 326. An incorporated town on the Burlington Route, in Union township, Lucas county, 11 miles s. w. of Chariton, the county seat. Has Methodist and Presbyterian churches and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Telephone connection. C. H. Davis, postmaster.

Brasch E L, general store.
Cherryholmes & Nesson, hardware.
DAVIS C H, Postmaster.
Davis W H, hotel, r r, exp and tel agent.
Derby Cattle Co.
DERBY STATE BANK (Capital $35,000), M T Grimes Pres, U S Penick Cashr.
Derby Telephone Co.
Dunn John, drugs.
George J J, mayor.
Green Bros, carpenters.
Kirk E A, wagonmaker.
McManis J W, meats.
Niblock G F, physician.
Rash A M, restaurant.
Sloan George, wagonmaker.
Stewart G J & Co, lumber.
Taylor R E, grocer.
Throckmorton R Fred, physician.
Winslow Bros, general store.
Wolverton & Johnson, insurance and real estate.
Wright R H, restaurant.
Wyatt J B, drayage.

INDIANOLA JUNCTION, Lucas county. See Chariton.

LUCAS. Population, 666. An incorporated town on the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Jackson township, Lucas county, 9 miles w. of Chariton. the county seat. Has a bank, 4 churches, a graded public school and an opera house. Exp., Adams. Tel. W. U. LE. Halls, postmaster. 
Ashby T D, live stock.
Bell John C, physician.
Big Hill Coal Co, H L Byers propr, coal mines.
Croston Thomas, physician.
Crow Bros, meats.
FARMERS AND MINERS BANK, Mrs Martha Baker Pres, N F Baker Cashr.
Halls T E, Postmaster.
Holmes Frank, painter.
Hooker Lech, harnessmkr.
Iowa Telephone Co.
Jones Thomas, restaurant.
Knotts C F, mngr Knotts Opera House.
Knotts Opera House, C F Knotts mngr.
Lane Henry, painter.
Leeheart Bros, drugs.
McGee J A, live stock.
McGee & Vanscory, genl store.
Mellveen Bros & Rogers (J A, J L and Samuel Mellveen, C B Rogers), hardware and implts.
Mason Ole, livery.
Rowe WI & Co (Walter E Rowe), genl store.
Stoer FL, r r, exp and tel agt.
Stotts Green, real estate.
Walker Mrs N, milliner.
Warner & Baker, genl store.
Williams Elizabeth, cigars.

OAKLEY, Population, 100. On the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Liberty township, Lucas county, 7 1/2 miles n. w. of Chariton, the county seat and nearest banking point. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches. Exp., Adams. Tel., W. U. James Robinson, postmaster.

Burgett W H, hotel.
Chappel S, carpenter.
Halton Bert, hardware and implts.
Mauf H L live stock.
Miksell J M, carp.
Newhouse H A, meats.
Niswender George, livery.
Oakley Academy The, Miss A B Bearden bus mngr and prin.
Pease A, grocer.
Peterson M E, rr agt.
ROBINSON JAMES, Postmaster and General Store.
Wall Charles, restaurant.

RUSSELL. Population, 612. An incorporated town on the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Washington township, Lucas county, 7 1/2 miles e. of Chariton, the county seat, and 60 s. e. of Des Moines. Has a weekly newspaper, the Russell Union, a bank and Baptist, Christian, Methodist and Presbyterian churches. Exp., Adams. Tel, W. U. Harry D. Clinton, postmaster.

Boyd Samuel N, produce.
Brandon Hotel, Mrs Savilla Cole propr.
Clinton Harry D, postmaster.
De Lano Frank H, jeweler and photogr.
Ewald Carrie D, milliner.
Farmers' Mutual Telephone Co, M A Evans pres and mngr.
Fesler Newt, restaurant.
Hepenstall John A, general store.
Hill Edward C, carpenter.
Hill Fred N, drugs.
Hill Robert A, physician.
Howell Bros (Lemuel S and Wm C) harnessmakers.
Huston Carl F, dentist.
Huston Reuben T, livery.
Hutchson Ora E, r r, exp and tel agt.
Jeffries James N, live stock
Jennings Glen L, general store.
Keller Harry, publr Russell Union.
Latham Ed G, general store.
Lemly Auto Co, Theo F Lemly propr.
McKinley Charles S, general store.
McKiveen & Eikenberry, John W Plotts mngr. grain, lumber and coal.
Marshall Edwin A, variety store.
Marshall Wm J, real estate.
Mettlin Andrew J, drugs and books.
Milleson Will L, jeweler.
Plotts Ruel A, meats.
Pyle Ernest J, restaurant.
Raines Ira E, wall paper and paints.
Riker George W, apiarist.
Robb James B, physician.
Russell State Bank (capital $25,000), J N Jefferies pres, P A Rockey cashier.
RUSSELL UNION (Weekly), Harry Keller Publr.
Thompson George, carpenter.
Werts Wm L, produce.
Woodman Alfred J, hdwe and furn.
Woods Thomas W, wagonmaker.
Wright & Larimer (Arthur H Wright, Charles L Larimer), painters.

ZERO. A discontinued postoffice on the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Washington township, Lucas county, 11 miles e. of Chariton, the judicial seat, and 4 from Russell, the nearest bank location, whence it has rural delivery.

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