The Republican Centennial Edition, Wapello, Louisa County, Iowa
Thursday, July 12, 1956, Section Two, Page 19

Transcribed by Shirley Plumb, June 30, 2019

Trade Center For Large Area

    Wapello has over 100 businesses which operate within the city or in the surrounding area. Many of them have been written about in this Centennial edition. A list of many others, not written up, but a part of Wapello, are:

    Hawkins Variety and Dry goods. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hawkins purchased the variety from Mr. Bicklin in 1947. They purchased the building next to it later, and have remodeled both sides into modern stores. New fixtures and air conditioning have been added. A bargain basement is also a service.

     Askren Florists is located next to the E. R. Winter agency. Clarence Askren owns the business, supplying flowers by wire anywhere, and complete floral service.

    Ruth Mills Insurance Agency is located in the same building as Askren. It is owned by Ruth Minor Mills, daughter of “Tede” Minor, who operated the insurance agency for many years.

    McChesney Produce is operated by Kenneth McChesney, selling feeds, buying cream, poultry and eggs.

    The Wapello Theater is managed by Mrs. Mary Potter. It is one of the finest in the area. It is owned by Ludy Bosten of Muscatine.

    Joe Berkhoff runs a barber shop next to the post office.

    Doc’s 133 Tavern is owned and operated by Phil “Doc” Naumann. Above the business is the old KP hall.

    Archibald’s tavern is owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Archibald. Ronald is also a carpenter.

    The Coffee Cup restaurant is located next to Schwob’s Repair shop and behind the old Myron Hall, now the Farm Bureau. It is operated by Mr. and Mrs. Elmer “Soupy” Milligan.

    Glen Reed is Sinclair agent for this area, serving all Sinclair stations, and operating the bulk tanks and a tank wagon.

    Bob Pogemiller has the Standard agency, serving the stations, operating a bulk plant and tank wagon. He is the son of Don Pogemiller, former operator of the locker plant.

    Dan Barrick operates the new Standard station on highway 61. He is the son of Ray Barrick.

    Robert McKinney drives the D-X tank wagon and operates the bulk tank.

    Jimmy Wilson drives a tank wagon for the Louisa Farm Service in this area.

    Ralph “Speck” McChesney operates the Phillips 66 station on highway 61.

    The Maid-Rite café on highway 61 is operated by Mr. and Mrs. Ray Paxson.

    The Hi-way Pantry is located in the building on the corner of highway 61 and 5 mile lane. It is owned by Lawrence Parish and operated by Dollie Springer.

    Henry Wagner operates a large ready–mix concrete plant on highway 61.

    Dr. McWilliams is an osteopath in Wapello, offices located above The Corner grocery in the Baker building.

    The Weber Clinic is operated by Drs. Leslie Weber and son, Leslie Weber, Jr. It provides a fine modern medical center for the county. A remodeled home across from Hicklin and Hicklin is the office.

    Dr. H. E. Hoover is Wapello’s dentist, recently completing a new building on Isett Avenue.

    The Hometown Hatchery is located on highway 61, and hatches thousands of turkeys each year for the growing turkey industry in this region. It is operated by Woodrow Moore.

    The Berry Gift Shop is located on 61 at the south edge of Wapello. It is operated by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Berry.

    Schwob Plumbing and Heating is operated by Tom Schwob, son of Henry Schwob. It sells and services heating and plumbing fixtures.

    Clubb Plumbing and Heating is on the west edge of Wapello. It is operated by Clay Clubb and two sons.

    Wapello Feed and Seed is operated by James E. Hall. It sells feed and livestock equipment.

    Jess McGill and Ernie Dunlap are auctioneers in Wapello. McGill is also area supervisor for Foxbilt feeds.

    Hardy Implement is located across from the Wapello Library and is John Deere dealer.

    Huber’s Store is appliance and paint dealer. It is owned by Mrs. Fay Hubert and managed by Ernest Wright.

    The Iowa liquor store is located in the W. O. Weaver building. Employees are Charles Wright, Maurice (Bub) Lewis and Jess Havenhill.

    The Farmers Tavern is on Second St. and is operated by Ray Ament.

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