The Republican Centennial Edition, Wapello, Louisa County, Iowa
Thursday, July 12, 1956, Section Two, Page 14

Transcribed by Shirley Plumb, June 30, 2019

Average Million Miles Annually

    One of the largest business firms in Wapello is the Dearmin Transfer Company located out on the highway. In fact this is the largest operator in Southeast Iowa, also one of the first to obtain a permit from Iowa Commerce Commission.

    The operator is Vernon G. Dearmin, a quiet, unassuming middle aged gentleman highly thought of and well-liked by his many friends. Vern and his father, Lester Dearmin, started in business together at Yarmouth, Ia., in 1927 and by 1948 the firm formed a closed corporation with Vern Dearmin as president and located here in Wapello.

    The Dearmin Transfer Company is licensed to haul livestock all over the United States, however the heaviest concentration of business is in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

    At the present time they have 11 of the large semi outfits and 2 stake trucks on the road. These are operated by 7 regular driver and 3 lease operators. The excellence of these drivers is very ably reflected in the fact that they travel a half of a million miles a year and in the past 29 years there have been only two accidents and no lives lost. The trucks are constantly checked over in their own garage by just one mechanic and Vern is assisted in the office by one bookkeeper.

    The routing of the trucks is of great importance in economical hauling as some of the big ones only get 4 miles to the gallon of gas. Vern, while reminiscing, told of the time they did moving job, hauling a load of furniture 500 miles and only received $ 25.00 for the job, which would not even begin to pay for the gasoline used on the trip.

    Mrs. Dearmin is the former Violet Jacoba of Yarmouth. The couple have one daughter, Vici Ann. They reside at 401 Isett, here in Wapello.

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