The Louisa Democrat, December 20, 1900
Submitted by a Louisa Co. Volunteer, February 18, 2023

Oakville I.O.O.F. Organized

According to previous arrangements a lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows was instituted by O. P. Dotson, D. D. G. M, at Oakville Saturday evening. The following attended from Wapello: A. Foor, Horace Beane, Geo. Graham, O. P. Dotson, Chas. Bates, Peter Shipman, Elmer Shipman, A. Nearhoud, Sherman Stone, Theodore Wilton, Link Gresham, Frank Gresham, Dave Kirkpatrick, Frank McGill, Dick Fitzgerald, Ed Hunt, Harve McKenney, C. Mincher, Lew Winter, Fred Gall, B. F. Ogden, Ira Lesnet, H. Otto, Phil Weiderrecht, Bob Jamison, W. E. Fields, J. E. Colby, Aug. Korn, John Grimm, Lee Limbocker, Harry Limbocker. From Columbus City A. C. Marshall, Wm. McCann, J. W. Isett, B. C. Green, Thos. Fairchild, J R. Maddox. From Columbus Junction: Sam Harmon, John Morse, Hansome Forbes, Collins Forbes, Chas. Forbes.

The officers elected for the present term are: W. R. Bolding, N. G.; S. V. Dunham, V G.; John Duncan, secretary, M. E. Bridgeford, F. Sec'y; T. M. Storks, treas.; E. I. Dunham, Jas. Duncan and T E. K. Dibel, trustees.

Oakville lodge No. 130 starts out with the following charter members: Paul Sullivan, Geo. Graham, N. Crutchfield, George Taylor, M. R. Bolding. On petition: Geo. Hook, Jas. A Duncan, Ed Dunham, S. Veno Dunham, M. E. Bridgeford, Bert Gawthrop, Samuel Creighton, C. F. Wilson, J. W. Crutchfeld, T. M. Storks, R. E. Wilson, T. E. K. Dibel, A. E. Farris, John K. Duncan, Abe Parsons, Arthur E. Bayne, Wm. T. Waterhouse, A. C. Waterhouse, D. D. Parsons, R. F. Johnson, Dan. D. Marshall, Peter Westman, F O. Edwards, Wm. Westfall, W. Robinson.

The work of instituting the lodge was begun at 3 p. m. Saturday afternoon and completed before 12 o'clock that night. The Wapello contingent are loud in their praise of the hospitable manner in which the people of Oakville entertained them. After the lodge work was completed members of the new lodge informed the visitors that they appreciated what Wapello Odd Fellows had done for them, and also remembered with the kindliest feeling the many instances in the past when citizens of Wapello had gladly extended a helping hand.

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