The Republican Centennial Edition, Wapello, Louisa County, Iowa
Thursday, July 12, 1956, Section Two, Page 10

Transcribed by Shirley Plumb, June 29, 2019

Patients From All Over U.S.

    The exact date is not known, but it was around eighty years ago that a swank and elegant health resort was erected a few miles northeast of Grandview. It was known by several names, Mineral Springs, Green Springs, Health Waters Resort, Sulphur Springs, the Daughter Springs. The owner and manager was J. W. Strause who was noted as a genial host.

     It had a national wide reputation for the curing qualities of the various mineral springs at the bottom of the bluffs upon which the resort was built and people actually came here from all over the country to drink and bathe in the mineral water as an aid go health.

    Many of the older residents of Louisa County still living today can remember the ruins of the old resort hotel, however, today there is nothing there except, of course, the mineral springs. And it was gratifying to learn that a part of the beauty of the old structure was appreciated to the extent that the winding staircase was carefully removed and now graces the interior of one of the finer farm homes near Grandview.

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