The Republican Centennial Edition, Wapello, Louisa County, Iowa
Thursday, July 12, 1956, Section Three, Page 45

Transcribed by Shirley Plumb, July 1, 2019


    In 1940, the Pine Motor company came to Wapello as your Chevrolet dealer. However, during the post-war years, from 1945 until 1948, they did not operate. But in 1948, they came back to Wapello and located in one of the buildings of the old Farmers Canning company out on the highway.

    The firm is owned by E. A. Pine and F. J. Pine of Columbus Junction, Iowa, and is the local dealer for Chevrolet and Oldsmobile cars and they also carry a complete line of parts as well as sales and service.

    Gordon Stone joined the firm in 1945 at Columbus Junction and then in 1950 he came to Wapello; today he is service manager.

    In 1954, John Ranberger became part owner and assumed the management of the entire place, as he is today.

    Pine Motors employes fur regular mechanics in their service shop: Everett Webb, Bob Patterson, Guy Johnson and Ronnie Ranberger. The service foreman is Robert Delzell and the bookkeeper is Ruth Ohlson. Leonard Murfin and Eddie Schmied are the salesmen.

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