The Republican Centennial Edition, Wapello, Louisa County, Iowa
Thursday, July 12, 1956, Section Three, Page 21

Transcribed by Lynn McCleary, July 4, 2019

Chairmen Named For Committees

    Neil Kracaw of Wyman was elected chairman of the Louisa County Red Cross at the annual meeting held Monday night, July 9 at the Court House, Wapello. Harry Donaldson, Winfield, was elected Vice-chairman, Mrs. Margaret Weaver, Wapello was reelected secretary, and LeRoy Hughes, Columbus Junction, was reelected treasurer.

    Directors elected for a three year term were; Mrs. Clark Sexton, Oakville; Mrs. Hazel Griffin, Morning Sun; Marshall Field, Wapello; Mrs. Gertrude Lieberknecht, Letts; Mrs. Layton Buffington, Crawfordville; and Richard Bieri, Letts. Elected director for a two year term were; H. Leo Huston, Columbus Junction; R. J. Cotter, Columbus Junction; John McCulley, Oakville; Roy e. Pierce, Morning Sun; Ernest Lieberknecht, Letts; and Mrs. Betty Michell, Letts.

    Elected director for the one year term were; Mrs. Arlenen Hoover, Wapello; Mrs. Jaunita Huston, Columbus Junction; Miss Myrtle Erwin, Wapello; John O’Brien, Oakville; Paul Robertson, Morning Sun and Paul Huston, Winfield.

Committee Chairmen

    Chairman Krackaw announced the following committee chairmen; Home Service Chairman, Mrs. Cleora McClurkin, Moring Sun, Disaster and Relief, George W. Oakes, Wapello; First Aid, Mrs. Virginia Poage, Wapello; Production, Mrs. Hazel Griffin, Morning Sun; Public Information, Woodrow Shearer, Columbus Junction; Water safety, Mrs. Marilyn Weber, Wapello; Fund Raising, Max M. Sellers, Columbus Junction; Nursing Service, Mrs. Robert Ivins, Morning Sun; Home Nursing, Mrs. Beulah Austin, Letts, and volunteer Service, Mrs. Marjorie Pettis, Wapello.

    Nominations for the county officers were made by the following members of the nominating committee; Mrs. Arlene Hoover, Wapello; Harry Donaldson, Winfield; Mrs. Ernest Lieberknecht, Letts, Sheldon Hawkins, Columbus Junction and Mrs. Cleora McCludkin, Morning Sun.

Swimming Program Report

    Reports were read by the chairmen present for the regular and annual meeting. Mrs. Mailyn Weber, water safety chairman reported 450 pupils are now enrolled in the Red Cross swimming program in Louisa county. This is 100 more pupils then were enrolled last year.

    Mrs. Marjorie Pettis reported on a National Defense meeting where methods for setting up emergency canteens were studied in case of disaster.

    Mrs. Cleora McClurkin, Home Service chairman, reported 284 requests had been made for Red Cross aid during the past year. Two new wheelchairs have been purchased, as well as two hospital beds, walkers and other items furnished free by the Red Cross.

    Everette Henson and Dr. Marshall, both of Columbus Junction, were appointed to audit the treasurer’s books.

    A vote of thanks was extended to Max M. Sellers, Columbus Junction for his work as fund raising chairman during the fund raising campaign.

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