The Louisa Democrat, Nov. 7, 1895
Submitted by a Louisa Co. Volunteer, February 18, 2023

Rathbone Sisters Temple No. 66 Organized

Temple No. 66, Rathbone Sisters, was organized in Wapello, Oct. 25, 1895, with the following:

CHARTER MEMBERS: Mesdames E. Garrett, Harriet Morgan, G. A. Freeland, Emma Isett, C. L. Butler, W. E. Fellman, Emma Foor, L. A. Crutchfield. H. M. Holler, H. W. Garrett, W. S. Grimes, E. A. Small, J. E. Garrett and Misses Lou Cleaver, Etta Weaver, Anna Keck, Adda Archibald.

HONORARY MEMBERS. Messrs. E. T. Latta, W. A. Gray, J. E. McCray, H. O. Weaver, W. C. Morgan, R. M. Garrett. S. F. Small, J. W. Crutchfield, G. A. Freeland, W. E. Fielman, H. M. Holler, G. M. Isett, C. L. Butler, Geo. Foor, H. W. Garrett, J. E. Garrett.

OFFICERS. Mrs. Harriet Morgan, P. C.; Mrs. E. Garrett. M. E. C.; Mrs. G. A. Freeland, E. S.; Mrs. Emma Isett, E. J. Mrs. Geo. Foor, Mrg. of T.; Mrs. J. E. Garrett, M. of R. and C.; Mrs. E. A. Small, M. of F.; Mrs. C. L. Butler, Pro. of T.; L. A. Crutchfield, Guard of O. T.; Challengers: Misses Lou Cleaver, Miss Adda Archibald; Trustees: Mrs. Grimes, Mrs. Fielman, Miss Weaver; Organist-Mrs. Fielman.

Transcriber's note: The Rathbone Sisters were one of two auxiliaries of the Knights of Pythias; in 1896 the two were merged and were known as the Pythian Sisters.

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