The Republican Centennial Edition, Wapello, Louisa County, Iowa
Thursday, July 12, 1956, Section Three, Page 34

Transcribed by Lynn McCleary, July 4, 2019

Major Expansions Recently

    The Farmers Elevator and Exchange has grown from its inception in 1917, to one of the largest elevators in this area, completing two major expansions within the past two year.

    For 30 years Myron Daily was manager, pushing the service of the business through the depression years, even, in some cases, acting as a bank for the farmers of the area. When Daily succeeded F. G. Wright as manager, the depression hit, but due to Daily’s officiant operation the elevator continued to prosper.

    Directors of the elevator at this time were: John Corey, H. Limbocker, Guy Jamison, S. J Diehl, S. H. Matthews, John Foster, and Elmer Shipman.

    In 1942, after years of growth, the main elevator burned. Shortly thereafter the present frame elevator was erected.

    As more and more of the farmers made use of the facilities, space became a premium, so a warehouse was erected, along with the cementing of the cost yard floor.

    In 1949 the present concrete structure was built, adding 100,000 bushels, making the capacity about 145,000 bushels at this time.

    In 1951 the office building was remodeled. During this period, the locker plant was also built, later being sold to Don Pogemiller, and recently leased through Pogemiller to Everett McCleery.

    All this took place during Dally’s tenue as manager.

    Upon his resignation in 1954, Max Fisher was named manager. Fisher is a veteran, serving in WWII. He is married, the father of five children.

    In 1955 the elevator added 70,000 bushels additional storage space, making it the largest in the area in storage facilities.

    In 1956, completed July 1, was a new grinding mill and seed elevator, requiring the addition of another building just to the front of the frame elevator erected in 1942. This is the fasted mill in the area, as is the seed cleaner.

    Even greater service is planned for Iowa Valley farmers in the future. The Farmers Elevator manufactures the widely known Wapello Chief livestock feeds, is dealer for many others including Purina and Murphy’s Cut-Cost. They handle the best in coal, and are also dealers for fencing, farm equipment, and sheet buildings.

    Present officers and directors are Guy Jamison, present; Vern Small, vice-president; Charles Reutinger, secretary-treasurer; Guy Hardman, Oran Hayes, Warren Wiederrecht, and George Grouwinkle, directors.

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